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What To Do After Stock Market Crash 2020

What To Do After Stock Market Crash 2020 Hello friends, I hope you all are fine after the market carnage. I hope you all are enjoying the show. I hope that you all are ready to pump your money in the market. No? If no, then I must say you come under the 90% category investors who don’t use market corrections in their favor.  Well, it’s personal choice to invest or not but for an ideal investor these type of corrections is investing opportunity and you should not miss. In this post I will discuss about the strategy after this sharp correction in global markets. Why You Should Not Stop SIP After Stock Market Crash 2020 What exactly happened? Firstly, India is going through banking crisis. First PMC bank and now YES BANK. These two bank’s failure are big reason for the banking crisis which we are experiencing in the market.  Thankfully RBI had intervened and saved investor’s and depositor’s confidence. Many people are panicking after the moratoriu