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60 New Year Resolution Ideas For You - Amazing Adviser

In this article we will tell you 60 New year Resolution Ideas which you can take this New year and make it meaningful. 

What are the best new year resolution ideas

If you have been relaxing the end month of a toxic year and wondering about the year to come, you’re at the right place! 

Little do we imagine that life is after all, a reflection of what we do. 

What we give is what we get and how we give is how we get! Sounds a bit like the Karma theory, jeez!
Well, this article is solely for the people who are too bad at making New Year resolutions and even worse at making them come true.

Firstly, guys, why do you make a resolution?
We make resolutions as hopes – hopes to build something better in the year, to give some more efforts, to live a bit happier and grow stronger. 

Let’s just cheer for this hope that doesn’t die so easily in us – Sante! 

Now to keep this kingdom of hopes alive once again, it is high time to think of some of the best New Year resolutions that will boost us up every time we think of them. 

Here is a curated list of some of the inspiring new year resolutions to help you both on a personal and professional level, enrich your personal and community life with brief elaborations. Have a look!

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It will be long so have patience. Let' start.

1) Meditation 

The most common goal that most of us have failed to achieve. Are you ready to take this New Year resolution?

Let’s give it another try, what say? Meditation has immense benefits, not only mental and physical but also on a spiritual level. 

Your anger, consciousness, pain, anxiety – all gathers up in your remote control. 

For the wide benefits, meditation is advised to everyone – teens or adults. 

You can start it with just ten minutes of closing the eyes and sitting straight. 

Gradually, you can focus on not focusing on anything. 
Yes! That’s what meditating means – to not to think of anything, just keeping your mind away from any kind of distraction. Make sure you give it a try.

Read These Books for meditation

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2) Yoga 

Yoga, being a very convenient mode of staying physically fit and mentally healthy, is practiced mostly by the adults. 

The best part of yoga is that it includes a little bit of meditation. 

Yoga is also a mode of attaining strength physically and mentally. This exercise makes the internal organs of the body work efficiently. 

The different types of positions help in strengthening immunity and correcting many of the big and small illnesses of the body.

What can be better New Year resolution than this?

Read These Books On Yoga

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3) Reading

Reading books is one of my personal favorites that I’m going to make a resolution of. 

Reading calms the soul and serves delicacy to the mind and heart. 

Whether or not you’re an avid reader, you can certainly try to read some of the best books of your favorite genre in the coming year. 

Be it fantasy, romance, thriller, drama, philosophy or poetry – select ten books across any genre (Indian or international authors – as per your preference) and try to complete them before the next year ends! 

Do you want to know about reading, and how to read? Check them.

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4) Learning new skills 

This is one such efficient and lovely task to do. However, not all think of such a plan. This resolution is awesome for entrepreneurs.

Only a few of us do seriously think of discovering what we like, what we have a craze for or creating one. 

This new year, let us all make a resolution to learn something new – to find a different version of ourselves who can achieve at just another new field. 

When it comes to learning, there’s no age bar, no restriction and no boundaries. 

You are absolutely free to learn anything that you want and love to – be it painting, calligraphy, photography, cooking, gardening, singing, music, writing, carving, modelling, designing, swimming or any other kind of art form and skill. 

So, pick one that attracts you and start learning!


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5) Investing

New Year and new policies! Have you failed at investing your money and time somewhere? 

If your answer is yes, then take this resolution in this coming year.

Has this thing ever hurt you badly? 

If so, then it is okay! It is completely fine to fail provided that you keep trying. 

Try investing your money at a better place, secure it rather than wasting it on unnecessary things. 
Invest it somewhere safe. And about time, start investing your time.

Value every minute of your time. 

Invest you time in doing something productive – whose results would make you happy and satisfied – be it a small thing like gardening or learning music – let the time be worthy of itself. 

Read these books which are recommended by successful investors from all over the world.

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6) Waking up early

This is not a religious practice but this has been existing since the religious ages in the country. 

