Multibagger- HEG, 3000% Return in 1.5 Years

Hello guys, my name is Ashish Kumar Dash and I am currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. This is my own research and I hope you will find it helpful.

Today we are going to see a chart which I think I'm not going to see with any other stock atleast in this decade in Indian Stock Market.

Yes, I'm talking about the stock HEG or Hindustan Electro Graphites. The company is amongst the leading manufacturer of graphite electrodes. You can search about it's fundamental in its company profile. I am here to show you its charts.

As you can see that the price in this weekly chart of HEG and in first week of 2017 its closing is around 170/-
How much a normal person or an expert person can think of its price without looking at this chart. To be very honest I thought max to max 1200-1400 because I have seen moves like this. But the real price will blow your mind.

Yeah, the price is like shooting star without falling. Today it's price is around 4243/-. It has already touched 4500 level. To be very honest I don't know whether it is a fundamental story or stock manipulation but what I believe, these miracles are only possible in stock markets. In one and half year if you have invested 100000/- in HEG then today its value will be almost 3000000/- that is 30 times of your money. It's insane but one thing again we have to keep in mind that for this type of return you should possess a tremendous amount of patience.

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"Without learning there is no earning."

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Ashish Kumar Dash

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  1. Definitely beneficial information can be found here. Do keep writing more of what students need to know about the CA course and it's contents like this. *Thumbs up*

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment and also first comment on this blog