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Welcome back to my blog, guys. The title is enough to catch all your attention, isn’t it? Well, the blog is again for the coaches, content writers, and entrepreneurs. 

And today I am going to share with you some cool tips to manage from 0 to 100,000 followers on Instagram. This may sound pretty insane but yes, many people have achieved this success and here I’m going to elaborate one’s entire journey on Instagram. 

Hopefully, you can relate to this. And before you read further, let me write down that this is the first part of the blog. I’ll be posting the other part very soon.

So, to start with the very first toddler step here goes my first tip!


Well, many of you must be having a backstory to your Instagram account. Be it personal or professional disguises, many things may have led you here to Instagram. 

So, it’s quite natural that you’ve figured out what interests you the most. Whether it is being a beauty influencer or a bookaholic, whether it is to be a perfect coach, a designer, or a motivational speaker or any kind of influencer; that becomes the right niche for you! It is a general issue that many people don’t know what they like to do until they do it. 

So, here’s something I’d suggest you follow if you want to know the perfect niche for you. This is possible through the PSP formula. Here’s what the PSP formula is –
Now, let me elaborate these PSP components one by one –


When you are looking for a niche, make sure that you have a story behind it and a personal connection to it. If you have a personal story, for example, if you have something constantly hitting your mind and keeping you away from all other activities, don’t miss grabbing that opportunity. 


Is there something that is heavily searched on the internet or which people are looking for? Yes, there are many things that people go crazy for year after year. For example, book reviews, make-up, fitness, or other innovative things. So, if your niche falls under the searchable category, you are on the right path!


You got to think that if you’ve already thought or decided your niche, would you be able to make some money out of it? After some amount of research on similar influencers or coaches, you will get to know whether or not your niche is profitable. 

And trust me, if any of these components is missing, you aren’t going to click into the right point. 

Things aren’t going to work out well enough resulting in a lesser success rate and no constant drive for you to come up with new content regularly. 

So, if you have all the three points covered in your niche, if you are passionate about something searchable as well as profitable, you got to get hold of that. 


Get enough reasons to answer yourself on the question WHY you are doing that particular niche on Instagram. If you’re successful at satisfying yourself with enough reasons, you've proved to be passionate about what you’re doing and that will help you to boom with ideas and captions instead of simply following and copying others in your field. 

Moving on to the second tip, 


What does this approach mean? Let me be clearer, this is a subjective approach entirely. This means that when you’re creating content, you need to look that the content is of some value to the viewers. 

Most of people create content and captions that are too much self-based. But in this approach,you’re suggested to create content that is relatable to others and that inspires, teaches, or influences people certainly. Don’t treat your content as your diary. 


This is certainly an important thing for you if you want to enlarge your audience's pole. You will have to know and anticipate the questions that a viewer could put and you will have to write the questions to let them get closer to the answer you want to give them.

You can go through communities and groups on social media to collect the questions that people generally ask and then create a content that answers all their questions. This is a nice way of shifting the conversations not only to yourself but also to the hundreds of followers and their problems. 

Let your audience know tips and strategies on the problems they face and they ask most of the time. This becomes ultra-value-based content and gives people a reason to follow you. 


We see many people on Instagram posting their photos which are mostly liked and get engaged by the people they know. But instead of posting your photos on Instagram, try posting some pictures that are shareable by others because your pictures are not so valuable to others that they would re-share those to their stories or friends. 

Doing this, you might have been getting even a decent profile visit reach of 5-10,000 a week but once you start sharing shareable content that is relatable to a lot more people, your profile visit reach will climb up to 20,000 a week which means a 100,000 a month. 

This allows you to have more variety on your feed as well and people are happy to post these in their stories and share on their pages which ultimately drives more traffic to your profile. People like to follow accounts that show some radiance, variety, and value, of course! 

So here we come to the end of the first part of the blog. I hope you gained some good information on the topic. 

If you like the blog post, let me know by commenting and do not forget to get back for the second and last part of this blog where I’ll be sharing with you some more useful tips on ‘How to gain 0-1000 followers on Instagram’. 


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