How To Make Awesome Videos In Youtube (2020 Edition)

how to make awesome videos in youtube 2020

I'm  going to tell you how to make videos your viewers will love so that you can keep people watching your videos, you can keep them coming back to the channel, you can I have them subscribing when they do watch your content, and all of the other things that you want as a YouTuber. And we're starting right now. 

This article will be long, so just have patience till the end, and I am sure you will learn many things.

Okay, the very first thing, when it comes to making videos that your audience will love is of course the topic, the idea for what it is that you're actually  going to make the video about.  

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As a YouTube or most of your battle is won or lost at the topic because if you don't come up with a topic that people are interested in, or the people that YouTube are showing your content to or the people that you're trying to reach cares about, then they're not  going to click on it. 

And if they don't click on, guess what happens? You don't get any views and you don't even get any people coming in to have the opportunity for them to enjoy your video.  And look, I understand that depending on the type of content that you make, this might be a little bit more challenging for some channels than it is for others.  

Like, for example, it's really easy in my case, because I can just down into my comment section and I can look to see the questions people are asking, or I can use the form that I collect questions from during my live streams, every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. 

But I use all those questions and all the feedback that I get back from you in order to fine-tune the content that I'm putting out to make sure that you'll want to click on it because you're interested in it so that you can come in and then I can serve you video using all of the ideas that I'm going to be sharing with you in this video. 

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And I know that some of you don't have an audience yet. You don't have the comment section to where you can go and look for ideas for what it is you're  going to make videos about and that's fine. 

One thing that you can do is you can actually go to the YouTube search bar and you can start typing in ideas around the topic of content that you make. 

From there, YouTube is going to show you the things that the people that are interested in watching your type of content are actually looking for on YouTube. 

This will help you come up with a ton of ideas and in addition to that, it's also going to help you make content that the people who are looking for your type of content actually care about. 

So that they'll click on your videos and you can give them videos that they will love based on the rest of the information I'm  going to share with you in this video. 

Now, the next part of making videos that your viewers will love is doing a little bit of research. Here's what I mean. If you have an idea for a video, go to YouTube search and type in the idea that you have for a video and see what shows up. 

And then from there, you want to go and you want to see how those videos actually perform. 

Now, some things to consider. You want to consider the size of the channel. So for example, if it's a really big channel, then, of course, there's  going to be a lot of views because naturally there's  going to be a lot of people that will just be interested in that video by default. 

So you want to see if multiple channels have made videos that are similar in topic to what it is that you're wanting to make a video about and see the response that those channels got just in general so that you can get a general idea of the interest overall in that particular topic. 

Now, there is a tool that can help you identify things that people are interested in, or maybe other ways that they might be looking for the similar topic that you would be making a video about called TubeBuddy. I'll put a link to that down in the description. 

You can try it out for free. But the idea is you want to look topically for the general interest in that subject because of people have an interest in that subject, then that's going to help you be able to say, "Okay, now that I know people are interested in this, "and I'm trying to make a video that they're going to love. "Now, I'm  going to actually watch some of the videos "that are popping up when I search for this thing "or this topic. 

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"And I'm  going to watch some of those videos "and I'm  going to see, can I make a better video? "Can I create a better hook or a teaser "when my video first starts compared to the other ones "so that if people come into my video, "I'm  going to be able to grab their attention better?" And another thing you can do when you're looking at the actual video itself on the video watch page is you can look and you can see how many comments they got. 

You can see how many thumbs up they got. And that's also going give you an idea of how people enjoyed that video because remember, we're trying to make videos that people love. Now, the next thing to think about is your title. 

And I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Nick, "but I haven't even made the video yet. "Why in the world would I be thinking about my title "when I haven't even made the video yet?" 

Exactly, you haven't made the video yet so you want to make sure that you come up with the title first so that when you do make the video, the title is a really good fit for the video in terms of the expectation that somebody's  going to have when they click on that video when they come in to watch it. 

Like I say in a bunch of my videos, you want to define what it is that they would click on your title, like why they should click your title itself. And you want to make sure, okay, if I'm  going to make a video on this topic, I'm  going to write the title like this. 

People are basing expectations of what the video might be about based on what it is that I have in the title and thumbnail. So because of that, I need to make sure that the title or the video that I'm wanting to make, I need to make sure that the title is a really good fit for the videos so that they get what they expect when they come into the video. 

Or they get even more than they expect when they come into the video. And the reason this is so important is because if you can match or exceed the expectation somebody has when they click on your title, once they get to the video, then they're going to absolutely love your video. They're  going to keep coming back to your channel. 

