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5 Tips To Improve Your Thumbnails

Hello happy peoples, I hope you all are doing good in these quarantine days. In this article, I will quickly discuss 5 Thumbnails Tips which will help you to get clicks on youtube. 

Please remember I will not talk about clickbait. I will talk about genuine techniques to increase your click-through rate on YouTube from thumbnails. So let’s start.


1. Good Fit For People

Before you finalize your thumbnail and stick it to your YouTube video, make sure the thumbnail is made for the right people you wanted to and the thumbnail is fit for them. What I mean is it should fit their expectations. 

For example, if your video will serve the professionals and you made a thumbnail which is appearing to be childish then it will not serve its purpose. 

Similarly, if you are making a video in the gaming genre then you can’t make a very professional thumbnail, you have to make it fancy and eye-catchy.

2. Be clear what viewers want to see

When I say be clear, that means be clear and specific in your mind. You should have clarity about what you want to show the viewers. 

Whether they should see your photo in thumbnail or they see the title of your thumbnail, or they should see the attractive color combination of your thumbnails. You have to fix it before finalizing your thumbnail.

3. Make your Text appealing

Write it in your mind, your text should be bold, big, and clear. Many times I see thumbnails that have fancy fonts. I couldn’t even read such types of texts and that makes boring for me. I will never click such a thumbnail which is not communicating to me. But when I see clear fonts that are big and bold then it definitely attracts my attention. 

So make your thumbnail super attractive by proper fonts colors and size of the text.


4. Use graphical elements.

Graphical elements help to gain viewers’ attention without even knowing. Even if people don’t want, still they click some types of thumbnail where there is the use of graphical elements in thumbnails. So what are graphical elements? The arrow or the box or the circle to highlight something which is an important part of your thumbnail is called a graphical element. 

You must have noticed that the thumbnails having this type of element catch the audience easily and attract them. So must use these types of techniques. But I personally feel you must not use this technique in each thumbnail.

5. Use faces

Yes, we are humans and we share emotions with humans. We tend to react with humans and that’s why it is necessary to use faces in your videos. Many people feel shy to use face in their thumbnails. 

But again it is a tested technique that the YouTubers who use face in thumbnails tend to gain more views. It is because of the emotional level connectivity. 

If I see two thumbnails showing “How to become successful” With some random picture in thumbnail and “How to become successful” With the creator’s face in the thumbnail, I will select the second one without any second thought. Because that shows faith and trust. You even gain loyalty from this type of thumbnail.

So, guys, these are five techniques that can help you genuinely to improve your thumbnails and gain the attraction of viewers. Share your feelings with us in our comment box.

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Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay blessed.

Thank You


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