9 Things You Must Do In 2020

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9 Things You Must Do In 2020

Hello guys, welcome to a new article. I hope you all have plans for upcoming new year. But may be few of you have that realization that we are not only going to welcome new year but also we will welcome a new decade. So I thought to make a list which we keep in our priority. 

This list is not exhaustive and it’s affordable for all of us. This list can be followed by all including kids to experienced old men and women. Rather I think we all should do these things as our responsibility and for our self-improvement.

So I am presenting 9 things you must do in 2020.

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1.Plant A Tree

Yes, you heard it right. We have witnessed global warming and climate change in this decade. We have seen how climate changes are affecting the world with irregular rain, Tsunamis and all other natural disasters. Being a human we have responsibility to save our mother nature. Therefore, it is important to save trees and forest first. 

So let’s pledge all of us to plant at least one tree in this coming year and take care of it. It will not cost you a single penny but it matters in a larger picture. You are a kid or a mature person, please plant a tree and educate others to plant at least one tree in the coming year.

2.Donate Blood

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Many of us lacks knowledge about the benefits of blood donation. Science has proved that there are many benefits of blood donation and many people do it regularly. But most of us are ignorant about these benefits. 

When you donate blood, you are giving life to other person. In this earth only god can give life. But when you donate blood you become the god for that person. So please make it a habit and pledge to donate blood at least once a year. You will feel healthy and the person’s body in which your blood will flow will be grateful to you. 

We never care for these small things unless we are in that needy position in life. So let’s not waste rather donate blood and save humans.

3.Do Exercise

Well, if you have not yet started exercise then prepare yourself for the hustle. Exercise not only makes your body flexible but also it gives you confidence. Youth are passionate about body building now-a-days but still a majority portion of the world’s population are not aware about the benefits. 

No matter in which age you are, you should exercise daily for at least 15-30 minutes. If you are thinking that you don’t have time for this then you must think twice. I am saying this because exercise is related to your body and this body will be with you till your last breath. Don’t you think you have responsibility towards it and it deserve at least 15 minutes in a day from you?

So please start doing exercise and feel the positive energy in you in upcoming year. Don’t think about gym equipment. You can simply do exercises in your home and be fit by using free apps and videos from internet. Internet had given us accessibility; and we should use full of it.

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4. Healthy Diet

Yes, this is another area where we all have to be concerned. Now-a-days we are eating whatever we feel perfect to the tongue. But we are also witnessing the new diseases, viruses, infections and much more things which are for our carelessness in diets. 

If you want to be happy then you should check your diet otherwise it will be too late for you. Eat green vegetables, fruits and foods having high vitamins and minerals. You will feel energetic. Stay away from fast foods those are harmful for our body.

5. Stay Away from Mobile Phone

This is something which we all should pay attention for a healthy balance of life. People are gradually becoming slaves of the mobile gadgets. The situation is so bad that they even take mobile phones to bathroom. They can’t even stay for five minutes without mobile phones and this shows their obsession for this device. 

Originally mobile phones are meant to give solutions to various problems of humans but now a day it becomes the top priority for humans. This priority is more important than any relationship, emotions and humanity. This is the reason I urge all of you to take breaks from mobile phones and make it a habit. I know mobile is necessity but don’t make it control you. 

Especially keep your kids and toddlers away from the mobile. A child needs parent care the most. It doesn’t require fancy rhymes from YouTube or any cartoon shows on televisions. Please understand the more you spend time with your kids the better person they will be in future. 

So let’s take a resolution not to touch mobile phone after we wake up and after going to bed. Let’s take a pledge to keep our children away from mobile phones.

6.Respect Parents

In India we believe in Vedas, Upnishads and Puranas. There are few mantras, which are in Vedas. 

They are “Matrudeva bhava” “Pitrudeva Bhava”. This means “Mother is the God” and “Father is God”. 

If you are existed in this earth, then thanks to your parents. It is only because of them you are breathing, you are working, you are dating, you are romancing, you are travelling. All sort of thing related to your existence is related to your parents. Therefore, Vedas have compared mother and father with God. So learn to respect your parents. 

Vedas also advised human beings to take blessings from their parents each morning. It believes that you will live a peaceful life of you keep your parent peaceful. So in this new year let’s take a pledge to respect our parents and not hurt them by our gestures or postures or any words.

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7. Learn New Things

Yes, this is in my list for 2020. All our life is small and full of struggles. We all have to face this. But what keeps you alive is your desire to live the life. So learning new things will keep this desire alive. New things or new skills doesn’t mean the courses with heave price tags. 

No! Absolutely not! I am not talking about those things. If you can and you have resources, then you are welcome to do that. I am talking here about the things from a general point of view. You can learn a signature dance move in your home. You can learn a new chord progression. You can learn a new recipe from other countries. You can learn about new technologies coming in. After all knowledge is knowledge. 

You can learn new push up styles. These small things matters if you closely observed. They make you better person each and every day. So start learning new things from this new year.

8.Time to Yourself

In 2020 make it a habit. Give time to yourself. You have time for everything. You have time for Netflix, you have time for date, you have time for shopping, you have time for coffee. But you don’t have time for yourself, the real one, who is with you all the time. 

If you seriously think about this, then you will realise the importance of self-talks. You should talk with yourself about your activities done by you. You must analyze what went wrong and what are the things you are proud of. I do many times but I am asking you to give at least five minutes to yourself. 

This time you will only think about your inner soul and what you really want in your life, what you should do in this life and what is the purpose of your life. Believe me your mind will be calm.


This one is must. If you have something, then you should spend something for the betterment of society. You can ask why? “Why would I give my money to others?”

Well, the fact lies in the nature. You have come to this world with nothing, and you will go from the world with nothing. Everything you have earned will be in this earth. So why not do some good deeds and show humanity. 

You have much money today but hundred thousands of people are sleeping with empty stomach. You are sleeping in a fancy bed while hundred thousand people sleep in roads. Most importantly you are living the life you have dreamed but many people are not doing because of they are helpless.

If you get something from society then you must give it back. I’m not asking you to donate all the money you earn. But you can donate few to the needy. “What will I get?” this must come to your mind, if I am correct.

My friend when you help a needy one, you will be the person in this world. “How?”

The smile of those faces are much valuable than money. Give it a try and you will feel what is the real “peace” in life.

“It requires a mentality, not money”

Let’s pledge to give to the society in the coming years and live happily in this earth till we have our breath. Life is simple and let’s take it as simple.

I hope you must have felt new things in this list. If you have anything to say, then you can say me in comment box. I will be happy if you pick at least one from this list and implement it seriously.

Thanks for your valuable time, have a nice day.
CA Ashish Kumar

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