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How To Use YouTube Playlists | Amazing Adviser

We can tell you how using playlists properly,  can be a game-changer  for your Youtube channel  and we're starting right now. 

We can tell you how using playlists properly,  can be a game-changer  for your Youtube channel  and we're starting right now.
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So, the power of the Playlist, is this, A lot of people want to watch  content in quick succession,  but a lot of creators aren't doing that.  So, a lot of times, I want to binge content.  Let's look at Netflix, let's  look at how they do it.  It's easy to binge content,  so why not make your YouTube  channel easily binge-able?  

So what I'm talking about, is  making a playlist of content.  And what I've found to work,  not on all across the board,  on most channels is, whatever  your channel name is,  and then your upload schedule.  So like, we can put, "NickNimmin Uploads". 

Because people are typing in your name  and the YouTube default playlist for this,  so uploads, is not searchable.  But, if you create a playlist  called, "NickNimmin Uploads",  then, it can become searchable,  you can optimize the  subscription, it's title,  and then, it can show  up in search results.  

So if I'm looking up  NickNimmin content, well then,  I see the playlist with a lot of videos,  and that gets me into my playlist,  which will encourage watch session,  which YouTube cares about.  So all of a sudden,  

I went from not only finding your channel,  I'm binge watching your channel.  I'm easily accessing  a lot of your content,  that you are putting out, and  I can watch it at my ease.  

Yeah, and, and with that,  with playlist because,  of course putting that stuff  into a playlist is, is important,  but what can you do to a playlist  to kinda give it some,  some extra punch?  Some extra power? 

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How can, how can you structure a playlist  to really give it some juice?  - Well a lot of the times,  people just put a bunch  of videos in a playlist  and while that can work,  what you really want to do,  is just as you would structure  your channel and your videos,  you want to make playlists with a purpose.  A lot of times, people  just create a playlist.  So creating a playlist  with a specific purpose.  

So if you're a carpentry  channel and you're trying  to teach people how to  re-do their carpeting.  You're not gonna just put  one playlist about carpentry,  then another playlist  about how to build a roof,  you want to keep it consistent.  So consistency is key here. 


Then, if you're doing,  going back to that carpentry example,  you can type, "How to  install fur carpeting",  how to do multiple levels of  carpeting, all in one playlist.  

Because if they're looking for  different types of carpeting  and having that option  to see them all there,  then immediately you've given them  multiple different resources for them  to chose what they want to watch.  

Again, you always want to give your  viewer the power of choice.  They're choosing to watch you,  so respect that choice, and give it,  make it easy for them.

So when it comes to a channel page,  a lot of questions that I get is,  "what playlist should I  put on my channel page?".  What are your recommendations for that?  

So, Youtube gives you  analytics on playlists.  Look at which playlist is  turning the most watch-time,  the most viewers, and  the most subscribers.  

The thing is, is a lot of times,  people go and Add Playlist,  but they don't have an order.  

And most of the times,  people are wondering,  "What playlist works the best for me?".  Youtube gives it to you in the analytics.  All you have to do, is  go to Playlist Section.


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And then, you can see there:  Which playlist is  turning the most viewers,  which playlist is turning  the most subscribers.  So what that's showing  you, is that playlist,  whichever that is, is ranking the best,  is the one that you should put forward.  I also always kind of recommend  putting your uploads first,  to show that you're active.  

The last thing that you want to see,  is that a creator uploaded 6 years ago.  What does that show you?

Right.  Yeah, a lot of people will put, um,  a common thing that I see, like when I'm  going on channel reviews on  my livestream, every Saturday-  At 9 AM Eastern!  Is that um, a lot of people will put their  popular uploads as the,  as the top playlist,  but in a lot of cases y'know,  their most popular upload  is something they made  2 years ago, a year ago, 3 years ago,  and that series of videos  is all dated content. 

So I understand the idea of y'know,  well, "people like these".  Or for whatever reason,  the algorithm pushed  these out to more people,  or an outside website sent, y'know,  trafficked these videos, or  whatever it happened to be. 

But, what he's sayin' right here,  is that it's more important to focus  on having that Uploads at the top,  because it lets people  know that you're current.  Like, when you look at uh,  a channel on a mobile phone, right?  

