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‘Things once started must be completed for better output.’

With this, I welcome you guys to my blog once again. Today, I am going to share the second and the final part of my recent post – How to gain 0-100000 followers on Instagram in a month. 

Are you ready to explore the pro tips? Then, let’s not deliberately fall into longer introductions and begin right away!

So, if you do remember well, my last post had four attractive and efficient tips. And here, I will continue with the fifth and an important tip.

5) Photo bait method –

In this method, all you need to do is to post your photo on the first page of the carousel and add a story, or I can say a caption or value on the back page of the carousel. 

This makes your post shareable content. People share the link of your post, if not for your picture, then for the description or caption on the back page. This leads to a rise in analytics. 

Many people don’t engage in reading longer captions anymore. For them, putting captions in your carousel in an attractive way will make an engaging way for people to read your captions easily. 

This further, makes one a really engaged viewer who would like to Dm or share it to someone or into one’s story or even like or comment.

This method will definitely help you to grow to 100000 followers faster and easier. 

6) Be on another platform -

This is definitely a big game changer for any Instagram user. If you’ve mastered Instagram properly in and out, you are ought to be present on another platform that is a lot more searchable. 

I might have written about this earlier too but rewriting this, I only want to note how important this point is. 

You may run your Instagram account along with a YouTube account. When your YouTube account drives more traffic than Instagram, that is when your aim steadily comes into reality because YouTube has a lot more search capability than Instagram. 

If you’re not interested in YouTube, you might take up a Facebook group or Podcast. 

Remember the PSP formula in any content that you post. And all the traffic that you gain from all other sources will directly go to your Instagram account. 

So, pairing yourself with another platform will help grow your Instagram account. 

7) Repurpose content

This is possible once you’re active in different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Podcast etc. 

And it is quite understandable that being on so many platforms and managing each one with new content regularly is almost equal to impossible for a person occupied with other working activities. 

So, taking up this smarter strategy becomes important. What you need to do here is to take your YouTube video and turn it into an Instagram Carousel which becomes a lot more shareable. 

Now, you generate traffic on both the places for the same content that looks different. Again, you can turn a Facebook group post to an Instagram post or podcast. 

Useful tip: You may use Headliner app or Re purpose House for the job!

8) Convert from Archive –

Yes, you read it right. This is for them who don’t want to be on various platforms for some reasons. You can just go into your archive and choose your stories consisting short training, audios etc and turn them into your Instagram posts. 

This way, you save your time and energy to think of new post ideas and your past stories come into the picture benefiting you hugely. 

9) Identify your goal –

For people who have already been established and maintain a good position on Instagram, their goals may be to generate more traffic. However, for a beginner, the goal is not the same. 

It may be to adjust your positioning, finding a niche, creating an offer so that when you have traffic, you can sell your products to make money online without just being a content creator. 

So, identifying you goal according to your positioning is very important. 

Useful tip: You may land onto Pinterest or Linked in to drive more traffic. 

Another way to get traffic is to post ads if you’re a seller of some product. Re-posting the ad (through various forms like video, audio, text) will also be an effective way to gain more followers and clients for your business.

So, I would recommend you to have a validated product, niche and offer so that you can work on posting ads on Instagram or Facebook which is another way of generating real leads. 

Here I come to the end of the post, guys. I hope it was worth reading. Now reading isn’t enough. Start working and experimenting on the tips and do not forget to comment about your experience! 

Thank You

Author - Anindita Janhabee Swaro

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