Waking up early, has many benefits to your health and mind apart from the conventional thoughts and rules, waking up early saves much of your time that you can invest in other productive activities. 

Gradually trying to wake up early bit by bit and starting to practice yoga, meditation, running etc is a perfect investment of time. 

You can also try to pick up a book and read a few pages early morning to feel fresh, and start your day with some creativity. 

This is my personal suggestion. 

Do give it a try, it won’t happen at once.
But try to set your alarm, 30 minutes earlier than your previous alarm. 

Gradually, you can make it early, if you sleep early.

Some books you like to read for waking up early.

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7) Eat healthy 

No matter how much you work out or stand in front of the mirror staring at your fats, if you don’t give up eating junk and fatty unhealthy food, you’re not going to lose weight or look healthy. 

These days, when many people have grown diet conscious, a lot more have grown casual too. 
They eat anything and everything that allures them in the mall, food court and streets. 

Little do they know about the effects it causes? Not just fats but also the entire body organs are affected negatively due to unhealthy food.

If you think your health is important then take this New Year resolution.

Read this book . Its amazing. 

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8) Time management 

This, I think is the most important of all resolutions. 
Because without making a resolution for managing your time and schedules well, you can achieve no other resolutions. 

Thus, let this be the first and foremost resolution that you make for 2021. 

Because time management is highly essential these days where people, unintentionally, spend hours on social media and internet surfing without an idea of how to spend time well with productive output. 

When you are efficient about your timing, people around you will get inspired. So, this is a must-try deal. 

15 Secrets of Successful People
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9) Follow your passion  

A core satisfaction is what you get when you do something you love to, which wouldn’t make you feel distressed or bored, which will encourage you to do more of it, to climb heights with it and you won’t be tired doing it all day and night. 

That is what passion means. Everything you do, seek for passion in it. 

If you’re not passionate about something, there’s hardly any point that you’re doing it out of mere confusions and financial benefits. 

Someday, let your inner self be proud of you for giving it a try instead of being regretful for not even trying to find and follow your passion. 

This subject is broader than we imagine and so is every field you can think of. 

No matter where your passion lies, there are already a number of players in your field. So, what are you waiting for?

10) Learn how to talk 

We have all been through tough times, and we’ve come across people around us who’ve been supporting us and also back-biting us. 

We have come long way knowing and recognizing who are our actual supporters and friends. 

Haven’t we? And let us all agree that we have mis-behaved with many of the close ones, we’ve hurt them at least once this year and we have not been polite to a few more. 

But it is just okay to make mistakes, to have spit out anger on somebody really close. But we can only be grateful to ourselves if we learn from our mistakes – learn to talk to people nicely. 

No matter a friend, enemy or a stranger. Smile at them, talk to them nicely and let them think you’re polite. 
Let them envy you for your politeness, your goodness and empathy. 

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11) Start a to-do list

If you’re to manage your time and complete your tasks as scheduled for the day, this resolution can save you from damages. 

A to-do list if not helping you to complete all the tasks of the day, then will definitely keep a track of the pending works and keep reminding you of the same on the next days. 

Thus, making a to-do list is like setting reminders for oneself to avoid any risks of skipping an important task. 

So, this is an effective resolution indeed.

12) Stop blaming others 

It is a very common mistake that we all do – we blame people for many things while even we are indirectly involved in making ourselves unhappy. 

Even when we have an equal share of mistakes, we never accept our own flaws and mistakes. 

Blaming others is of no help. Rather, one should accept his or her own part of the flaw and try to rectify it in the best possible way. 

So, to make a resolution of not blaming others the coming year for anything is to gather up strength and make yourself stronger and more independent.

13) Stop looking for short-cuts

Short cuts are easier – then what are you going to remember for lifetime? 

Absolutely nothing. 

Rather, you will die wishing that you could have explored the other adventurous road. Don’t look out for short-cuts – they have nothing memorable.
You may reach faster at your destination, you may achieve what you had wanted but you’ll be all alone. 
And that is never satisfactory, is it? 

