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How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers | Amazing Adviser


In this article we are going to discuss how new youtubers can get more views and subscribers in YouTube. If you want to know then read this article.

I know you've been  watching tons of videos,  trying to figure out how to get more views  and more subscribers to  your YouTube channel.  And some of it you might've applied  and it might have worked out for you.  Some of it you might've applied  and it hasn't worked out for you yet.


How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

So this article is part of  my subscriber question  and answer series where I'm  answering your questions  about YouTube.  Today's question is from Jay's Family.  Jay's Family says, "I  always make my settings  every time I post a video and I still feel  that YouTube does not display  in my videos to the viewers.  What can I do to attain more  viewers and subscribers?"  Jay's Family that's a great question.  

How new youtubers get more views
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And that's the big struggle  that a lot of content creators have  because part of being a YouTuber  in addition to making the content  is having people actually  watch the content.  And then once they watch the content  and have people enjoy it enough  that they subscribe to the channel.  

So I'm gonna tell you some  things to keep in mind  to make sure that you are  opening up the opportunity  to yourself to get more views  and to get more people subscribing  to the videos when they do watch them. 


When it comes to getting more views  and subscribers on your YouTube channel,  it doesn't really come down  to your settings necessarily.  And I'm guessing that by settings,  you met like your tags  in your description,  and maybe even your  title and your thumbnail.  

It does come down to your title  in your thumbnail primarily  in terms of getting people  to click on what it is  that you're doing.  

And what I mean by that is if you publish  your videos to YouTube  and you haven't really  thought through your title  and your thumbnail enough  to where you think,  you know, hey how relevant is this  in terms of the interest  of the thing it is?  

And I'm talking about how  much of an opportunity  am I really giving  myself with my thumbnail  and the title that I'm using? 


As an example, if you're a vlogger  and you're making vlogging type content  of course you would be if you're a blogger  in that situation you  still have to make sure  that you're titling your videos in a way  to where you make it  more about the viewer.  

And the reason that that's important  is because if you are making a video  about any topic on YouTube,  if you're on gaming content,  if you're doing vlogging content,  if you're doing crafting content,  making content about quilts,  yeah, I did it again, quilts,  in that situation a video title about,  I can't believe this happened  isn't something that's really going to be  something that's going to grab mass appeal  unless your thumbnail is off the charts,  unless there's just  something insane happening  in your thumbnail. 


Image Credit - Google | Unisport

Because the reason that that's  not going to work for you  if you are a new channel especially  is that you haven't built an audience yet  that YouTube is going to  serve some of that content to,  to where they're going to  notice that it's your content  and they're gonna click on  it and come in and watch it  because you made it however,  you will see some of the  big channels doing that  and it works, and because of that,  you're thinking yourself  well, why can't they do it?  

But I can't do it.  Why can PewDiePie make a video  with a title that just says, "Hmmhhmm."  And people click on it  but when I make a title  that says, "Hmmhmh,"  and people don't click on it,  or when somebody like  Casey Neistat makes a video  that says you know, "I can't  believe this happened today."  

People click on it like crazy  because it's Casey Neistat.  And they know that it's  a Casey Neistat video. 


So right out of the gate,  it's being served to tons  of people all over YouTube  who are already interacting  with his content  and then some of those people  just by running the numbers  are going to click on those videos  that are titled in that way.  

But when you haven't built  an audience like that yet  you really have to think about  what is it that would  really make somebody click  on this particular piece of  content that I'm putting out?  

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What is it that I can  do with the thumbnail?  And what is it that I  can do with the title  in order to get people to click  on what it is that I'm doing?  And a few things that you can do  in order to get people to click are this.  One, make it about the viewer,  think about who is it that  I'm actually trying to reach.  

And this is a really,  really important part.  Lemmie just sidebar this really quick  and say that this is a  really important part  about doing very well on YouTube  is first identifying like who is it?  That is primarily watching the videos  that I'm putting out there,  and how can I use language in my titles?  

How can I use imagery in my thumbnails  that those people that I'm trying to reach  are more likely or the most  likely to actually click on? 


