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Which YouTube Analytics Matters Most | Amazing Adviser

I'm going to tell you what   YouTube analytics to focus on   if you're wanting to grow   your YouTube channel.   And we're starting right now.   The very first thing that   you need to make sure   that you're focusing on,   is your thumbnail click-through rate.    And the reason that this is so important,   is because your thumbnail   is the first point   of contact that you have   with your current viewers,   and with new viewers.   So your thumbnail and your   title are extremely important.   So paying attention to   your click-through rate   and your thumbnails is   going to let you know   how effective your thumbnails are.   How effective are your   thumbnails at bringing people   into your video content?    And I know you're wanting   to know, hey Nick,   what's a good number to go for?   YouTube says that between   three and 10% is the average,   so you want to try to go   for the higher version of that, or higher.   So, if you're getting like a

When You Should Use YouTube Premiere | Amazing Adviser

  Is your YouTube video premier worthy?   I mean when should you use premiers?   We're going to talk about it, and we're starting right now.     Okay, premiers are out in mass,   and I'm sure you experienced   the same exact thing   that I did with your email box.   You went in to check your email,   and it was like this big waterfall   of everybody using premiers.   Now, I know people were   just experimenting,   hey how do I use this, it's a new feature,   is it going to help me get   views and all that stuff?   And now you don't really   know what to do with it?   Is it good, is it bad, should   I use it, should I not, when?     Here's what I think at this point in time   and I'll modify if necessary.   One, if you have a channel   to where if you upload videos   you don't have a lot of   views coming in anyway,   premiers are not going to just   magically get you views,   so just be mindful of that.      If you have a bigger channel  

Truth Behind PennY Stocks Investing | Amazing Adviser

In this article we will discuss about the real truth behind Penny Stock Investing. If you want to trade in Penny Stocks then you must check out this. So let's start. Image Credit - Google Images | Smallbizclub What are penny stocks and why are so many   investors and traders new to the stock market   drawn to them?    In this article, I’ll be breaking down what   penny stocks are for beginners, the truth   behind these companies and what I believe   to be the smarter way to profit from these   penny stocks as a small time day trader and   investor.   If that sounds like an interesting topic to   you, make sure to subscribe, ring that notification   bell and drop me a like for more free penny   stock trading articles on this channel.   Let’s get started.   Also Read Day Trading Indicator (For Beginners) We all know that investing in shares of a   stock means you are owning small percentage   stakes of established companies like Apple,   which has a market cap of 900 billio