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annie long youtube success story

Hello guys, I welcome all of you. In this article, I will tell about the secrets of Annie Long and how she made 50000 subscribers in one month. 

So read this article and you can gain significant knowledge about YouTube. She shared 7 strategies that helped her. One of them actually surprised me. So let's check it out.

1. Don't comment on other YouTuber's video.

Well, this is the surprise I saw talking about. She suggests that you shouldn't comment on other people's videos just for the sake of subscriptions. It's really weird to ask for subscriptions in other people's comment boxes. Just think, you opened your YouTube studio and you find tons of comments requesting your audience for subscriptions.
So if you are commenting, don't be desperate. Comment about them. Well, that's my perspective.

According to Annie, you shouldn't comment on other Youtuber's video.

2. Create content that gives value.

This is the most thing that all Youtuber keeps in mind. No matter you have 100 subscribers or you have 1 million subscribers, if you stop adding value, people will gradually leave you. 

So keep in mind the value of your video and how it will help people in their life. It may entertain them or educate them, but there must be something for them.

3. Experiment with different categories.

Annie suggests that you shouldn't keep yourself confine in one thing or one type of video. You need experiments. You need to explore opportunities. It doesn't mean you start to make videos in every niche. 

But you should try to do the experiment in your niche. It really helps Annie to grow her channel and you can also get benefits from this.

4. Post at least two times a week.

Indeed! If you are a YouTuber then you must note it. It's essential to keep your audience in touch with your channel. One video in a week is not sufficient if you are a beginner. You should post at least two times a week. That's the proven strategy of Annie Long. 

I also follow the same routine for my channel. I upload at least two planned videos each week.
Like Annie said "It's better to get 104 times exposure that 52 exposures in a year"

So keep this in mind.

5. Make popular content at the right time.

Timing is vital in Youtube. You may create impeccable content but if your time is not right then you may not get what you deserve. So make great content at the right time. This means you should learn to tap the opportunity. 

Let me give you an example. Now Corona is the headlines in the whole world. So if you make a video of something which will help people in this tough time, your channel will be skyrocket. So that's the way you can gain an audience.

6. Have a strong camera presence.

When you are on Youtube, you are talking about videos. When you talk about videos it's essential to learn strong camera presence. It's not a podcast. People are watching you and you should learn how to attract them by your camera presence. 

Your words, sounds, body language, camera setup, background everything matters and you should keep all these things sorted.

7. Good Thumbnails

Well, this is the last piece of advice from Annie Long but definitely an important one. Thumbnail is the first thing that will catch your audience's eyes. So you can't afford it to lack in anything. It should clearly send a message about your video. It will be great if it appeals to your audience to watch it immediately. There are techniques to do this. You can learn them.

But I'll give you a suggestion that doesn't make a thumbnail to grab audience attraction when your video is something different. I mean if you are promising something in thumbnail and your video is not giving them what you have promised then it will be a bad sign. So keep this in mind.

So, friends, these are the 7 strategies that gave 50000 subscribers in a month to Annie Long.

You can visit her YouTube channel here.

So this is it for today. Stay connected with us.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

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