But that's a topic for a whole other video  but in order to get people to click,  you have to be able to identify yourself.  Why does it somebody should click  on your particular thumbnail on title?  

And you gotta think for the  people that I'm trying to reach  if I don't know what's  happening in the video,  if I don't know what it is that  this particular video is about,  how is it that they are  going to be able to identify  through the title and thumbnail?  

You Are Reading - How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

How is it that they are  gonna be able to identify  what they can expect from the video  that they happen to be getting  presented to them on YouTube,  on their homepage for example?  

And if you can't define that  thing, whatever that thing is  that should get those people  to click on what it is that you have  if you can't define it,  they're not gonna be able  to define it either. 

And because of that, you have to make sure  that everything that you're  doing on your YouTube channel  is intentional.  That comes down to the way  that you're writing your title. 


That depends, or that even includes  the specific order that  you're putting the words in  in your title, you gotta make sure  that when you're putting  your titles together,  the thing that is going to  grab someone's attention  in terms of the topic of the video,  or the thing that's gonna  resonate with them the most,  put that as close to the front  of your title as possible. 


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Even if you have to sit there  and you have to rework the  title a bunch of different times  in order to move the words around  where the thing that's going  to grab their attention first  is more towards the front, do it  it's going to make a difference.  As an example, some of my  titles I'll write 50 titles.  And the reason for that  is because I it's just not there yet.  

I'll have to keep workshopping  and workshopping it.  And even when I sit there and I come up  with something where I'm like, yeah,  I think people will dig  this, and this is why  then even when I make a title like that,  I still keep trying to make it better  because I keep trying to make it shorter. 


I keep trying to make it more impactful  in terms of the words that I'm using  so that I can try to  generate a better response  for that specific title for the people  that I'm trying to reach on YouTube,  YouTubers which is you.  But that same exact thing goes  with your thumbnail as well.  

You have to look at your  thumbnail and you have to think,  okay, sure this might be about something  that's happening in the video  but why would somebody care  enough about this thing  that's happening in the video  for them to actually wanna click on this?  

And if you're doing how-to content,  it's a little bit different  because then in that case,  you I can show them a result  or you can show them exactly what it is,  you're gonna be showing them what to do. 


Or you can just use  texts in your thumbnail  telling them what to do, kinda like I do.  But the idea is to where you're expressing  and making it clear why they  should click on your thumbnail  in order for them to even be  able to come into your video  in the first place where  you get that first thing  that you're after which is viewers.  

It's also important that you consider  how your thumbnails and  your titles work together,  because really they are a  team trying to win the click  for you, because some people  are just gonna respond  to your thumbnail because your thumbnail  is gonna be epic, because  you're putting the time into it. 

Some people are just  gonna respond your title  because they have their attention  grabbed by the thumbnail  but then they look at the title.  Other people are just going to,  they're gonna look at your thumbnail.  

How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

They're gonna look at your title  and then they're gonna think  it through for a second,  and they're going to be like,  "yeah, this seems interesting,  let me click on this and see  what's going on in this video."  So because of that, you have  to give yourself the advantage  of trying to hit all of those people  however they might react to your thumbnail  and your title combination.  

So your thumbnail has to be good enough  to where it would encourage a click.  Your title has to be good enough  where it would encourage a click  and they have to work together  in a way that would  also encourage a click.  The better you get at that,  the more clicks you're  going to get on your videos.  But here's the thing.  

If you're not getting views  on your YouTube channel,  it might not even be that  people aren't clicking.  You might have that part wrapped already. 


You might have it to where it's like,  hey, people are clicking like crazy,  but YouTube still isn't showing my video.  I have a high click-through rate people,  but YouTube still isn't  showing my video to people.  

Well, I gotta let you know  that a high click-through rate by itself  isn't really enough  because YouTube is looking  at a bunch of different things  but some of the things  that they're looking at  that are the most important  is how often people are clicking  because that actually  gets them to the video.  But once they get to the video,  they're looking at how much watch time  that you can generate on that video.  

