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5 Tips To Increase Instagram Follower

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Follower

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Follower

It is really easy to buy things today be it expensive products or even Instagram followers and likes. 

But the organic lead production comes with organic search. And this organic result becomes important when you’re using Instagram especially for business. 

Now this statement has multiple reasons. 

Firstly, as long as you keep spending money for buying likes and followers, you see a tremendous growth in it. 

And once you stop spending money in that sphere, you will notice an obvious decrease or drop down in everything which is actually depressing as well as painful. 

Secondly, the organic research will help you engage and deal with real potential audience, clients and customers which is very important when you’re in business. 

And if you only have the fake followers through money, it is just like you’re talking and dealing with yourself!

Now, let’s get into knowing the top 5 hacks that I have used to gain some organic leads including likes and followers.

5 ways student can invest in 2020

1. Search Engine Optimization

The first hack is to change your Instagram name in such a way that it fits into SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This helps you to be recognized by the search engines easily. 

So, all you need to do is to change your common name to your business name. And do not forget to capitalize the name showing on your profile. This ensures a lot of traffic into your page. This happens because people don’t often search for your name but they do for the business content they look for. 

For example, you’re a fitness coach and instead of saving your name, you save ‘fitness coach’ in your profile page, all the people looking for a fitness coach in your area would find your profile at the top. 

This way, the number of viewers searching for fitness coach is more than the ones searching for your name and more people end up in your page. This helps you weigh and rank higher in the Instagram search. 

2. Captions Trick

The second hack is to ‘write captions that convert’. It is easy for people to post meaningless emojis and songs in the caption arena. 

But instead of that, if you post something meaningful, it would bring people to engage with you through the comments or direct messages. 

Just like when you’re into dating, you’re most likely attracted to a good-looking picture. But if you want to date to keep in touch with a person because of his or her personality, there’s more than just a good picture, isn’t it? 

The exact analogy is used in Instagram. So, I will suggest you to write medium-long captions instead of writing just a few lines or posting emojis. Treat your caption like a micro-blog. 

You will definitely find new people in your private messaging list.

You might be observing your success rate in Instagram by your likes, comments and followers. But another intelligent way is to measure your success rate through the increasing number of private messages or DM’s that you get. 

This is the list of your clients who are real and are your potential customers who are personally in touch with you. So, start writing vulnerable captions that people can connect with. 

This will substantially increase your real customers. Start treating Instagram like your true business and let the customers find you when they feel a strong connection with your captions!


Now, what this know, like and trust really is? This is crucial for your business all the time. You want people to know who you are. 

You want people to like you and lastly, you expect them to trust you. Build you business with these three aspects in your mind whenever you’re in a social media platform. 

3. Mixing The Hashtags

Here goes your third hack – Mixing the hashtag sizes! Yes, you read it right. Hashtags are important because they allow people to find you and to grow your reach. 

Most of the people use very broad kind of hashtags like hashtag success, hashtag makeup etc. These are considered a massive group of hashtags. What I recommend you is to make some research on hashtags and find out small-medium sized hashtags. 

Follow thumb rules for using small, very small, medium and large hashtags. A mix of all these is gonna help you immensely. 

But, stress more on the small-medium hashtags as they’re considered to be loyal and including various communities in them. The more segmented you are, the more people follow your content. 

4. Rotate Your Hashtags

Coming to the fourth piece of my hack, it is to – rotate your hashtags. It is a big mistake when people use the same hashtags over and over again. 

It is recommended that group up your hashtags and keep using them with due rotations. 

People fail to understand that if they use the same tags over and over again, Instagram may take it as spam and may decrease your reach. 

So, mix up your hashtag groups and use them by rotating from time to time.  

I will highly advise you to form hashtag groups in your notepad and copy paste the hashtags turn by turn in your Instagram posts. This is the best rotation trick one can follow. 

Also, make sure that you follow hack 3.

5. Community Engagement

Now comes the final hack, hack number 5 that is – community engagement. 

Yes, I know this is an exhausting and tiring job to do but trust me guys, this is one of the best ways of growing your business organically.

One of the reasons is algorithm. When you engage with people, and they engage back, this is gonna show Instagram your algorithm in their feed. 

Another reason is that, if you directly interact with people who follow you, you’re gonna automatically grow your reach organically. And wait! 

If you’re thinking of hiring an automatic response or something like that, please re-think. 

Because, for organic results, you need to be real as well. The auto-responses are sometimes the causes of degrading reach. 

And for potential clients, you will have to interact in your own unique style. It is actually good to be genuine in business which is helpful to you in long term. 

That’s all you need to know about the Instagram hacks. If you find the blog useful, please revert and do not forget to comment and share!



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