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Top 8 Dividend Paying Stocks In India For 2019

Top 8 Dividend Paying Stocks In India For 2019 There are two types of investors in this world. One type of investor wants growth of stocks. They basically want price appreciation of the stocks so that they can be benefited by the long-term gain. The second type of investor's main concern is a dividend. The dividend is given by the company out of profit. It is not mandatory but the companies who are distributing dividend regularly have a good reputation in the share market. So today we're going to discuss Top 8 dividend paying stocks In India . 8. Coal India Coal India is a well-known company and its reputation in distributing dividend is quite good in the share market. This company is currently trading at 15.62 P/E ratio and EPS of ₹15.82. In FY 2018 coal India has given ₹16.5 as a dividend to its shareholders which comes to a dividend yield of 6.81%. 7.PFC Power Finance Corporation is another company which distributes dividend regularly and at a good percentage. It offe

What is P/E Ratio And How To Use This For Investment In Shares

What is P/E Ratio And How To Use That For Investment In Shares We all know there are many fundamental tools and techniques to evaluate an investment related decisions. One of them is P/E Ratio of the company while you are going to invest in any share. So in this post, we are going to discuss what is the significance of this ratio and how to use it in while investing in any company. Let's start. Read Also Top 10 Indian Companies & Their Market Capitalisation   How Asian Paint Became A Multibagger   6 Things You Should Know Before Investing in SIP   The basic definition as per Investopedia is "The price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) is the ratio for valuing a company that measures its current share price relative to its per-share earnings. The price-earnings ratio is also sometimes known as the price multiple or the earnings multiple." Though it is already in simpler words I want to make it more simple by saying that 'P/E Ratio is nothing but the payback period of you

Success Story Of Colgate, One Of The Bestselling Toothpaste Brand

Success Story Of Colgate, One Of The Bestselling Toothpaste Brand "It cleans your breath while it cleans your teeth", can you guess whose slogan is this.  If you have guessed correct then today I'm going to tell you the success story of one of the best selling toothpaste brands of India i. e. Colgate.  It's popularity can be measured by thousands of situations where the term toothpaste is replaced by Colgate in India.  Do you know, this brand came into being almost 210 years ago, introduced by Williams Colgate .  And initially, this company used to produce soaps, not toothpaste that too in jars and not tubes.  So now, let's get back to the beginning of the story.  Also Read Success Story Of Haldiram Bujhia Success Story Of Amul How Maggie Became Successful? The founder of Colgate, Willam Colgate was born on 25 Jan 1783 in England. His father was a farmer.  But later, they shifted to Maryland in the US where his father along with a friend began to make candles

What is EPS And How It Is Used For Investing In Shares?

What is EPS And How It Is Used For Investing In Shares? EPS, commonly known as Earning Per Share is the portion of a company's profit allocated to each shareholder of the company for holding one share of the company. It is the technical definition. Let's understand it in a simpler way. Also Read India's Top 10 Companies 6 Things You Should Know Before Investing in SIP Success Story Of Haldiram We all know when we start a business, it will either do profit or loss. Same happens with firms and companies. In the year-end company calculate the profit after paying tax to know the profit available to the shareholders. When company ascertains this profit then it calculates EPS or Earning Per Share by dividing that profit with the total number of share of the company. Let's understand now by an example. For the year ending on March 2018, Infosys reported a net profit ( Profit after tax )  ₹ 16155 crores. Equity Dividend is  ₹5623 crores and corporate divide

Success Story Of Haldiram

Success Story Of Haldiram Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss an Indian brand which shows and proves how tiny steps can lead one to the peak of success. The brand is none other than Haldiram. It is the top brand of Indian food industry today. In fact, you can find the products of this brand all over the world today. Actually, it is not a brand but the entire flavor of the state of Rajasthan. So let's get to know the success story of Haldiram. Also Read How Dominos Became Famous   Success Story of Amul   Success Story of Maggie   The story of this Nagpur based company started in 1937, at Bikaner of Rajasthan when a man learned the recipe of making "bhujia" (a dry snack commonly used by the people of India). He then opened a stall making the same snack and earning his livelihood. A few years later, his son Gangavishan Agarwal tasted his father's snacks. He made some changes in the preparation process that made the snacks, even more, better, tastier and cru

Inspirational Story Of Ferrari

Inspirational  Story Of Ferrari Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss one of the most popular sports car companies in the world - Ferrari. Today, each sports car lover dreams to get a Ferrari. It keeps gaining popularity till today. This company was founded by Enzo Ferrari. So let's get to know the success story of Ferrari. Also Read, Success Story Of Amul Success Story of Dominos Pizza Success Story Of Nike Shoes The story starts with 18 Feb 1898 when Enzo Ferrari was born in Italy. Enzo was fond of cars right from his childhood. At 10 yrs of age, he went to see a car race with his father. At that point in time, he decided that he would become a racing driver. After that, he attended many car races. After completing his graduation from Modena College, he worked as a teacher. But after a few months, he had to join the Italian army for the first World War. In 1916, he suffered a lot with emotions as well as the economy when his brother and father died. After returning from W

Why The Share Prices of Arvind Limited Went Down?