How much total watch time are they getting  every single time they show your video  to somebody on the platform.  That's one of the most important things  that they're going for. 


So if YouTube isn't showing  your videos to people,  then it can come down  to one, you're not able  to get people to click  but once they do click,  you're not able to get  people to watch the videos  for a longer period of time,  which means that people  are coming to your video  but then they're leaving  quick, and because of that  you're not able to  generate much watch time.  

So in order to get people there  in order to get more  viewers then in that case,  you have to get people to click  but you also have to create  a quality experience for them  with your video content.  

Now, look, you don't have to get them  to watch your entire video.  They just have to watch  enough of your video  in order for YouTube to deem  it a satisfactory experience. 


And that's gonna be  different for every channel.  It's gonna be different for  every video that you put out  in terms of what is identified  as a good experience  for that content. 

But the goal,  the thing that you're  ultimately trying to accomplish  is you're trying to get  people to watch your videos  for a fair amount of time,  a competitive amount of  time per YouTube language.  

You're trying to get them to watch  a competitive amount of time  so that YouTube can see  it as a quality experience  for those viewers, a  satisfactory experience  so that their system will start trying  to identify other people that  would also find your content  satisfactory and click on it.  

Another thing you can do to get views  on your YouTube channel to  get more viewers I should say  is to embed yourself in the communities  around the type of content that you make. 


And when you do that, one  of the huge advantages  is that when you do have a video to share,  you can share it in the  relevant communities,  the communities that are likely  to respond to your content regardless  of if you share it there,  or if YouTube shows it  to them on the platform,  those types of people that  you can share your content  in those relevant communities.  

How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

And you can actually pull some  viewers from there as well,  not on YouTube, per se but  on Reddit and on Facebook,  and you know places like that.  But if you share your content  in places like YouTube  or groups to where they're  not really a good fit  for your content in that case,  you're actually working against yourself.  

But if you share, let's say  you do videos on call of duty  'cause I just like to use that example,  but let's say you make videos  on call of duty for example,  then in that situation,  you would wanna make sure  that you're sharing your videos  in places where they  care about call of duty,  not places where people  are trying to get feedback  on their videos. 


Because it's better to have  less of the right type of viewer  than more of the wrong type of viewers,  because this just simply  helps YouTube systems identify  who the right people are  to watch your content.  

So it's better to have less,  again I'm gonna say it again.  It's better to have less  of the right viewers  than it is to have more of  the wrong type of viewers.  Another thing that you  can do when you are trying  to get more views on your YouTube videos  is of course how you're  actually targeting your content.  

So when it comes to  your content decisions,  you have to think about with  the content that I'm making,  how can I get this content  in front of more people?  And often a way that you can do that  is by targeting search terms. 


Now, what I mean is that  you title your videos  in a way to where you're  including a keyword  or keyword phrase, and  you're making your video  about something that people  would be looking for on YouTube.  

And what I mean by that is  that they go to the search bar,  they start typing in something  about the type of content  that you make and then  your video would show up  when they're looking for it their.  

YouTube search can be a fantastic source  of longterm traffic to your channel  but again you gotta get people to click,  which is one of the things  that we talked about earlier.  

You have to be able to  get people to click,  but YouTube search is a fantastic source  of easy traffic for YouTube,  because then when people  are looking for something  you're only competing with the people  that are showing up in  those search results,  you're not competing with  all of the other videos  on the platform.  

And once people do start  responding to your videos  and search, if you're getting  a good response there,  YouTube will also sample your videos out  and test your videos in suggested columns  next to other videos  or under other videos,  they'll test it on the home pages  to see how people respond to it there.  

So by giving yourself that opportunity  to pull in some activity from search,  then you're also giving  yourself the opportunity  to show up in other places  once YouTube identifies  that you have a quality piece of content. 


And another thing to consider  when you are trying to  get more viewers coming  into your content,  another thing to consider  is the interest around the  topic that you're talking about.  So what I mean is when you are making  a certain type of content or  really any type of content,  sometimes it's high interest,  sometimes there's tons of people looking  for that type of content.  

