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In this page you will get all information about PVR. you can get PVR share price, PVR share price NSE, recommendation, important levels and news. So check out this page.

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About The Company

PVR Limited (PVR) is India’s largest and most premium film exhibition Company.  


PVR Share Price NSE
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We pioneered the multiplex revolution in India by establishing the first multiplex cinema in 1997 at New Delhi and continue to lead the market with relentless focus on innovation and operational excellence to democratise big-screen movie experience.  

We currently operate a cinema network of 845 screens with over 1.8 Lakh seats, across 176 properties in 71 cities in India and Sri Lanka, delighting over 10 Crore patrons annually.


You will be surprised to see the result of PVR for the year ending on  March 31, 2020.


pvr share price target

pvr share price target
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pvr share price target

pvr share price nse

pvr share price nse

pvr share price nse



Check Out The Recent News 

October 13 2020 (PVR Share Price)

After remaining closed for about seven months due to a coronavirus-led lock, many Indian multiplex operators PVR bet heavily over the holidays.

"I think Diwali is where things will start to grow. This is a time when big films will release and when we hope the curve will go up significantly. 

By the end of the year we hope we will be at the same level as pre-COVID," said Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Cinemas. told Moneycontrol.

In some markets such as West Bengal, PVR, he said, it will have to speed up as soon as possible because the holiday season is open and some great things are being released in Kolkata.

While Dutta relied on the prospect of a holiday season, much depends on the release of tent films such as Akshay Kumar's Sooryavanshi. However, the film is set for next year as major markets such as Mumbai and Delhi have not yet allowed theaters to reopen.

"F&B will not be a problem. It will come back very quickly according to the SPH (spills on each head).

PVR is also planning more additions to its F&B menu over the holidays and will announce a new launch near Diwali.

When it comes to safety, as well as the provision of integrated diets, the show also features an ultraviolet (UV) cupboard to clean blended foods. "We have a UV cabinet in all PVR cinemas. 

Food will be placed under these cabinets for eight seconds and given to the customer. Even the powder baths will come with a lid and everything will be hidden and cleaned," Dutta said.

As well as confidence in the F&B demand, Dutta thinks there will be some who will take their premium assets.

"The 50-seat hall will now be 50 percent operational. Therefore, I can now give the whole hall to the family. Therefore, (premium screens) are suitable for the family audience," he said.

PVR has 89 premium screens including four under Director's Cut, 37 screens under Gold Class, two under LUXE, nine IMAX screens, 16 4DX, eight P (XL) screens , 12 Playhouse and one PVR Onyx. Premium screens account for 10 percent of the total PVR total.

PVR will also hit Gold Class prices but with older content. Prices will drop from Rs 500 to Rs 399.
While multiplexes across India will reopen on October 15, the first day of PVR will be for staff, medical organizations and police who can watch films on PVR theaters throughout the day. "It will be a morning at 16 when we will open to the public," he added.


October 5 2020 (PVR Share Price)

Audiences are pleased with the government's decision to allow cinemas to operate at 50 percent. 

The institute has allowed theaters across India to operate at 50 percent from October 15. However, each state will take over the phone, depending on its COVID status.

 Most theaters reopened worldwide are 50 percent operational.

"The 50 percent ceiling is in line with the practice in Europe and other Asian countries to open their cinemas after the closure," said Preetham Daniel, Asia's Vice President, at Harkness Screens.

50 percent contradiction vs 25 percent contradiction

In India, the government was determined to allow the stadiums to reopen in August but at a 25 percent capacity.

But the overseers did not agree as it was unreasonable for them. It would make things harder as movies have a high downtime on weekends and holidays.

Karan Taurani, Deputy President, Elara Capital, said on weekends, theaters record 50-60 percent.

The economy of conducting theater

Theater owners oppose the 25 percent fund because exhibitors will have to leave all consecutive seats as well as front and back rows.

With most of the business coming from ticket sales during the COVID-19 era, a 25 percent cap would not work economically.