People will stop supporting you and loving you as you grow selfish towards others. 

Short-cuts can be helpful only in the short-run. In the long run, only the vast array of experience is what will be helpful to you. 

14) Live below your means

This is tricky. This means that spend on what’s necessary. Do not cross all your means of spending. Make it limited. 

Do not go for luxuries unless you belong to a luxury family and have luxurious assets with you. Spend for necessities and comfort. 

Have a strict deal with your budget. Find ways of spending the money in a better and more opportunistic manner every time.

15) Help the needy

This had to come after the previous resolution. It is a very humble and kind act to save some money every month and help the needy. 

It doesn’t necessarily have to be money to donate but you can also buy some food, gather old clothes or toys and any kind of help that would make them grateful.
This act of helping the needy has been prevailing since ages. 

This act of kindness will not just be an ingenious act for you but will also inspire your friends and community circle to do the same whenever they get an opportunity. 

When you are kind, you’re rewarded with kindness when you’re in need. Being selfless is rare these days – make yourself a gem. 

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16) Be consistent

Whether it is about taking medicine or practicing a new skill, learning a new subject or creating something big – consistency is the key to all. 

Very often, as we give gaps to something and the gaps are extended for a longer period of time, it only increases the chances of leaving the work unfinished. 
Rather, stick to the work. 

Slowly and steadily, take little steps every day. Be consistently focused into it until you complete it.
Even if your creation takes a lot of time, remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be slow but never stop working on something. 

17) Lessen the usage of mobile

The lesser time you give to your phones, the better. 
Agree or not, we often spend hours on unnecessary things over the phone which could be utilized in a different and efficient way altogether. 

Make a resolution of not using your phone until it is necessary – a little bit of entertainment is good but an excess of anything is bad. 

Set timings for using your phone. Make it a habit to avoid unnecessary usage. One way of dealing with it is charging your phone just once a day. 

Set it in your mind that you will have to spend the entire day with once-charged battery. 

This will automatically restrict your usage.


18) Be patient

Patience is the elixir of life. It is one important element in anything and everything you do – big or small. 

Relationships, studies, achievements, family – everything needs this one element all the time. 

To deal with patience is applying your intelligence these days. In the fast-pacing world, it is difficult to find people who are really patient with themselves as well as others. 

You’re tired of work, tired of relationships, tired of friends’ circle, tired of relatives, tired with yourself – have patience. 

Remember that it is just a bad day, not a bad life. You’re going to see sunrises earlier than you imagine. 
Trust the universe, trust yourself. Better things are yet to happen. 

19) Be selfless - donate

Donations are bits of kindness spread with joy to gain happiness and self-satisfaction.
Helping people who can help you back tremendously is not being self-less. Being self-less is donating. 
Donate food, clothes, toys and almost anything beneficial to the needy. 

Visit an orphanage, an old-age home, donate whatever you can. And see how that makes you happy. 

20) Speak with yourself 

This may sound awkward but trust me, this solves most of the problems. Let all your fears, anxiety, anger and frustration out by talking to yourself. Communicate with yourself and then, you may get to learn new things about yourself. 

You may find unimagined solutions to your problems all by yourself. 

Be your own therapist – give time to yourself and explore yourself. See how effective your communication skills can be. 

21) Feed an animal 

Feeding a hungry is another generous thing to do. Animals are innocent beings that need our tender affection and care. 

Apart from protection, we can feed them. 
There’s not much to explain about this purely sentimental resolution because the title itself speaks it all. 

Let us make a resolution to be generous towards them and feed one animal at least a week.

22) Keep your promise

Again, promises aren’t made to be broken! Stop spreading the negative quotes and stop being influenced by them too. 

Do your bits, promise only when and what you’re extremely sure of and try your best not to break one. 
When you’re breaking a promise, you’re breaking the trust not only of the other person but also trust on yourself! Be faithful to yourself first before you promise another person. 

Have faith in yourself and your personal principles – one of which should be to keep your promise anyway, unless there’s a high emergent need to split it out for mass good. 

