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5 Tips That Will Help You To Grow A New YouTube Channel

5 tips to grow your new youtube channel

Do you want to increase your subscribers count? Do you know there are proven strategies that will help you to gain subscribers quickly? Do you have a new youtube channel and you don't know how to increase views and how to show your talent to the world? 

Hello friends, in this article I am going to tell 5 tricks by which you can gain subscribers super-fast. So let’s start.

1.Compelling Title

When we see a video on YouTube, we see two things at first sight. One is its thumbnail and second is its title. We don’t see tags, descriptions, or any kind of links. Only thumbnail and the tile. We have published an article about tips to improve thumbnails. You can check that here. 

After thumbnails you need to make your title compelling. Now what do compelling means? Let’s take an example.

“Amendments in YouTube Algorithm”

“10 Amendments on YouTube which you should know”

Now you tell, which title is more attractive to you? If I am not wrong, then your choice is the second title.

There are certain keywords that are helpful in writing compelling titles. They are “How to” or “Tips or tricks” or “Don’t do this”.

I hope you had understood this point.

2.Channel trailer

This is one of those points which is ignored by many YouTubers. I have seen many channels that have more than 10000 subscribers but they don’t have channel trailers.

Why channel trailers are important?

Well for this question we have to think about the answer to another question. “Why movies release trailers or teasers before the release of the actual movie?”

This is to create hype and excitement in your audience. Similarly, when you have a channel trailer your subscribers will wait for your video and that will make them loyal.

So how to make a good channel trailer?

Well it should be short, specific. It should include who are you, what your channel is about, what the viewers should expect from you and your channel and when you post your videos if you are following schedule. By making a channel trailer with these details will give your channel authority. People will be serious about your channel and subscribe.


3.Fall in love with your fans

When some celebrity likes our content or comment on your status or videos, how will you feel? Good! Excited!

Similarly, when you reply to the comments of your viewers, when you like their comments it will help you to gain goodwill from your viewers. It is the most important thing that you should connect with your audience. You shouldn’t forget them.
After being successful people tend to forget to like and reply to the comments. You can’t afford this. The subscribers are the people who had given you success and they will be the first person to give you failures.

So always fall in love with them. Try to interact with them. 

You will definitely see a jump in your subscribers if you follow this step.


What is CTA? CTA stands for the call to action. So in each of your videos you should clearly communicate to your audience about CTA. 

You should tell them whether you want them to subscribe to your channel, whether you want them to share this video, whether you want them to comment.

CTA is also a good instrument to connect with the audience. So always add clear CTA in your YouTube script while making videos.



No matter what you do, you always need consistency in that work. You want to be a good painter, you need consistency, you want to be a singer, you need consistency. 

In a similar way if you want your youtube channel to grow then you have to follow a consistency.

This is not just an advice, I have implemented this on my channel and witnessed the result. When you upload videos consistently your reach will increase and you will get subscribers.

So make a schedule and follow that strictly.

You have to understand this is a marathon not a sprint.

So, friends, these are the five tips to grow your youtube channel from scratch. Comment your ideas, if you have in the comment box to let us know.

You can Subscribe to our channel here.

Stay happy, stay blessed, and stay connected.


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