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5 Things To Check Before Market Open (Checklist 2020)

Do you know if you want to be a successful trader then you must follow a checklist before entering into any trade?  Yes, in this article I am going to share the checklist with you. I am going to tell you 5 things which you must check before the market open. You must follow these rules if you are trading regularly. Let’s start. Review –  You know that trend is your friend. You must know that technical analysis is based on historical price movements.  It is a probability that you will favor you if you have this knowledge. So the basic foundation of technical analysis is to look back the history and observe the price behavior in certain circumstances and situations. So in this step, you should review the price actions of the stocks and markets historically. The time period will depend on your trading style.  If you are a day trader then you should check the price movement of markets for a week.  If you are a swing trader then you should review 2-3 months chart. If you are a long term tra

5 Tips That Will Help You To Grow A New YouTube Channel

Do you want to increase your subscribers count? Do you know there are proven strategies that will help you to gain subscribers quickly? Do you have a new youtube channel and you don't know how to increase views and how to show your talent to the world?  Hello friends, in this article I am going to tell 5 tricks by which you can gain subscribers super-fast. So let’s start. 1.Compelling Title When we see a video on YouTube, we see two things at first sight. One is its thumbnail and second is its title. We don’t see tags, descriptions, or any kind of links. Only thumbnail and the tile. We have published an article about tips to improve thumbnails. You can check that here.  Read 5 Tips To Improve Your Thumbnails in YouTube After thumbnails you need to make your title compelling. Now what do compelling means? Let’s take an example. “Amendments in YouTube Algorithm” “10 Amendments on YouTube which you should know” Now you tell, which title is more attractive to you? If I am not wrong, th

6 Things To Do Everyday To Train Your Brain To Be Successful

Hello friends, in this article I will discuss 6 Things which you must Do Everyday To Train Your Brain To Be Successful. We all want to be successful but we need to follow these steps to move in this path. These are practical solutions. So let’s start. Read Everyday Reading is something that most of us can’t do. But this is a proven fact that the person who read like mad or we can say who have passion for reading are highly intellectual people. Most of them achieve success in life.  Our biggest examples are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. So Reading is a must if you want to be successful. You have to read every day. You will feel there is no need for it, but believe my words, it has its own significance.  You should read self-development books, personal finance books, the biography of successful persons.  By reading books you know a thousand ways which will not work in real life. So that you can focus on those things which will work. Read How I Got

5 Tips To Improve Your Thumbnails

Hello happy peoples, I hope you all are doing good in these quarantine days. In this article, I will quickly discuss  5 Thumbnails Tips  which will help you to get clicks on youtube.  Please remember I will not talk about clickbait. I will talk about genuine techniques to increase your click-through rate on YouTube from thumbnails. So let’s start. Read What to do after the market crash 2020? 1. Good Fit For People Before you finalize your thumbnail and stick it to your YouTube video, make sure the thumbnail is made for the right people you wanted to and the thumbnail is fit for them. What I mean is it should fit their expectations.  For example, if your video will serve the professionals and you made a thumbnail which is appearing to be childish then it will not serve its purpose.  Similarly, if you are making a video in the gaming genre then you can’t make a very professional thumbnail, you have to make it fancy and eye-catchy. 2. Be clea

How I got 50000 Subscribers In A Month - Annie Long

Hello guys, I welcome all of you. In this article, I will tell about the secrets of Annie Long and how she made 50000 subscribers in one month.  So read this article and you can gain significant knowledge about YouTube. She shared 7 strategies that helped her. One of them actually surprised me. So let's check it out. 1. Don't comment on other YouTuber's video. Well, this is the surprise I saw talking about. She suggests that you shouldn't comment on other people's videos just for the sake of subscriptions. It's really weird to ask for subscriptions in other people's comment boxes. Just think, you opened your YouTube studio and you find tons of comments requesting your audience for subscriptions. So if you are commenting, don't be desperate. Comment about them. Well, that's my perspective. According to Annie, you shouldn't comment on other Youtuber's video. 2. Create content that gives value. This is the m