In addition, prices in India are low, compared to those in other countries. The typical ticket price in India is Rs 150 to Rs 250, while the average cost of buying movie tickets in the US is about Rs 650 or $ 9.16.

“Allowing the 50 percent dose is better than we thought it would be allowed before. Most countries follow the same policy, ”said PV Sunil, MD, Carnival Cinema.

Part of the F&B is another concern

In addition, the Food and Beverage (F&B) business will play a major role as consumers may not like eating food in movies, Taurani said.

An Ormax report in May revealed that F&B consumption is likely to see a decline of more than 60 percent per foot.

F&B is the driver of important theaters. In 2019, the F&B segment remained the second largest source of money for multiplexes, with the average high marks of between 70 and 75 per cent, according to an EY report.

Also, supervisors have the added cost of maintaining cleanliness and safety in theaters.

According to Rahul Puri, MD, Mukta, A2 Cinemas, the cost of initial cinema work is likely to rise somewhere between 20 percent and 35 percent.

“Preparing cinemas for our audience will involve good pest control and deep sanitation,” he said. PVR has already used Rs 6 crore for safety agreements.

That is why theaters - both single-screen and multiplexes - had proposed to the government to allow theaters to reopen by 50 percent because the business could not function without part of the available sales seats.

Supervisors have already modified their software to use theaters with a power of 50 percent.

Along with Carnival, the PVR is also adjusted for seating.

In an interview with Moneycontrol, PVR manager Gautam Dutta stated: “We have talked to our software engineers. Whenever tickets are booked automatically, the seats in the middle will be left. 

The first few weeks will see a lower living space as new films will take time to warm up. 

Therefore, the system will automatically press you away. In fact, the people themselves will reserve seats far away. ”

What the situation is

While the Central Government allowed theaters to operate at 50 percent, West Bengal theaters, who were the first to open the opening phase, put on a 50-person cap.

Maharashtra theaters are still not allowed to open. The Circuits of Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab are making a huge difference in the collection of box offices.

Sixty-two percent of Hindi movie collections come from these markets, Taurani said.

Now, it is expected that the opening of pan-India cinemas will take place in November. 

Source - Moneycontrol


October 1 2020 (PVR Share price)

Today PVR share price has gone up to 10% in pre market open. 

This is because of the relaxation by central government which comes on September 30 evening. 

Now from October 15  all multiplexes and cinema halls will be opened with 50% capacity. 

This is a big news for PVR as it was hit by the corona pandemic and PVR was waiting for this since long. 

Every business are running smoothly from June onwards but PVR was not allowed to open cinema halls.

So after this news it is a big plus point for PVR. PVR 52 week high price was around 2100/- 

From there it has come down to 900/- just because of corona pandemic, other wise there is nothing wrong in this share.

So now market is at the same level where it was before corona pandemic. This is the reason why PVR share price is running high. Currently it is trading near 1300/-

The Central Government has announced the reopening of cinemas with 50% of the country's population blocking content areas since October 15.

The Multiplex Association of India (MAI) on Wednesday "wholeheartedly" accepted the guidelines of the Union Home Affairs, which allows the opening of cinema halls outside the content areas from October 15.

In a statement, MAI said the Home Affairs decision was awaited by "millions of moviegoers, cinematographers, and the entire film industry."

Earlier, the department said the activities allowed from October 15 include movie theaters, theaters, and repeat venues that could be opened up to 50 percent of their residences, which would be released to SOP by the Department of Information and Broadcasting.

INOX Leisure was selling for Rs 300.90, up Rs 30.40, or 11.24 percent. Affected high intraday of Rs 318.20 and low intraday of Rs 297.15. It has proven to increase volume over 8.40 times and traded at 269,883 shares, compared to its five-day average of 36,206 shares, an increase of 645.42 percent.

The share price of PVR exceeded 12 percent and traded at Rs 1,355.00, rising Rs 141.95, or 11.70%. It affected the internal high of Rs 1,395.00 and the intraday low of Rs 1,334.35.



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