6 Things To Do Everyday To Train Your Brain To Be Successful

6 Things To Do Everyday To Train Your Brain To Be Successful- Motivational Post

Hello friends, in this article I will discuss 6 Things which you must Do Everyday To Train Your Brain To Be Successful.

We all want to be successful but we need to follow these steps to move in this path. These are practical solutions. So let’s start.

Read Everyday

Reading is something that most of us can’t do. But this is a proven fact that the person who read like mad or we can say who have passion for reading are highly intellectual people. Most of them achieve success in life. 

Our biggest examples are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. So Reading is a must if you want to be successful. You have to read every day. You will feel there is no need for it, but believe my words, it has its own significance. 

You should read self-development books, personal finance books, the biography of successful persons. 

By reading books you know a thousand ways which will not work in real life. So that you can focus on those things which will work.


Write Down Ideas

If you have ever noticed, ideas don’t come every day. There are specific moments, times, days when unique things come to your mind. 

Unique business ideas, unique money-making ideas or I can say unique creative ideas. The day you will know the importance of these ideas, you will start to write down them. 

But as I have told you now, you should start to do this thing now. Whenever you get an idea, maybe good maybe bad, you should write it down. 

At the month-end, you should check what you have written. That is your mind’s report card. 

The first thing which you will know how much creativity you have. 

The second thing you will know, how many good things you are thinking and how many bad things you are thinking about. 

You can know what is there in your mind. Good things or bad things.

Get out of your comfort zones

If you want to be successful, you should get out of your comfort zones. You can say all the successful persons had followed their passions, so there is nothing of getting out of your comfort zones. 

In fact they all had stayed in their comfort zones. If you are thinking these things then you are wrong. 

When you follow your passion, you will face a thousand difficulties, thousands of kinds of challenges. The situation will get worse. 

Read the successful people's stories. You will find a struggle. That’s what we call “Comfort zone”. If you stay in your comfort zone then you will never follow your passion, mark this sentence. 

That’s the truth. That’s the reality.

So take some risks in your life. Take positive risks. Follow your passion and step out of your comfort zones.


Next in the list is “Exercise”. This is a must-do thing for all of you. When you do exercise you will feel energetic the whole day. You can sense the positivity. 

You will start your day with a positive mind and a positive attitude. Apart from this to work with 100% dedication you will need the support of your body. 

If your body is not fit, if you are feeling lazy then it will be a harder task for you to stay motivated throughout the day. So do exercise every day. 

Nowadays we have many apps that will keep you up to date with your schedule. You can use one of them.


Meditation is important for the calmness of our mind. Exercise keeps your body fit, but meditation keeps your mind in control. 

When your mind is in your control, you gain efficiency in work. When you gain control of your mind, you start to do things quickly. You start to do multitasking. 

The mind is the most important thing in human life. The more you can control this, the more you will control your life and your success. 

It is advisable to meditate at least for half an hour daily after you wake up. Do this for thirty days, you will get instant results.

Keep A Journal

By keeping a journal you will plan your day. You will manage your time. After all these steps mentioned above, you must do this last step. 

When you start to keep a journal, you will manage your time more efficiently than others. 

You know what to do when to do and how to do it. Successful persons always keep that. You must have Facebook, Instagram, and youtube on your mobile. 

But do you have a to-do list on your mobile? All successful people have a "to-do" list. That helps them to utilize their time to fullest.

So if you want to be a successful person then must keep a journal and plan your day.

So, friends, this is it for today. We discussed how to train your brain in 6 steps. If you find this article helpful then must share it with your friends.

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Stay happy, Stay Healthy, and Stay Blessed.

Thank You

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