Why the share prices of Arvind Limited went down? Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I am going to discuss Arvind Limited and why the share prices of Arvind Limited went down. On 28th November shares of Arvind Limited fell as much as 71% in a single day. These types of incidents are becoming common day by day. Good examples are Yes Bank, Infibeam, Vakrangee . So why a huge fall? Is there any bad news or anything else, let's discuss. This huge fall is due to the "demerger" of the company. I won't go in technical term but try to make you understand what is "demerger"? This is basically dividing the firm or company to different and small divisions so that the company can focus on their strength areas. I will definitely write a detailed article about "demerger" in near future to give a full understanding of the concept. Last year Arvind limited announced demerger and in October 2018 the NCLT had sanctioned this arrangement. So now Arvind limited w

How Hero MotoCorp Started?

How Hero MotoCorp Started? Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss a popular and world's largest two-wheeler vehicle manufacturing brand - Hero MotoCorp and how it started ? This corporation was founded by Brijmohan Lal Munjal along with his two brothers even before the independence of India. He dreamt of making a successful two-wheeler that could be a comfortable and cheap facility for the poor for transportation. But he did not have enough money to make his dream come true. And thus, he started selling parts of the cycle. You must be wondering how could a person establish such a big manufacturing company with a background of selling cycle parts. So let's get to know the success story of Hero group. Also Read Why YouTube Is Successful ? Success Sotry Of Dominos Success Story Of Amul The story starts with the birth of Brijmohan Lal Munjal in 1923 in the undivided country of India. Years later, with his two brothers, he came to Amritsar and somehow managed to get a stall

Should You Buy Yes Bank Now?

Should You Buy Yes Bank Now? Hello friends and welcome to the amazing adviser. There are a lot of speculations and rumors regarding Yes Bank and people are almost asking daily what to do in Yes Bank's share, should they buy or just avoid. Most of the experts are recommending avoid this stock. But I have something more for you. So here I am going to give you 3 reasons that are arguing should you buy Yes Bank now? Also Read How much time should I give to SIP?   Success Story Of Rolls Royace   Success Story Of Ambassador Car     Reason 1: Attractive P/E valuation This is one of the common factors which I personally check whenever I buy or analysis a stock's fundamental. Remember we are here to buy good stocks at the cheap price and sell them at a higher price. P/E is an excellent tool to measure it. Normally it indicates the price you earn buy Investing. You can understand it in the following chart. Yes Bank's current market p/e is 10.09 whereas industry p/e is 32.47. Rule o

A Short Story Of Samsung And Its Success

A Short Story Of Samsung And Its Success Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss such a brand that is known to all the people - Samsung . Before starting to tell you anything about this, I'd like to know what pictures strike your mind right when I spell the name of Samsung. Most probably, mobile phones. Am I right? And if you march a bit further, then it is Television, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Laptop, Camera and Air Conditioner. But if I say, that Samsung has made war tanks, ships, and buildings ? What would be your reaction on this? You're surprised, aren't you? Well, Samsung has a lot more to its credit. So let's get to know it more with its success story. Also Read Success Story Of Motorola   Success Story Of Maggie   Success Story Of Sony   Samsung was started by Lee Byung Chul many years ago with only forty people as workers. This company used to carry out the business with Groceries, Seafood and Noodles. With three years of growing business, Samsung c

Top 10 Indian Companies And Their Market Cap

Top 10 Indian Companies And Their Market Cap Hello friends, welcome to Amazing Adviser. Today I am going to discuss  India’s Top 10 companies as per their market capitalization. They are important to know because of two reasons. Firstly we are Indians and we should know our finest company’s names. Secondly, they are the most liquid stocks from the trader’s point of view. So let’s start the countdown. (Disclaimer- This list is based on the research as on 18 November 2018)  10. Kotak Mahindra Bank (Market Cap – ₹ 222866 Crore) This company was founded in 1985 by Mr. Uday Kotak and finally received a banking license from Reserve Bank of India in February 2003. First, its name was Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited and after approval of RBI, it became the first non-baking finance company in India to be converted into a bank. It is the second largest private bank in India by market capitalization. It has total 33,013 employees and generated $2.9 billion revenue in 2017. 9. ICICI Bank (Mar