Can you make this resolution?

23) Workout!

This resolution is especially for those people who don’t prefer yoga. 

If you’re young – a teenager probably, you may go for workouts rather than yoga. It is an amazing booster for the immune system and whole body. 

Workouts can be faster, stronger and give faster results than yoga. You can start with easy workouts and reach the advanced level sooner. 

Without any equipment, you can adapt yourself better with music and workouts at home to keep yourself fit and tidy. 

And making this a resolution will only make you determined and healthy.

24) Spread smiles 

Isn’t it a great thing to see everyone smiling around? 
A smile, more than being a part of beauty, has the power to make the people feel comfortable. 

Imagine a smiling face around all the strict faces – wouldn’t that comfort you for a while? It definitely will. 
So, carry a smile, wherever you go. 

Let a stranger feel homely and friendly enough to reach you in need. 

Let the smile of yours make you prettier and look kinder. Making someone smile is a duty bigger than religion. 
The more you make people smile, the more satisfaction reached your soul. 

Try to make people smile, especially those who are depressed, who need help, who need friends or just someone to listen and understand. 

25) Care for your parents 

Parents are our moral support all the time. During childhood, teenage or adulthood – we will always need them with us. 

They have cared for us all these years and now, when we’ve reached teenage and adulthood, it is our responsibility to care for them. 

Caring doesn’t mean doing all their stuff. 
Sometimes, it can just mean respecting their feelings, listening to what they have to say, understanding their perspective, talking to them and spending some good time with them so that they understand us better.
Let us all make this resolution of caring for our parents the coming year, to the extent possible, wholeheartedly.

26) Sleep well

This is the best yet the least concerned subject when it comes to health. 

Most of the body issues like aging, dark circles, unhealthy skin etc. come with lack of sleep or irregular sleep. 

Sleep pattern is very important for every individual. Whether you work late night or early in the morning, make sure that you sleep for perfect 8 hours. Set you schedule accordingly. 

Take naps after working constantly for hours. Take a nap when you’ve got a headache. 

Short naps are healthy for your skin and can be called as beauty sleep. 

However, sleeping well for 7-8 hours a day is perfectly healthy and good for the body organs to function well. 

27) Have plenty of water

Here comes another best remedy for almost all the illnesses and skin related diseases – water. 

Water is the one elixir which makes up for being a medicine for almost hundreds of diseases and health issues. 

Being hydrated is as important as applying sunscreen before going out in the sun. 

Not going deep into the various benefits of water, it is wiser to state that water will keep you healthier than any food ever will. 

28) No smoking/alcohol/drugs

If you’ve been into these things lately, then it is high time that you give up consuming them at once. 

Be sure to make a resolution to avoid using any of these from the coming year. 

This stuff is the major element for spoiling the strength of a person and also his or her relationships. 

Staying away from these negatives is for your own betterment. There are numerous side effects of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. 

They are a bad choice always. 

So, if you want to see your family secured with your long life with them, make a resolution to stop consuming these as soon as possible. 

29) Stop watching porn

Sounds difficult these days? Well, that is completely okay. 
If you have been watching it for months and years, you need to note that watching this as a means of entertainment is morally wrong. 

Respecting the privacy of each individual, one must be away from it. 

That way, you’re not only being independent but also strong. 

These days, even the children below eighteen are prone to getting access to watching porn due to the vast use of electronic devices and internet.
So, it is wise to stop watching and teaching kids the same. 

30) Donate blood 

Donating blood is one of the very courageous tasks all the time. 
While the thought of it can make you afraid, the deed can give you immense satisfaction. What gives more satisfaction than saving a life? 

Nothing absolutely. A little of your part can be someone’s whole! Isn’t it fascinating? 

Make a resolution this New Year to donate blood whenever opportunity knocks the door. 

31) Learn a new language

Learning languages is always fun. And the widely growing platforms like YouTube provide free video lessons for the public to enhance their skills in various languages, subjects and techniques. 