They're  going to subscribe to your channel because they are getting what they expected when they came into your video in the first place. And you may or may not have noticed that when I was just talking about the title, I also mentioned thumbnails as well. 

And the thumbnail is also important. So when you are thinking of the video that you're going make, and that expectation that you're building from the outside before people even click on your video, the thing that you want to think about is, "Okay, what is it that I'm actually going make sure "that I shoot for the thumbnail? "Or what is it that I'm actually going do with my thumbnail "so that I can compliment my title or add to my title, "or I can make sure that I'm letting "the title and thumbnail work together to win the click "and build the proper expectation "for the people that are  going to click on it "so that once they click on my video "that they enjoyed the experience that they get." 

And look, I know, depending on the type of content it is that you make, I know that not everybody can plan a thumbnail out 100% before they actually make the video. 

But, if you do go through that process of planning your thumbnail title before you make your video, then one thing that that's going to do for you is that's going to help you know the shot that you need to make sure that you get when you are recording the video. 

Let's say you're a vlogger, you're going out into the world and you're like, "Hey, my title and thumbnail today "is  going to be about this." Then it tells you, hey, I need to make sure that when I'm playing this game or when I'm vlogging or whatever type of content it is that you make, that you get that right shot for your thumbnail. 

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Because remember, we're trying to build expectations her so that you can deliver that awesome video that they're  going to love. And when you have that title and you have the thumbnail, they're working together in a great way to win the click to bring people into your video, this is where you can start planning the actual video itself. And you can start planning the very first part of the video. The thing that happens when the video first opens up. 

Now, hang tight. We're almost to making the video. We got some other things that we got to get out of the way first, but we're almost there. Now, the thing that I mentioned about grabbing their attention, when the video first opens up, that's the hook of your video. 

That's the teaser of your video. That's the thing that's going to get your viewer to watch a little bit more of the video. It's the thing that once they click on your title and thumbnail, that very first impression that they're going to get of you, of the video content based on the type of content that you make of their experience that they can continue to expect from your content. 

Because we're building expectations here with the title and the thumbnail, and then they click on that and then they come into your video. You want to make sure that as part of your process of making videos that people love, that you plan what's going to happen when your video first starts. 

Even if you make videos on bullet points, or if you're out vlogging in the world and everything just kinda happens naturally, try to plan what happens when the video first opens up so that you can grab a viewer's attention in order to pull them through your video. 

That first part of your video is extremely important. If you can't grab a viewer's attention and help them identify why they should keep watching your video, they're going to leave. And it's not going to be a quality experience for them. 

That's not going to be a video that they love because they're not going to continue watching it. So you have to get this part right. Now, since you watch my videos, I'm  going to tell you, I'm  going to give you some insight here into how I grabbed your attention. 

Basically, when you click into this video, what I do with any of the content I put out, is I try to think about what is it that the person clicking on this video is really going care about, and how can I frame the very beginning of my video to let them know that, hey, in this video, I'm  going to help you with this. But I need to make sure that I'm grabbing your attention. 

So, because of that, I'll typically say this particular thing is exactly what I'm  going to show you how to do, or I'll say this thing is exactly what I'm  going to show you how to do so that you can accomplish whatever thing it is that that thing is  going to help you accomplish. 

Another thing I like to do is I like to call you out. So you'll hear me often in the beginning of my videos specifically talking to you. I'll say, "I'm  going to show you how to make videos "that your viewers would love," so that you know, that everything about my video is about you and helping you accomplish something. 

That approach works great for how-to content, but it's not something that works for every type of content across the board, but just something to consider if you do make any type of how-to, or helpful content. Another part of making videos that your viewers will love is also to make sure that you're fitting in the good stuff throughout the video. 

So for example, another thing that I'll do is I will write down specifically, some bullet points of some things that I want to make sure that I talk about, but I'll also put some little notes on things that got to make sure that I cover so that I can make sure that I'm giving you solid value out of this video and that I don't forget. 

Now, if you're scripting, it's not that big of a deal because you can just write it into your script. But if you're writing bullet points and you're using bullet points to help keep you on track with your video, in that situation, I recommend that you write down specific value items so that as the video continues, you can keep hitting people with value as you go along. 

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Because to make it easier for people to love the videos, you got to make sure that you're giving them value as well. And the more value that you can give to the people that are watching the videos, the more that they'll love the video. 

But what you want to do if your content type supports it, is as you're writing your script out, or as you're putting your video together, you want to make sure that you are identifying the value that they're getting throughout the video. 

