Should You Buy SBI CARDS IPO?

Should I buy SBI CARDS Shares

Should You Buy SBI CARDS IPO?

Hello guys, I hope you all are enjoying the bloodbath of stock market. Yes, you listened right. If you are not enjoying this then I must say you don’t know the basic rule of investing. 

If you are panicking then you are not an investor. Just chill, and prepare for shopping. Big companies are going on sale. I am ready, are you?

In this post I will discuss about most talked IPO issue of this year. Yes, I am talking about SBI CARD IPO ISSUE 2020. I hope you all are ready to apply for this IPO because you are regretting now by not investing in IRCTC IPO. 

I will talk some key points about SBI CARDS IPO ISSUE and will give my opinion on this issue. SO stay calm and read this full article.

This IPO is going to raise 10,289 crore-10355 crore in this issue. 

Price band of this share is fixed at 750-755. So if you want to be lucky and get the shares then bid at highest price range which is 755/- per share. 

If the shares got oversubscribed then only the lucky shareholders will get this share. 1 lot will consist of 19 shares. That means you have to apply for at least 1 lot for 14345/-

It is talked that this issue is having a premium of 250/ to 350/- in grey market. That means you can get these as listing gains. But as the corona virus is spreading in global economy, we can’t tell if the listing gains wipe out within minutes.

So only apply if you are a genuine investor and want to hold this share for lifetime as a memory. Yes, this is a memory. This will remind you the steep fall of market, this will remind you the CORONA VIRUS EFFECT, and this will remind you the sentiments and excitement of market.

So what’s my opinion? I have already discussed. I am going to apply for this IPO and I am going to gift it to my grandchild instead of giving them credit card. Are you planning for the same, comment in comment box and let me know your thought about this issue.

What should you do in this bloodbath of market? I will write an article on this. SO stay tuned to my page. There is nothing to worry. These are just the phases of market.
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