Taking the best advantage of the available sources, isn’t it a very good idea to learn a popular language from the many various European and Asian countries?


32) Learn a new skill 

Skills like poetry, art, music, gardening, crafts and cooking are popular these days. Apart from that, reading, writing, designing and blogging skills are also in the trending list. 

You can make use of your time and internet by learning a brand-new skill that can add to your personality and hobbies – that can enhance the focus and preserve your stamina. 

Skills can help you to gather back focus when you’re frustrated or tired working on one particular thing.
These little skills can be of need at some point of time in life.

33) Motivate people 

These are the days of depression. All that a depressed soul wants is a listener and motivator who understand him or her perfectly. 

Help in private and motivate in public. 

Motivate people to grow and enhance – that is the best way to see happy faces around you. 

Cheer people up so that they cheer you up back when you are depressed. It is a small task to encourage someone. 

But we never know how our casual words could change someone’s vision and encourage them to achieve something big. 

Be the one encouraging person all the time – provided that the goal is positive. 

Denounce people’s evil thoughts and negative intentions equally. 

34) Stop eating junk 

Junk food these days is very common among not only the youth but also the adults. People who usually go for work mostly return tired and have a lot of junk food on their way home. 

People have grown too lazier too go into the kitchen and cook. 

Their diet is mostly based on the streets, food courts and the many processed food stalls and restaurants which lead to numerous small and big diseases and intestine related problems. 

35) Stop being negative 

We all face problems in life, sometimes minor and sometimes bigger. But like everything else, problems also fade away. 

It us just a matter of time that everyone has so cope up and deal with the problems with patience. 
Being negative is being toxic. 

And it is not confined to yourself but when you’re negative, you make the entire surrounding and people around you toxic. 

Just as smiles reflect smiles, negativity reflects negativity. Being negative is having no faith in oneself or destiny. 

Being hopeful is a good thing always, let’s keep it intact. 

36) Be loyal

Loyalty is too much expensive, do not expect it from cheap people. Popular line, right? 
Loyalty costs absolutely nothing but it can become the greatest power of your personality. 

This emotion – loyalty is being faithful to someone or with something, mostly oneself. 

Be loyal to everything you do and be loyal to all the people who are close to you. 

This resolution making itself is a symbol of loyalty. Loyalty brings with itself – love, courage and self-confidence. 

37) Make your budget

Budgeting is one of the most important things when you are financially independent.

Setting your budget gives you a boundary line while spending and makes you realise what and what not to spend on. 

A budget is basically that border line which you must not cross if you want to make savings for future goals. 
Deciding a budget takes some of the mainstream goals to focus on. 

Keeping in mind the pay you get, the things you need and the saving you want to make a budget is finalized. 
Budgeting resolution is a must for all.

38) Appreciate others

Appreciating brings room for happiness and friendliness. 

People these days have almost forgotten appreciating people who are doing great jobs. 

Appreciate little things in life – and people who make little efforts must be appreciated. 

This is an act of kindness, it doesn’t make anyone boastful or cheesy. 

Being appreciative of what you liked will only encourage the creators to achieve more, to grow and will make them happy. 

Being idle while someone really makes some efforts for you is being a nincompoop. 

Let’s learn to appreciate others and let’s make a resolution on that!

39) Too much Netflix

Too much of anything is bad, be it Netflix or anything else. 
However, it is suggestive that instead of scrolling memes and spending time over social media platforms, it is better to watch Netflix. 

For creative people, it is highly recommended to watch good movies, series and documentaries; listen to music; read good books – all sorts of creative things that can increase the creative bent of mind.
Thus, if you’re a creative person, switch to Netflix from every other social media thing and see that you find the best of stories in there.

Explore characters, dive into stories and feel the consequences – that’s how any reader or viewer or writer would try to enhance his creative skills.

40) Don’t fake yourself

Can we be truthful to others if we can’t be such to ourselves? 

Definitely not. Individual is the first priority, ever since the Romantic revival had started in England. 