Other times it's not a  ton of people looking  for that type of content.  So make sure when you're  putting your videos together,  that instead of just saying,  hey, I'm just gonna make a video  and it's just gonna be about something  that I wanna make a video about research  and say, this is what I'm  gonna make my video about.  

I wonder if there's a  bunch of other videos  on YouTube that are also making videos  about this type of thing.  I wonder what type of view  counts they're getting.  I wonder what type of activity  they're getting on those videos. 


Of course you can manually  search for this stuff on YouTube  by just going into the search bar  and just typing in the topic  that you are gonna be  making your video about,  but you can also use a  tool called TubeBuddy  that can help you navigate  some of this as well.  I'll put a link to them  down in the description.  

How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

You can try it for free, but  they also have a paid version.  But the idea is you wanna  look into the general interest  on the topic that you're talking about  so that you can make sure  that there's enough people  that care about what it is that  you're making a video about  for it to be worth it  for you to make a video.  

So you can get those viewers  that you're looking for.  But once you get the viewers,  let's say you got the viewers now. 


Let's say you've got views coming in now  that next step that you're wanting to know  is how do you actually get people  to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  

Well people subscribe to your channel  because they can clearly see the value  that you're offering on  your YouTube channel.  They can see it when they  look at your channel page  or your video page, and  they can see all the videos  that you've made already.  

They can tell by the video  that they're experiencing in real time,  because that's where  most of your subscribers  are gonna come from.  

And they can also tell because  you have an entire channel  based around a certain type of content.  That there's a really good  chance that the videos  that you put out in the future  are also going to be a  value to them as well.  

So if you can create that  to where they can see the value  that they're going to get  all the way across the board,  because it's about the  viewers, it's about them. 


That's what gets them to subscribe  so they can see that  value and they can feel,  and they can tell that  value that they're getting  from you right out of the  gate when your video starts,  or they just have a great  experience with your video  because you're thinking  of the viewer first  when you're putting it together,  you're gonna get more people  subscribing to your channel.  

But on the flip side of that  because there's always  another side, balance.  But on the flip side of that,  one of the things that is going to happen  if people come and they start  interacting with your content,  but it's not really put together  in a way that's entertaining to them,  or it's not put together in a  way to where they really get  anything out of the video,  there's no information  they're really getting,  it's all over the place.  There's just no clear  value at all to them. 


They're not gonna  subscribe to your channel.  And this is one of the things  that a lot of new content creators face  is that they don't have  that big back library yet,  to where people can see that clear value  in all of the other  content that they have.  

So because of that, they  have to sell people on that.  You know, those handful of  videos that they do have,  this is why it's so  important to niche down,  or to make content for a specific audience  because then once they can identify,  hey, this channel only  has 10 videos on it,  but these 10 videos are great.  

And it's clear that the videos  that they're making on  the channel are for me. 

So not only is this one video awesome,  but these other 10 videos  that they have on the channel  are also awesome.  There's a channel that  I subscribed to recently  called Traeger and his content  it's basically teaching filmmaking  in a really creative way.  

And the awesome thing with that  as soon as I landed on the  channel, I found him on Reddit.  As soon as I landed on the channel,  I knew through watching the content,  I was like, Oh, this is great.  

Let me see what else this guy has.  And I go, and I watched  some of the other videos.  And when I watched other videos,  I was like, Oh my gosh.  He only had at the time that I subscribed,  I think he had three  videos on the channel.  And I was like, Oh, this  is epic. I'm subscribing. 


I'm gonna watch most of the videos  that this person puts out, and I have.  So because of that and the  channel again, it's Traeger,  I'll put a link to it  down the description.  

He only has a handful of videos.  I think he's approaching  10,000 subscribers already.  If he hasn't hit it yet at  the time of this recording,  but it's crystal clear what he's offering  it's really good content.  

I get tons of value from it  because I learned something.  And the other videos on the channel  are also something that  I get value out of.  And I can see that,  hey, he's gonna keep  putting out awesome content.  