Especially on, on my  iPhone, as an example.  If I land on a channel page  and I start goin' through the,  through the videos, and  then I see, that the,  I go through that first big long list,  that I'm scrolling through,  and I see that, yeah,  these might have a lot of views on 'em,  but they were uploaded a long time ago,  it makes me think like, "Oh, Okay they're,  "y'know they're, they're  not active anymore,  " so there's no reason to subscribe.".  

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But, when you're putting  up the fresh content,  or they see that fresh content,  not only are you letting them  know that you're current,  but you're also helping push traffic  to that new content as well.  Which can also make that  a lot more powerful.

Again, it's a playlist with a purpose.  - Right.  - And every playlist can have a purpose.  And my main thing,  and then going on that,  popular uploads can work.  And here's, similar to how I said,  you make a playlist of  content, that you make.  That say's, "NickNimmin Uploads",  you can do the same thing  with popular uploads.  Because then, you can curate the order. 

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Again, that's powerful.  And again, you might say,  "Well, what if it's  not the most popular?".  So, you can remove videos that may be  in order that may hurt your channel.  So like he said, let's say you have  a channel that is 10 years  old, which is possible,  but your most popular video is you,  milking a cow.  - Right. (chuckles)  - And you've changed  your channel completely,  well then all of a sudden that cow  video kinda seems silly compared  to your more serious videos.  

So may want to, ya know,  make your own curated  playlist and omit that video.  It is no longer topical to your channel.  - Yeah great, great.  And just to clarify also, like um,  when we talk about  playlists with a purpose,  what that means basically is  when you're organizing your  playlists for a purpose,  or you're making playlists for a purpose,  especially on your channel page,  one thing to think about in terms of the  purpose of how you're positioning things.  

You know, everybody  has different goals for  that season or that period  of time for their channel.  So it's important to  think about, okay well,  "Do I want to have my,  my playlist near the  "top that are converting  subscribers the highest?.  "Because right now I'm trying to grow  "my channel as fast as possible. 


"Do I want to have the one's that  "are giving me the most  views at the top?".  If you're a business or  a marketer, you know,  are you wanting to put the ones that  drive people to your e-mail list  or your product, or your website?  Do you want to put those, you  know, closer to the top?  You know, that's what we mean by purpose.  - Absolutely.  And my final big tip for Playlists,  is think of them the  exact same way a video. 


You can put descriptions  in your playlists.  You can also title your playlists,  and make it a series playlist.  Making a series playlist  is letting YouTube know  that all of this content is related,  which lets it show up in  the suggestions section  of the video watch page,  which can then turn your  channel to more viewers  and help boost your channel.  A lot of people don't know about  the series playlist function.  - It's hidden.  - Because it's very well hidden. 


Yeah it's hidden.  - But of course classic YouTube.  However, don't let that excuse  hold you back from success.  - Right.  And with that it's important  to also think about,  with Playlist as well,  there's features inside  of your playlist settings.  One of the things you need  to keep in mind of Playlist.  Do you recommend that  they try to make their  playlist title actual titles?  - Yes, you need to make  it a searchable title.  Because if people are going  to find your playlist. 


Again, YouTube is a search engine,  second largest in the world,  if your playlist isn't  searchable then what's the point?  If you just title your  playlist "The best day ever",  well guess what, 80 million  people have probably  had the best day ever--  - And you're misrepresenting,  because that would be a playlist  full of the best day ever,  it'd be the best days, right?  - Yes, yes.  Absolutely, but there you go.  But here's the thing,  if I call it "My best trip"  to let's say Thailand,  well that's a little more specific.  But let's go even better.  Let's go "Andrew Kan's  recent trip to Thailand". 


Then that is a specific playlist  with a specific purpose,  to then show people my  recent trip to Thailand,  which will happen one day I promise.  - Yeah, yeah.  And you will see that video as well, In terms of the video descriptions also,  a lot of people, I can't  even count how often  I'm telling people "Hey  you gotta make sure  "you're using the descriptions.".  Because you'll go and you'll see,  maybe they'll have the  playlist that are saying  "The best days ever", but  in terms of the description,  they won't have that marked,  they won't have anything  put together as a series.  

Don't do these mistakes in Youtube

It's really important that  in addition to playlists,  that all of the features on YouTube,  if you are going to be a content creator,  learn how to use the platform,  learn how to use the tools  that are available to you,  that are given to you by YouTube. 


So that you can take  advantage of all stuff,  it's all there for a reason,  so that you can use it,  so that you can get more views,  which is gonna help you and  it's gonna help YouTube as well.

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