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When You Should Use YouTube Premiere | Amazing Adviser


Is your YouTube video premier worthy?  I mean when should you use premiers?  We're going to talk about it, and we're starting right now. 


Okay, premiers are out in mass,  and I'm sure you experienced  the same exact thing  that I did with your email box.  You went in to check your email,  and it was like this big waterfall  of everybody using premiers.


Now, I know people were  just experimenting,  hey how do I use this, it's a new feature,  is it going to help me get  views and all that stuff?  And now you don't really  know what to do with it?  Is it good, is it bad, should  I use it, should I not, when? 


Here's what I think at this point in time  and I'll modify if necessary.  One, if you have a channel  to where if you upload videos  you don't have a lot of  views coming in anyway,  premiers are not going to just  magically get you views,  so just be mindful of that.  


If you have a bigger channel  to where when you publish  a video and you right  out of the gate have some  people coming in, they're  coming in and they're watching  your stuff and they're  like okay, this is great,  all that stuff, having that  interaction with your audience  is an amazing thing. 


But if every single video  you upload is a premier,  is it going to be as  valuable to your audience?  Are they going to rush in  to see hey, what is this,  what is this event that this  person has going on right now,  why do I need to come in and see this?  Unless you're a humongous  channel, I'll be honest.  I'm not convinced. 


Now, if you are going  to market that premier  to where it's market worthy,  to where it's like hey,  this video is something special,  this is something that my audience  needs to get excited about, in that case  a premier totally makes sense.  I mean let me do this another way.  You've heard the thing about the boy  that cries wolf right, about  the boy who cries wolf. 


He's always like oh no,  wolf, wolf, and then  when a wolf really comes,  I think this is how the story goes,  but when the wolf really  comes nobody cares  because they're so used  to the boy crying wolf,  it's not a big deal.  Oh it's just him crying wolf again,  it's not really a big deal.  


Now this is a little bit different  because if I remember right,  you know 'cause I was little  when I heard this story, I'm  pretty sure that the people  ended up getting bitten  because he cried wolf  or something like that, or  they didn't come to help him  or something like that. 


But anyway, what I'm getting at is this.  If you are going to be using premiers  and every single video that  you put up is a premier,  yes it's awesome to hang  out with your audience,  yes it's awesome to get that interaction,  but if you're doing it all the time  with the exception of that interaction,  it's not going to be that  big of a deal any more. 


But if you make it to where hey,  I'm uploading this premier just  a couple of times per month  or if you're uploading daily  content maybe once a week,  to where it's like hey  I'm going to do this premier  then people know oh this  is something special,  this is something that they're doing  that is outside of the norm,  this is something that  they feel that everybody  needs to watch.  It may be more effective that way.  



Now listen, I'm not saying  that this is the definitive thing,  these are just my thoughts right now.  These are the things that  I'm thinking through,  we went through this in the  livestream the other night  and that's why I'm making  this video right now  because there were a lot  of different opinions  on what is going on  with this premier thing. 


Okay, so now let's talk about uses here.  Let's say that you are going to put out  one of those videos and are like yeah,  people definitely need to watch this,  then you go ahead and  make that video premier,  you go ahead and market that video  on your social media platforms,  you try to get some hype  built up around that  so that when it is premier  time it's a win for you,  in that case it's a great use.   

Now with this next one,  this one might sound  a little bit shady maybe, I don't know. 


But with this one, another  thing you could use it for  is to say hey I've got this  project that I'm working on  that I know that people  are going to want to watch,  I'm going to release it on Saturday,  so I'm going to make a video  on Wednesday to where I'm  just talking about what's  coming on Saturday. 


So basically you're  teasing what's happening  on Saturday on Wednesday.  So that way you would be using  it kind of like a marketing  thing like hey this thing's coming. 