How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers

That's gonna teach me tons of  stuff in a new creative way.  So your job, when you're  trying to convert viewers  into subscribers is  you just have to think,  what is it that I'm offering.  If you setup a company of some kind,  one of the things that you have to do  when you set up that company is like,  what is the unique value  that people are gonna  get from our business? 

What's the unique value  that they're gonna get  from buying stuff from us,  instead of all the other people  that offer a similar thing?  And that can be that you offer it  in a completely different way.  And that can be the same exact thing  with your YouTube channel,  the videos that you're putting out,  you just have to identify what is it  that people actually get  from what it is that I,  what it is that I do?


For example,  if you look at my content,  the stuff with my content,  the reason people respond so well to it  is because I shortcut the learning process  when it comes to YouTube,  I teach people all this  stuff that I'm teaching you  in this video and with all the other tools  and everything else that you need  to run a successful YouTube channel.  

I teach you all of that stuff.  And because of that the value that I give  for my YouTube channel on  the value that you receive,  it's crystal clear that,  hey, I should subscribe to this channel  and if you haven't yet  make sure that you do,  but the idea is that, it's crystal clear  what it is that I offer here.  

And because of that, you get tons of value  from the content that I put out  which encourages or causes people  to subscribe at a high  rate to my YouTube channel. 


So what you have to do  as a content creators,  you have to think, okay,  what is it that I'm offering?  If it's entertainment,  am I really as entertaining as I think,  and if I am entertaining  then how obvious is it  to the viewer that I am entertaining  'cause so far if people  aren't subscribing,  then they might not be  finding you as entertaining  as you think that you are.  

I'm not saying you're not entertaining  but I'm just saying you have to,  you know, face that and you have to say,  okay, can I be more  entertaining so it's more clear  that I am putting out  entertainment content.  

If you're doing music  content or gaming content,  same exact thing applies.  You have to be able to identify that value  that people are getting from you  because just watching you play a game  or just listening to one of  your songs might not be enough.  

It might have to be to where you have some  of your content to where  you're showing people  how to do things, helping  them with something  so that they can identify  that that's the value  that they're gonna get from you.  

And then they can come in  and they can start watching  some of your other content as well.  If you're on music in that situation then  that song that they're  listening to might not be enough  for, you know, a lot of the  people that are coming through  and your conversions might  be very low on a song.  

But if you are getting  people through a playlist  and they're noticing that,  hey, song after song,  after song of this  person is really awesome.  And I'm encouraging people  to listen to my videos  and playlist, instead of  just watching them one off. 


Then in that situation what you're doing  is you're creating an  experience for the viewer  to where you're demonstrating  video after video,  song after song, that they're  getting something awesome  from you, and that they  like all of the music  or most of the music  that you're putting out,  which then in turn is  gonna cause more people  to subscribe to what it  is that you're doing.  

So if you're making music content,  drive people into playlist,  but at the end of the day,  it really comes down to people being able  to identify exactly what it is  that they're going to get from you,  exactly how much they enjoy your content  or exactly what it is that  they are going to receive  from watching your content,  the value that they are going to get.  

So you gotta make that clear.  And as long as your content supports it,  you gotta remember to ask  people to subscribe as well,  because sometimes people are  so immersed in your content  and they just love what  it is that you're doing. 


They're not thinking about subscribing.  We do as YouTube but just regular viewers,  civilians I call them  but with regular viewers,  they're not thinking about,  hey, I need to make sure I'm subscribing  to all these channels,  they're just enjoying content.  

So your job as a content  creator is just to remind them,  you don't have to cram  it down their throat,  but just remind them,  hey, if you're enjoying  this content so far  and you want more of it,  make sure you subscribe  or tell them specifically  what it is that you offer  and then invite them to subscribe,  to learn more about growing  your YouTube channel,  click into this playlist right here,  tons of great videos in there for you.  And I also have an entire  channel full of content  that will help you,  and if you haven't yet,  make sure you subscribe.  

Thank you so much for your time.  I'll see you next time. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article "How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers"

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