Black Monday 2020 (Stock Market Crash)

Black Monday 2020 (Stock Market Crash)

Hello guys, welcome to my blog. In this article I will try to capture my experience during the recent Black Monday of 2020. No doubt, I had witnessed my life's first circuit in the month of March 2020. But who knew that we are moving towards worse situation. So I will try to write my experience so one can feel at least 50% what had happened and how it happened.

So basically the date was 23rd March 2020, The Black Monday of 2020. Yes, this was a black Monday because that day stock market almost sunk 12.97%. The percentage is enough to tell how much wealth of investors were drained in a single day. When index sunk 12-13% that means you can easily take most of the stocks sunk 15-20%.

Like last time, that day was also anticipated to be a weak and most of the analyst were predicting that we may see a gap down opening. But who knew it will become one of the historical day in the History.

It's not like only Indian markets have sunk that day. Indian markets most of the time replicate the move of Global markets and that day almost all the major indices of the world had fallen 10-15%.

Well my experience was this time different. Like any other day I was watching the news channel. The stock market gave a gap down and immediately went further upper. That day I anticipated that it will not take 5-10 minutes for the market to hit it circuit. But it didn't happened like that.

Market gained few momentum and showed sign to hold after opening. But as you know, you can't run alone in a economy where everything is connected with each other. How can't you fall if everyone is falling. You are not an exception.

After five minutes of trading it showed weakness and started to fall further. It was around 9.55 AM where SENSEX hits the circuit and as per the rule if one index hits the circuit then the trade will be halted for 45 minutes.

When I witnessed last time, there was an  immediate up move after reopening of market. But somewhere down in my heart I knew the market loves tricks and it will not happen in the way you are thinking.

Same happened. After one to two minutes, market again fall. Though that day it didn't hit another circuit which was at 15%, still Nifty closed around 7636 which was almost -13% from last session closing.

Many investors lose money. But as my strategy was different for this type of scenario, I had my money and I pump few % of my portfolio that day.

I don't know where will market go in next week, next month or next year, but I know that this money which i have invested in market's fall will give me handsome profits in coming years.

So this is it for today. I just shared my experience. There are lot of thing to learn from markets and you learn each day.

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CA Ashish Kumar

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