That's kind of what the  premier does anyway,  but it would just be a little bit of hype  to where you could give a little bit more  explanation to what it is  that's going to be happening  in that future video.  And tell people the reason that you think  that it's important that  they come and watch it  when you do the premier for that one.  


Another way that you  can use it is let's say  that you're making content to where things  are a little bit technical,  to where it's like hey,  when I put up this video, no matter what,  I guarantee I'm going to  get a lot of questions  in my comments about this,  so what I'm going to do is in the premier  I'm going to put this out  and that's going to give me  that little bit of time  that the video's live  to actually chat with the  people that are watching  the video to answer any  questions that they might have.  And really that's a decent use in general. 


If you have that type  of content to where it's  technical stuff then in that  case that might be something  that you get into the habit  of doing on a regular basis.  


Maybe not every video, maybe,  but you get into the habit of  doing that on a regular basis  so that you can answer those  questions as they come in,  and people know hey, as  soon as this person releases  this video, they're going to be in the chat.  Just like typically, when  people release videos  they're in the comments  for X amount of time,  same exact thing except  it would be the premier  and a lot less time. 


Yeah I don't know, this  whole premier thing,  for me personally I  think it's a cool feature  but I think that it's  going to be abused like crazy  and I think that yes, it's great to have  that interaction with your community  but if you're going to have that interaction  with your community, why  don't you just go live?  


So that way you have your  videos that are going up  and then maybe you have your premiers  that you're going to have for special things,  special events, special  videos that you're going to make,  and then you go live to  have actual communication  with the people that  are watching you videos  instead of limiting it to a two minute,  five minute, or 10 minute span. 


Go live for 30 minutes, an hour,  and talk to the people that are watching  your videos that way, so then that way  you wouldn't even need the  premiers if you don't want them. 


That's kind of what I'm thinking  and I know with my stuff I still have the  what it means to be  creator video that's going to  be coming out really soon  and when that one comes out  I'm going to premier that one,  but when I premier that one  it's because that's a  much anticipated video  because so many people submitted to that  and they want to see if  they're in it or not.  


So of course I'm going to premier that one  to let people know it's coming.  But the interaction  thing to talk with you? 


I mean I do that in the comments,  I do that in my live  streams every Saturday  at nine AM Eastern,  join us for Nimmin live.  But I do that every Saturday  and I cherish that time  and I also do it in the  comments and I think that  if I start doing that in the premiers,  then it's almost like okay  I've only got five minutes,  I'm used to streaming  for six hours at a time  and I've only got a five minute video  or a 10 minute video  or a three minute video  to where I can have these quick chats  instead of having a nice long interaction. 


Which like I said before,  that's not like a not valuable thing,  I'm just saying that for me personally  I'm actually not digging  all the notifications  for premiers right now.  Here is how I recommend that you  use the premier tab for now.  


 It's a new feature, see how you like it,  see how your audience responds to it,  track it over the course  of let's say five videos  and see how people are responding.  Two, poll your community.  If you have a community tab, ask. 


Hey, do you like the premier feature?  Do you want me to use the premier feature?  or would you rather I  just upload the video  and leave it at that?   


Your audience might love  it and as a matter of fact,  let me know down in the comments section  if I should use premiers,  if you want me to use  the premier feature more  often or less often,  let me know how you feel  about it down in the comments.  


I also think that while  you're experimenting  with this whole thing  that you should use it  for highlighting specific videos  that you make sure hey, this  video is more important to me,  this video is something I think  the audience needs to see. 


Focus it more on that type of content  and just kind of see  the results that you get  between the two.  Another thing that I  recommend is to market it.  


If you are going to use  the premier feature,  like I said before,  share it on all of your  social media accounts, let  people know it's coming,  promote it on your social  media just like YouTube  is going to be promoting  it through emails,  just like it's going to be  there on your channel page  letting people know it's coming,  market it, promote it, let  people know that it's happening.  


So friends this is it for today, if you have any query you can ask me in comment box.

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