Thus, it is required for us to be honest to ourselves first. It gains our self-confidence levels to a bigger height. It brings self-satisfaction to oneself to depth. 

Faking yourself will only destroy the will power you have in yourself. Never let yourself to have a wrong vision of you. 
To picture yourself as the one honest person, you have to be honest with yourself – all the time. 

This is ethically a good design of anyone’s behavior. Let us resolute?

41) Set A Side Hustle

After the pandemic, most people realized that you can’t rely on single source of income. 

If you are getting only salary, then you are one step away from poverty. So start a side hustle. 
What it can be? 

Blogging, YouTube, Instagram, Affiliate marketing, Commission based business, Real Estate Selling, anything you can choose, but choose first. 

Make it a resolution. In this year you will generate multiple source of income. You will be finically stable when you will have multiple source of income.
Side hustle is also mandatory to help you growing. When you start a side hustle, you will keep yourself busy and utilize your time properly.

42) Pay Yourself 

We often underestimate ourselves. Whenever you achieve something, celebrate with yourself. 
Celebrate your small wins with small things. But remember you must reward yourself. 

This is the prime reason, why your mind will keep you motivated. If we take another meaning of this then it will come like this. 

Whenever you are doing something, you are having sacrificing something to gain something. 

Think! You are studying; your friend is working in a office for Rs 600000 in a year. Don’t you think you are sacrificing Rs 600000 today, so that you can get a better job or better life tomorrow? 

This is called valuing yourself. Keep your value in your mind. It will fill enthusiasm in your heart and you will never feel lazy.

43) Run A Kilometer Daily

This is a sub topic of our earlier point. If you are in your twenties, then this should be your priority. 

Run a kilometer daily. Running is a part of exercise. But many of us choose gym rather than running, because it’s an easy choice. 

When we run our whole body get warm up. Our body generate heat inside and it heals our body in many ways. 

This is the best exercise for teenagers. Keep this in your priority. 

If you start your day with this, then you will feel energetic. Your day will be energized and you can start off your day with a bang.


44) Keep yourself organized

This is a very simple resolution on this New Year. Keep yourself organized. This doesn’t mean organizing your schedule. 

It also means organizing your stuffs. Many of us had a bad habit to keep our stuffs, books, papers, pens scattered. 

When we need them, we don’t get them easily. Many times we can be in trouble for this mismanagement. So try to organize things. 

Try to keep the things in the place where they belong. If there is no such place then make them and arrange accordingly. 

Your life will be sorted if you choose this as your New Year Resolution.

45) Give Time To Your family

Today we all are busy in our life. We have so much work pressure. In this work pressure we forget to give time to our family. 

This New Year Resolution is for those who have no time for family. 

If you come in this category who work day and night for you r family, then you must take this as your New Year Resolution. Give time to them. 

We all need money, this is true. But we are humans. We are not robots. Humans need affection and care. 
In life there comes a time, where human needs human, not money. Spare some time for your near and dear ones. 

We have talked about exercises which will make you physically fit. But this will make you mentally fit. 
When your family is happy, you will also become happy.

46) Forgive People

I believe, we get our Karma back in this life. So who are we to judge or punish people? You have enemy in our life. 

You hate few persons. Why? They must have harmed you in some way. 

Try to forgive people. Take this resolution if you feel scared of people. Take this resolution if you hate too many people. 

Try to forgive them. It is true that they are not good. But you are no one to give punishment. 

The one who forgive is always noble than the one who keep poison in heart. You will feel the difference. 
Your life will be much easier. 

You have a friend, who had cheated you, forgive him. Let his karma give punishment. 

You live your life. Move on. Be happy.

47) Write A Book

Are you a book lover? Have you read many books? We have covered point related to reading books. 
But do you know? 

You should also write one. In today’s world there is no rocket science in writing books. Just write your heart out. You may help someone. 

Your experience may help someone. Your story may inspire someone. 

Open the word document and write. You will feel relaxed. This is a guarantee. Plus this will be an achievement for you. 

