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YouTube Success - What You Need To Know

YouTube success, I'm going to  tell you what you need to know  in order to get some  results here on YouTube  and we're starting right now. 


YouTube success, I'm going to  tell you what you need to know  in order to get some  results here on YouTube  and we're starting right now.

The very first thing  that I want to start with  is that there is no  competition on YouTube,  you're only competing against yourself.  

Now, hang with me here,  what I mean by this is a lot of people  will look at other people  that are in their niche  and they'll say hey,  this is my competition,  they're doing better than I am,  and then it blows their  head and they're thinking,  I'm not even going to do this anymore.  

Or they start thinking  I'm going to start putting  up this type of content  or that type of content  and they start making  stupid content decisions  because of it.  It's only you. 


You're competing against yourself.  You're just trying to do  better than you did last week,  you're trying to do better  than you did last month,  you're trying to do better than  you did in the last 90 days.  

That's it!  If you lose sight of that,  you're going to stress out  and this whole experience  is going to be a lot more difficult for you  and it's going to suck the fun out of it,  because you're going to be stressed out  about why you're not doing  as good as this person,  that person, or that other person.  Now listen, everybody  goes through that, okay? 


So it's not something that it's like,  oh, hey, well, I'm the only  person experiencing this.  Like everybody goes through that  that's why I'm talking about it  but at some point you have  to come to the realization  that what the other people  are doing on their channels  doesn't matter only to the  decisions that you are making  with your content, on your channel,  that's the only thing that matters.  

Two, the algorithm follows the audience.  Instead of spending all this time  trying to think of how  you can game the algorithm  in order to get views,  think of YouTube as a responsive system. 

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YouTube specifically tells us,  they say instead of worrying  about what the algorithm likes  think about what your audience likes.  If you make that and they watch,  the algorithm will follow.  

They tell us in writing that  that is what you need to do,  and people spend all of this time  trying to game things or trying to find  that button that they need to push  in order to make things work.  It's your content,  it's how people are  responding to your content. 


So focus on that focus on that.  Focus on making content as  good as you possibly can.  Look in your audience retention reports  and that's going to tell you  how people are responding  to your content.  

It doesn't matter how good  you think your content is.  What matters is what that graph says  inside of your audience retention reports,  'cause that tells you at scale  what other people think  about your content.  If your retention is low and  you want success on YouTube,  learn how to fix it. 


Check out my channel page,  I've got videos that  will help you with that.  Next on the list is to  grow all platforms at once.  I made the mistake of  just focusing everything  on my YouTube channel.  

I mean it worked, but if I  was growing all the platforms  at the same time,  then I would have all  of these other assets  to juice my videos, when I publish.  Learn from my mistake, grow  the other outlets as well.  It's important. 


If you want to be an  influencer on YouTube,  it's very advantageous for you  to be an influencer on the  other platforms as well.  Next on the list is,  if you don't know why you're  putting up videos on YouTube,  you don't know why it is  that you're making content  in the first place,  you're just making videos  to put them up on YouTube,  you're making a huge mistake.  

If you don't know why you're  putting your content out there,  then you can't expect anything.  You can't expect to be  pulled in any direction,  because there is no direction  that you're trying to go in.  

Figure out why.  Figure out what it is  that you're wanting to do  with your channel, why it is  that you're putting up videos  and focus all of your efforts on that.  And when you do that,  have that why as the  thing that you measure.  Not your subscriber count,  not your view count, the why. 

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How close am I to getting  what it is that I'm after?  If that thing, for you is  I'm just uploading videos,  because it's fun, then every single video  that you're putting up is a  massive success if you had fun,  it doesn't matter if you get views on it,  it doesn't matter how many  subscribers you generate.  What matters is that you had fun. 


And if you say, hey Nick I'm  trying to grow my channel  and I'm just putting up  videos and I like to have fun  and that's all I care about.  Then you can't say, hey Nick  I'm trying to grow my channel  because you're not trying  to grow your channel,  you're trying to have fun  and the content decisions  that you're making  are going to reflect that. 


And don't get me wrong,  I mean, this is fun.  This is all fun, but when  you have some type of thing  that you're trying to accomplish  or something that you're  trying to accomplish,  it can make a world of difference,  because you laser focus all  the content that you're making  towards that thing, which starts making  all of the pieces come together  to actually help you  accomplish that thing.  Next up, consistency and  sustainability matter. 

