5 Ways In Which Students Can Invest In 2020

how to invest in 2020

5 Ways In Which Students Can Invest In 2020

2019 is coming to its end and I can say probably it’s time to say good bye to this decade. This decade saw an exponential uprising in technology. People became more aware with the help of internet. Student’s life styles are also changing. So before going to the next decade I want to share 5 ways in which students can invest their money in upcoming decade.

1.Invest in books

The best investment a student can make is investing in books. In school students study but they never study the things which are essential in life. One great example will be “financial planning”. In India people don’t even know the importance of reading. Sadly, people don’t even read novels in that number which we see in other western countries. We have adapted western cultures but we haven’t these much needed values. Every student should invest their money in books every year so that they will learn the secrets. 

If you want to be a successful person then you have to read. This is because your life is very short to make all the mistakes and learn from them. When you read book you get an edge over others as you learn what to do and what not to do. When I’m saying about books I’m talking about books from which you can learn about life, success, money making, patience, stress management, importance of time etc.

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2.Invest in Skills

This an another thing which students ignore. This decade is going to end and a new decade is coming. In future only “Skill” will be paid and other jobs will be washed out by robots. 

We have come to an age where we are extensively researching on “artificial intelligence”. So this is inevitable that many jobs will vanish. If you have skills, then you are welcome to this coming age. Otherwise be prepared for the cruelty of life.

There are many sites from where you can learn new skills with minimum amount. One such platform which I use is Udemy. There are many useful courses to learn there. 

This learning part you can do only when you are a student. When you grow up and you work, you will not get time for these things. So please invest in skills.

3.Invest in Stock Markets

If you know anything about financial planning, then you must agree that investing in stock market is an important part in financial planning for students. The early you start, the better will be your position. But as not all of us have knowledge of stock markets, I will suggest invest in mutual fund. 

You must not invest in lump sum, rather you should invest in SIP mode. I would like to give a free advice to all of you who have no prior knowledge of stock market. 

“Invest in index funds”

There is nothing to worry, less expense ratios and this is advised by one of the greatest investor Mt. Warren Buffet.

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4.Invest in adventure

Though all of us are not fond of adventures, still I believe a student should invest few amount in mini adventures. Again the reason is same, the age which you are living right now will not come back. So you must use it wisely and do all those things which are less possible in your old age. 

Visit to new places, interact with new peoples, these will give you knowledge of diversity. You can’t find everything in books, many thing you learn when you experience it. So don’t hesitate to invest. But mark my words, invest a little portion not all the amount in adventures.

5.Invest in side hustles

This is current trend and it is going to be more popular in coming days. You can start mini businesses if you have passion for it. If you have money and confidence, then never underestimate your instinct. 

For an example, a domain costs only 800/- in India. By buying a domain you can start online shopping, blogging, micro niche sites. What you should look at is the benefits not the cost. Here 800/- is not a cost rather it is an investment which you are doing now. In future it will give you return and you will not regret it. So go ahead. 

So, how was this article, must tell me in comment box. It encourages me. If you want to add anything then also you can comment, I will be more than happy to know. 

Thanks all of you.

May the coming decade give you happiness, peace and money.

CA Ashish Kumar

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