Finally you had written a book. You had become an author. Publish it. Self publishing are becoming cheap day by day. 

Even if you can’t afford, you can publish it in Amazon kindle and it is completely free. 

So don’t wait. Start now.

48) Quit Social Media

Our generation forgot how playgrounds look like. 
Have you ever realised that? How many times we fall when we were learning walking? How many times your kids will fall? 

Have you ever imagined? He will never know the happiness of walking while falling. Why? Because gadgets will help him. Not humans. 

We all are obsessed with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube, Tiktok, PUBG that we forget how nature looks like. 

Quit social media now. Social media is good up to a limit. Don’t use it more than that. Otherwise our kids are going to be machines, not humans. 

Social media is also responsible for making us lazy. When you had gone for picnic? Do you remember? When you had gone for outing or visited to a new place? 

Take this as your New Year resolution, spend time with nature. Spend time with kids. Spend time with real peoples. 

49) Plant A Tree

This is one of the easiest resolutions for all of us. We all can do it. Plant a tree. 

Let’s protect environment. 

I don’t think I have to explain the benefits of tree and plantation.  If few of us take this resolution as a challenge, then we can make a big impact. 

There are 7 billion people who are residing in earth. One percent people take this challenge. They planted a tree and took care of fit. 

Can you imagine? The result? 70 million trees will grow in our planet. Isn’t it sounding good? 

I will be happy if you take this as your New Year resolution.

50) Believe in yourself

I want you to not take it as a resolution, rather make this as your life’s principle. 

Always believe in yourself. 

No matter what is the situation you will believe yourself. If you are not doing it then you are offending God and his creation. 

When you come into this world, you are already a winner. 

Why are you worrying? You will be successful. But first believe it. Unless you believe in yourself, no one will believe in you. 

I won’t write much. You are wise enough.

51) Be Grateful

This is something which you must learn in 2021. Being grateful costs nothing. 
But it makes a big impact of people’s sub-conscious mind. 

God gave us this life and you should always be grateful to him. You can make this your new year’s resolution. Be grateful to people. Be grateful to your parents & teachers. 

What more can you do? Be grateful to your friends. Be grateful to nature. Be grateful to society. 

We have not brought anything to this world and we won’t take any when we leave. So keep your ego apart. 
From this New Year try to practice this. 

Whenever someone helps you, say “thank you”.

52) Spend Wisely

When we talk about financial freedom, we consider about investing. 
But do you know, it is also important to keep a track of your spending. 

You should always spend wisely when it comes to money. Make it your new year’s resolution.
We have read in economics, “Humans wants are unlimited”. 

“But means to satisfy them are limited.” 
So you should always have a priority list when it comes to spending. 

Keep a track record of your spending. 

Make an ABC list. 

You should have knowledge about your essential and non essential expenses. 

Stop watching movies. Stop junk foods. 

If you closely observe you will find many unnecessary things in your spending list. So try to avoid them in 2021.

53) Daily Reading

“If you want to judge a person, check number of books in his bookshelf.” Someone has truly said this. 
We had already covered about book reading in earlier points. But this resolution has a twist.
You should make your new resolution to read books consistently. Make it 10 pages per day if you are a beginner. 

You will read 3650 pages if you become consistent and read 10 pages per day. It’s not a big deal, isn’t it?
This will not only help you in growing as a person, rather improve your concentration and book reading capability. 

If you are preparing for competitive exams then it is a good option. It will improve your English language skills.

54) Plan The Next Day

We told you about punctuality. We told about planning. But this new year resolution is more crisp. 
Whenever you go to bed at night, keep a journal. I am saying journal for a reason. 

When we write on journal with our hand, it gives signal to our sub-conscious mind. It tells our mind that it is important. 

We are using smart phone for many purposes. That’s why when you write on smart phone, it won’t be effective. So write on your diary or journal.
Now question is what to write? Write about your next day. Write your daily targets. This is very good for students. 