YouTube Success - What You Need To Know

If you really want success on YouTube,  you have to pace yourself,  you have to do it in a sustainable way  and you have to do it consistently.  

I've burned out before.  I was trying to balance too many things,  and I couldn't and I burned out  and I ended up giving  up on another channel  that I'm going to hopefully relaunch in 2019.  

But I ended up giving  up on that other channel  because I just couldn't manage it all.  It sucked. 


I was given the advice that  I'm giving you right now  in terms of pacing yourself,  so that you can do this,  so you can sustain it for  a long period of time.  

I was given that advice, I didn't take it  and because of it I got  caught in a burnout.  Consistency is also extremely important.  If you are putting out content  that has the nature to go viral,  then in that case you can  be a little bit more relaxed  because your videos are of  that caliber, so to speak. 


But if you are like the rest of us  and the type of content that you're making  does not have the nature to go viral,  well, you need to be in  those subscription feeds.  

You need to be putting those videos out  that you're ranking in search  so that people can find them.  You need to start having those videos  that going out on a regular  basis with the new tags on them.  

You need to keep putting your content out,  so you can pop up in the suggested column  next to other people  so that you are at the tops of the minds  of the people that watch your content. 

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They keep getting hit with your videos,  keep getting hit with your videos,  keep getting hit with your videos.  Another thing that is extremely important  that most people overlook  is a content strategy.  

Know why you're making your channel,  know what it is you're trying  to accomplish with your videos  but know specifically with each video  that you're putting out  what is it that I'm trying  to have this video do?  How can this video  relate to another video? 

YouTube Success - What You Need To Know 

How can I put these  videos together in a stack  so that once I add them to a playlist,  people are likely to  binge watch that playlist?  

Watch time is important on YouTube.  Session time or how long  somebody stays on the platform  is important on YouTube.  

If you can learn how to  build that trap, so to speak,  that keeps people watching  more and more of your content,  YouTube's going to love you for it.  And if you can keep people  coming back to your channel  they're going to love you for that too,  which is going to help you get  success here on YouTube.


 And look, with all of that said,  there's a learning curve  with all of this stuff.  You have to embrace that learning curve.  If you're making thumbnails right now  and you're thinking to yourself,  uh you know what, I really  wish I could use Photoshop  to do this, learn how to use Photoshop.  

If you're making videos and  you're thinking to yourself,  man, I wish my editing could  be better on these videos.  I wish I had some better  color in these videos,  so I wish I knew how to do  some of these editing tricks  that these other people do  so that I can make my videos cooler.  

Embrace the curve.  Embrace the learning curve  to learn how to edit videos.  There's a gazillion videos on YouTube  that teach you how to edit.  

As a matter of fact, my buddy Vegard,  that's editing this video right now,  he actually has a channel you  can check out right up here  that will actually show you  how to edit videos for YouTube.  Go and watch his videos. 

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Another thing is that  you don't need the best  equipment in the world,  but if your equipment sucks,  like you're using a phone that's  just horrible, eventually,  start with what you've got,  but eventually you should upgrade.  

Now, I'm not saying  that you got to have the  best equipment in the world,  but what I am saying is that  you need to have your stuff  at a certain acceptable level,  because these days, you know  we have this quality level  that we have come to expect  and if you're not meeting that,  or at least getting close,  they'll definitely be some tolerance  with what it is that you're doing,  but when you get the chance, upgrade.


 If you're doing them on your  phone, that's totally okay,  because the optics in phones  these days are ridiculous.  But what I'm saying is if  your phone quality sucks,  then when you get the chance,  upgrade your phones for  the sake of making videos.  

YouTube Success - What You Need To Know

And another thing is you're  going to need to educate yourself  on how to do all of this stuff.  I'm going to put a playlist  right up here at the top of the screen.  I recommend you check it out  if you're learning how to  do this whole YouTube thing,  there's a bunch of videos in there  that are going to help you get your footing,  that's going to help you learn  how to do all this stuff. 


I really recommend that you watch it.  And I mean all of it, the entire playlist,  every video that's in there,  because you have to learn  how to do this stuff  if you're going to use it  just like you have to learn  how to do anything else  if you're going to do it.  

If you want to learn more  about growing your channel,  making videos and all types of  other YouTube-related stuff,  start now by hitting the  round subscribe icon,  so you don't miss anything.  Thank you so much for watching.  I'll see you next time. 

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