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How To Create Infographics in Canva ( Step by Step )

infographics in blog

How To Create Infographics in Canva ( Step by Step )

We all know info-graphics is an amazing way to engage audience. 

Earlier people are more inclined towards blog posts, but today info-graphics influence them more.

So today I will share a step by step process to create info-graphics in Canva.

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What is Canva?

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that you use right in your browser. 

It allows you to make professional-looking images and graphics and offers tons and tons of free and $1-only resources. 

You can start with common templates for your social media profiles, common post types, print documents and even Kindle book covers.

After creating your mini-masterpiece, you can download your work as image files or PDFs or immediately share them on your social media networks.

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How Much Canva Costs?

Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month (per user), with a 23% discount if the user pays annually. 

The enterprise plan is custom-priced since it will depend on the company's designing needs.

But you don't have to worry as as a beginner the free version of Canva is more than sufficient to start. 

Skill is important not the resources. 

After you acquire necessary skill you will easily upgrade to pro version.

Step by step process to create an amazing infographics in Canva

Step 1 : Download the app or go to the site

First thing first and you have to decide that which platform suit you most. 

Whether you like Canva's desktop version or you like Canva's mobile app. 

I preferred desktop version as it has more flexibility. But I will give both links below.

Step 2 : Under design choose the type of post you want

In this step you can choose from a wide range of option. You can choose templates of Instagram post, whatsapp story, Instagram story, YouTube thumbnail, logos, YouTube banner etc. 

There is a special option called "info-graphics". You can select that for proper info-graphics.

Step 3 : Strategize on your background color, font size and font color

Many people will say you that blogging is very easy but I will say it as difficult as your study. 

But important point is you should enjoy this study. 

In blogging you have to research your subject thoroughly. Then you have to plan your content. After planning then comes your graphics part.

You should think about the size of your fonts and color of your fonts. 

Too much stylish or too much simple never attracts audience. 

There should be a proper balance between these two. So find out an ideal font and font size. 

After that fix that and use the same size and color in every blog posts. 

In that way it shows you are serious and it improves your loyalty of audience. 

Additionally it helps to bring a brand consciousness in audience's mind.

Step 4 : Create a watermark

This thing is again directly related awareness. 

You are not doing any shitty things rather you are building a brand. 

Check out top blogs and see how they are consistent in their blog. 

Check pages on Instagram and check how organized they are in making info-graphics. 

So after an info-graphics you must create an watermark which will be the evidence of your work.

Step 5 : Go to to source your image

You need a lot of image to make a beautiful info-graphics. 

So try to pay attention on that. You can't use google's image unless they are free to use. 

If you think of long run then you should be original in content making. 

This implies your pictures should also be original.

Check this site for some free images.

Step 6 : Finally export it and share in all social media

After you made your content finally export it and share in your social media. 

You can share it on Facebook, twitter, Instagram,blogs. 

Take reviews from your friends and colleagues. Check what they like about your content and what they don't like in your content.

Analyse them and practice.

I am telling from my experience. Everything is difficult when you start but after time passes you the same work will be lighter.

So I want to know if you have ever tried info-graphics? 

If yes then share your link on comment box. 

If no then go make a simple one and share on comment box. It is super fun, isn't it?


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