Write what you are going to finish next day. 
You will be surprised, when you will check your diary after one month. 

This will boost your confidence and give you motivation.

Plan your day and tick all the things which you completed on that day. 

Review what you have achieved and what you haven’t achieved. 

And complete the unfinished task the next day. 
It will completely change you as a person. You will become a person who gives value to time.

55) Stop Procrastination

Yes, this is one of my favorite New Year resolutions which most of the us need to take in this New Year. 
Most of the time we are either thinking of future, or we are thinking about past. 

When we don’t take action and think about consequences that are called procrastination. Many of us had this bad habit. 

Especially students have this bad habit. We all have big dreams, big plans but we fear to take action. So stop procrastinations and take action. 

There will be no tomorrow. Make your today the best day. 

If you can adopt it as New Year resolution then believe me, you can achieve all your dreams in this year.

56) Don’t tell lie

This is a very simple resolution but very hard to implement in real life. 

This is one of the rigorous tasks that few people in millions can do it. That is “stop telling lie.” 

In this world when we say lie, we lose trust. Trust is very precious things and if you want to keep it with you then you should stop telling lie. 

Follow truth; tell truth, no matter what it costs. 
I know it’s very difficult to say truth in all the circumstances, but you can start practicing this. Try to avoid saying lie in small things. 

You will feel little differences in your life. But when the year will end, you will know that your circle has filled up with positive and understanding peoples.
Fake peoples have gone away from your life.

57) Initiate friendship

So you are an introvert. Honestly I am an introvert. I don’t like to initiate friendship. So I can relate it. 
If you feel the same then this New Year resolution is worth to take. Initiate a friendship. 

This doesn’t mean you have to initiate friendship with your class mates, your neighbors. 

It can be anyone. 

You are travelling in train, initiate friendship. Talk with people. You go to park for morning walk. 

Say hello to the old man who comes daily for jogging. You go to your favorite restraint almost each week in the year. 

Initiate friendship with the waiter. 

People in this world are craving for love, but they won’t show. So take the first step. The next time you come across people, remember this. 

I know, we introvert are best communicators when it comes to communicate with love and care.

58) Stop Complaining

We all have complains in our lives. We all complain to God for giving us sorrow. We all curse God for giving us problems in life. 

That’s the way we are. God gave us this life, we have never said “thank you” but we will curse him for giving us complex situation. 

In this New Year, make a resolution. Stop complaining. 
Nothing happens when we complain. It is just a time waster thing. Instead of that accept the situation and move on in life. 

Sometimes we realize late. Sometimes we don’t even know whatever is happening it is happening for good.
Let the things happen, as per God’s wish. You do your work and move on with the flow.

59) Set Your Financial Targets

Well, this should be your New Year Resolution, if you don’t know about managing money. You must have experienced it.

All of us make money, but not all of us can manage them well. Many of us live happily with whatever we are getting, and some of us are sad. 

Some of us spend their life in debt and borrowings. All this happens because they don’t know how to manage money.

Start witting financial targets of your year. You should note down your expected salary or expected inflow in the year.

Then try to cut out the savings portion first. Lastly you should spend the rest of the inflow with priority. 
If you will follow this then you don’t have to borrow money from anyone. 

This is a money lesson, you should take it seriously.

60) Make A Wish list

This one is the last one. Many people make this but very few able to fulfil their wish list. Firstly we all should make our wish list for the upcoming year. 

Secondly you should make sure that you fulfil some of your wish from that wish list. 

Don’t leave that thing a piece of paper, make it real. Make your dream true. Make your full efforts to complete your wish list. 

When we dream, we should fulfil it. You will feel motivated. I’ll make my own wish list, you make yours. Let’s welcome this year. 

Make your wish list today. Make it so that they are achievable. Don’t make it like, it will become impossible.

So let’s welcome this year. Tell us in comment box. Which New Year resolution are you taking? Feel free to share this article. 

WE have worked hard to compile all these New Year Resolution List. WE will update if we get any more points in this list.

Till then take care.



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