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What Are Financial Statements ( Fundamental Analysis Series 2020 )

Financial statements are one of the most vital documents for fundamental analysis. The normal investors never get a chance to interact with management, but they can definitely know about the management's perspective and their intentions from financial statements.  So in this article, I will explain financial statements and what are they. Read 5 Ways Students Can invest In 2020 Basically, financial statements are those statements from where we can know about the company's current position and how the company has done in the past and also in the last year.  Secondly, we can know about management’s plan for the future and what risks they are taking for this.  Thirdly we can know the important information like ratios, shareholding patterns, concerns over the business. So from all these perspective financial statements are important. Now let's come to types of financial statements. Basically, whenever we say financial statements we m


Hey guys, in this article I'm going to talk about 5 Categories of YouTube channel which are going to outperform the YouTube business segments.  If you are a YouTuber and you want to open a channel in the coming days then you must read this article. So the first category is Education If you want to open a YouTube channel and your niche is Education, congratulations, my friend. Your channel has a greater chance to skyrocket and you can grow this kind of genre very easily in the coming days.  This is because Corona has taught humanity the cost of everything and now most of the earth will move to online education. People will want to learn from home. So if you have anything in mind which you think you can teach to people and they will get benefits from it, then go ahead. The second category is News Channels Yes, if you want your subscriptions to reach exponentially then you can start a news channel. Believe me, today people are watching

Black Monday 2020 (Stock Market Crash)

Black Monday 2020 (Stock Market Crash) Hello guys, welcome to my blog. In this article I will try to capture my experience during the recent Black Monday of 2020. No doubt, I had witnessed my life's first circuit in the month of March 2020. But who knew that we are moving towards worse situation. So I will try to write my experience so one can feel at least 50% what had happened and how it happened. So basically the date was 23rd March 2020, The Black Monday of 2020. Yes, this was a black Monday because that day stock market almost sunk 12.97%. The percentage is enough to tell how much wealth of investors were drained in a single day. When index sunk 12-13% that means you can easily take most of the stocks sunk 15-20%. Like last time, that day was also anticipated to be a weak and most of the analyst were predicting that we may see a gap down opening. But who knew it will become one of the historical day in the History. It's not like only Indian markets have sunk th

First Circuit in NIFTY ( March 2020 )

First Circuit in NIFTY ( March 2020 ) Hello friends, in this article I will try to capture my first experience of circuit in stock market. I want to save it in my memory for me and for all the people who want to experience it in future. So it was 13th March 2020. Believe me March 2020 will be the most horrifying month for many traders, investors for decades. We have witnessed correction in market and big rallies in stock market in last decade, that means 2010-2019. But 2020 had something different for us.  I was watching TV like I do in normal days. Corona cases were rising day by day. That's why global markets were correcting each day. Volatility are at its peak.  I remember it had picked to 60 in that day. Normally we trade or invest in VIX ranging between 10-30. But 60 VIX is something which many of us had never experienced.  That day market opened, and it started to move down. Though it was anticipated from pre-session that we are going to get a circuit on the