Hey guys, in this article I'm going to talk about 5 Categories of YouTube channel which are going to outperform the YouTube business segments. 

If you are a YouTuber and you want to open a channel in the coming days then you must read this article.

So the first category is Education

If you want to open a YouTube channel and your niche is Education, congratulations, my friend. Your channel has a greater chance to skyrocket and you can grow this kind of genre very easily in the coming days. 

This is because Corona has taught humanity the cost of everything and now most of the earth will move to online education. People will want to learn from home. So if you have anything in mind which you think you can teach to people and they will get benefits from it, then go ahead.

The second category is News Channels

Yes, if you want your subscriptions to reach exponentially then you can start a news channel. Believe me, today people are watching news channels more than anything. 

Because they want to know what's happening around the globe. They want updates of each and everything. So start a news channel on youtube and you can see tremendous growth in your YouTube channel.

The third category is Job Updates and online money making

Well, who doesn't want money? After lockdown when a job will witness a big cut, most people will be jobless. In that situation, they will start to search for new jobs and online money making or earning money from anything. So if you can give them ideas or you can help them in making money then you may open a YouTube channel in this category. 

But I want to say one thing guys, don't fool people just for views or subscriptions. If you do this then you will never succeed in the future.

The fourth category is Arts and Crafts

This is a niche that I love most. If you know any kind of art or crafts then you can open a YouTube channel in this niche. When people stay at home they definitely try to do Innovative and creative things. 

Arts and crafts have great potential to catch eyes. So you can start a channel in this niche and grow your channel fast.

The fifth and final category is cooking

Yes, if you know how to serve delicious food, you know how to cook then believe me this is your time. There will be no better time than this in the future. Open a YouTube channel in the cooking category, share your amazing recipes, and amaze the world. You will definitely get your prize through subscriptions from people. 

One more thing I love about the cooking channel is that you will get most watch time in this niche. So 4000 hours will not be w big deal for you.

So, friends, I hope this article will help you in opening a YouTube channel in the right niche according to time. Stay tuned to our website for more updates.

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Thank You
CA Ashish Kumar

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