Because if you keep hitting people with value, as they're going through your video, they're  going to keep sticking around through your video. And they're going love it because they're getting stuff out of your video. They're getting value. Okay, now it's time to make the actual video. You've already went through the planning process. 

You've got your title that you've defined why they should click your thumbnail. You defined why they should click that, or how the two work together to get the click. You've planned out your hook and you've written your hook so you can make sure that you've built up that expectation and you're starting to deliver on that expectation. 

So the very first thing that you do when you go to start making the video is go ahead and actually record that hook. When you're recording the hook, if you have to record it 10 times or 15 times in order to nail it, do it, it's going to be worth it. 

Because again, this is the part where you're grabbing their attention. Now, if you're doing vlog content or doing gaming content or something like that, then this is where you might want to put a teaser of some kind or something like that you might've been able to plan ahead of time. 

But if you don't have that, then in that situation this is where you're  going to have to actually start recording all the stuff and then putting the content together that you're going to use as the teaser. 

But if you're doing other types of content where you're actually talking to the camera, then in that situation this is where you would actually start delivering that really strong hook and record it as many times as you need to, to make sure that you nail it. It's super, super, super important. 

Okay, since you're making the video now, another thing that I recommend that you do is you record for the edit. And the reason that you record for the edit is because it's  going to help keep you from recording a bunch of stuff that as a content creator, you might be tempted to just go ahead and stuff into the video because you recorded it. 

So be mindful when you're recording to make sure that every moment that's hitting your memory card, every moment that' hitting your phone storage is something that you are going to be able to use or something that the viewer is going to get some type of enjoyment out of or something that's going to be an addition to your video and not just wasted time or wasted space. 

And speaking of editing, when you are editing your videos, like, you've already recorded the videos, we've gotten past that part, and you're editing your videos now. 

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When you're editing your video, you want to make sure that you take out anything that isn't really necessary for the video. And the reason for that is because time. If you respect your viewers' time your viewers are going to appreciate that and they're  going to keep coming back to your YouTube channel. They're  going to subscribe when they see your videos for the first time because you're respecting their time. 

They're  going to appreciate it and they're  going to reward you with a subscribe and they're  going to enjoy your content more because you're respecting their time instead of wasting it. 

And respecting their time really just leans on the viewer experience because a lot of content creators, when we make videos we're thinking, "Okay, I want to get views from this video. "I want this video to perform well." We're thinking all of that. 

But a lot of us aren't really thinking about the viewer experience and what it is that the viewer is going to go through when they're watching the video. 

And if you can think of how you can make that viewer experience as awesome as possible for the people that are watching your videos, then in that case what you're doing is you're focusing on the thing that matters most. 

And when you focus on that thing that matters most, which is the viewer experience, then people are going to watch your videos for a longer period of time. 

They're  going to get more enjoyment out of the content. They're  going to keep coming back for more. And YouTube's systems, the YouTube algorithms, they enjoy, or they don't enjoy, but they love that. They love a viewer having a good experience. 

And the better an experience that you can give the viewer the more they're  going to show your videos to other people. 

And that's because YouTube's systems over time will identify that when they show your videos to people and they click on them and they come in, those viewers get a good experience, which is ultimately what YouTube wants. 

Another thing that is extremely important when you're trying to fine-tune your content to give an awesome experience to your viewers is to make sure that you're going into your past videos and that you're looking at your audience retention reports. 

Every single video on YouTube has an audience retention report and that audience retention report will tell you exactly how your viewers are responding to the experience that they're getting when they're watching your videos. 

So by looking at your audience retention reports, you're  going to start identifying things. Like, hey, if I have an intro, people are leaving during that intro, maybe I need to shorten the intro maybe I need to change the intro in some way, or maybe I just need to remove it completely based on how people are responding to it. 

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Your audience retention reports will show you things like if you're using a lot of B roll in your videos, that may or may not help your video for certain periods of time, based on how much you're using, or the specific B roll that you're using. 

The same exact thing goes for the music choices that you're using. When you're trying to create an awesome experience that a viewer is going to love you have to take all of these things into account. 

The graphics that you're using, how much graphics you're using, how much B roll you're using, if you're using any at all, the music that you're using, the pacing of your video, how much time of your viewers that you're saving or how much time of your viewers that you're wasting. 

It all adds up to an experience that your viewers love or that they don't really care much for. Or they at least don't care as much for as you would like them to. But in addition to making content that your viewers love, there's also things that you can do with them in your videos to keep people watching for a longer period of time. 

So guys, this is it for today, see you in next article, till then stay tuned and stay blessed.

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