Eicher Motors, The Giant Multibagger Of Last Two Decades

Eicher motors multibagger story

Eicher Motors, The Giant Multibagger Of Last Two Decades

“World is full of opportunity, only they can grab them who have the ability.” 

This quote is a great example to make us realize that everything is possible in this world. If you have ever thought about being a successful trader and investor then believe me, this is possible. Today we will discuss about a company which has given more than thousands percent return to its investors in last 15-20 years. So let’s start.

The company about which we are talking is “Eicher Motors”.

About the company

Eicher Motors is an Indian motor cycle and commercial vehicles manufacturing company. It's famous and most popular product in Indian market is “Royal Enfield”. In addition to  motorcycles, Eicher has a joint venture with Sweden’s AB Volvo - Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) - which is driving modernization in India's commercial vehicle space, and in other developing countries. At present Volvo group owns 45.6% of VECV.

How much return it gave?

eicher motors chart multibagger story
The power of equity if you want to know then these companies are the greatest example to convince you. Even today people invest in real estates, but real estates never can give this much return what this company has given to its investors.

Eicher motors return in last 20 years
Giant return by the giant company

So can you imagine this kind of return in any investment option. If yes, then comment “yes” in our comment box.

Eicher Motors Chart support multibagger

If you have invested 12000 in Eicher motor’s share straight back in 1999 then you today’s value of shares will be 20000000. This is not the end. Additionally, you would have got 110000 dividends which is tax free in India.

Patience is the key

In investing if I say that one factor which is lacking in most of the individuals is “Patience”. I always believe that if you have invested in right stock and have patience then you don’t have to worry. You will get this type of return. Even if you don’t get this amount of return but I’m sure that you will get sufficient return more than any investment options available in the market.

What’s next? Should We Buy Now?

This is the monthly chart of Eicher Motors and now it is hovering around 19000-20000 range. This chart is a monthly chart and we can clearly see, the support of this stock is very near. So what I can say is if you are a risk taker then you can buy this stock with a stop loss of 18000 on closing basis. 

Remember, if you think 20000 is too much to own one stock, then there is a share called MRF which is currently trading at 57000. One best thing in this type of stock is, not everyone can play in this stock.

This is it for today. Stay tuned to us and we will bring more interesting post like this. 

Thank You, stay healthy and stay happy.

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