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60 New Year Resolution Ideas For You - Amazing Adviser

In this article we will tell you 60 New year Resolution Ideas which you can take this New year and make it meaningful.  If you have been relaxing the end month of a toxic year and wondering about the year to come, you’re at the right place!  Little do we imagine that life is after all, a reflection of what we do.  What we give is what we get and how we give is how we get! Sounds a bit like the Karma theory, jeez!   Well, this article is solely for the people who are too bad at making New Year resolutions and even worse at making them come true. Firstly, guys, why do you make a resolution? We make resolutions as hopes – hopes to build something better in the year, to give some more efforts, to live a bit happier and grow stronger.  Let’s just cheer for this hope that doesn’t die so easily in us – Sante!  Now to keep this kingdom of hopes alive once again, it is high time to think of some of the best New Year resolutions that will boost us up every time we think of them.  Here is a curat
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8 Foods That help Your Body Heal

Hey there, viewers!  Do you have a wound that just won’t heal?  Did you recently cut or scrape yourself?   Believe it or not, there are foods that assist  the healing process.  Let’s talk today about 8 of the Best Foods  To Help You Heal.   Do you like leafy green vegetables?  How about eggs?  Does a good serving of salmon help you heal?  Wait a second, shellfish?   We’re talking about all that AND more…  Shellfish  That’s right, shellfish can help the healing  process.  This includes a wide variety of really good  foods.   I’m talking about oysters, clams and mussels.   Now they may not be your first choice on the  menu.  But if you’re at a restaurant where mussels  and oysters are on the menu in the first place,  you should probably give them a go.   I mean how often do we get the opportunity.   Let’s talk about zinc for a second…  Zinc is an essential mineral you can find  in certain foods.  It’s crucial for your immune system to function  properly.   With a healthy immune system, y

Why You Need To Drink More Water When You Start Getting Older

Hey there, viewers!  Have you been drinking the proper amount of  water lately?  Outside of oxygen, water is the most important  thing you need to survive.   It’s easy to lose track of your intake.  Health experts suggest drinking 8 glasses  of water a day.  Think that’s too much?  Well you need to drink even more as you get  older.  Why?   Do you get dehydrated more as you get older?  What other changes happen to your body to  make you so thirsty?  Wait, will I increase my chances of dying  early?  We’re talking all that AND more…  You Get Dehydrated Easier  The older you become, the more prone you are  to dehydration.   While this seems pretty clear, many people  aren’t aware of what dehydration really  is.   Dehydration is when our bodies use up or lose  more fluid than we can take in.  As a result, we don’t have enough water  to carry out normal functions.   Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth,  extreme thirst, fatigue, dizziness and dry  skin.   You may also notice yourself

9 Benefits Of Eating Pears Everyday

Hey there, viewers!  Pears are delicious.  These sweet bell-shaped fruits are delicious  whatever way you eat them.  Just like other fruits and veggies, they too  have several health benefits.   They are nutritious and loaded with fiber.  But would you eat them every day?  Can they promote your gut and digestive health?  What beneficial plant compounds do they offer?   What about anti-inflammatory properties?  Are the claims about pears’ anti-cancer  effects really true?  We’ll talk about all of these AND more...   1.  You will get lots of nutrition  Pears are highly nutritious, as they’re  rich in many minerals that benefit your body’s  healing mechanism.   A medium-sized pear, weighing about 178 grams,  will give you 101 calories, but also offers  6 grams of fiber and 1 gram of protein.   Eating pears also gives you important minerals  like copper and potassium.  Copper helps improve your immune system and  your body’s nerve function.   Potassium aids in dealing with muscle contracti

6 Reasons Why You’re Sweating All The Time

Hey there, viewers!  Have you been sweating away like crazy?  Has it been happening in cooler temperatures?  How frequent is it?  Sweating is often a sign that something’s  wrong.  This includes possible health problems.   Let’s talk today about 6 Reasons Why You’re  Sweating All the Time.   Are you feeling stressed out?  How about nervous?  Is your diet causing you to sweat?  Wait, is it possible you have a thyroid problem?  We’re talking about all that AND more…  Diet  Hardcore sweating is oftentimes a response  to the food you’ve been eating.   Let’s talk about gustatory sweating for  a second…  Also known as Frey’s Syndrome, gustatory  sweating is the sweating you do after you  eat.   You’ll often notice a person’s forehead  dripping as they chow down.  Well not only does the sweat happen on your  forehead, you’ll also get it on your face,  scalp and neck.   After a while, your whole body feels like  a waterfall.  Gustatory sweat will normally happen after  you eat a spicy meal.  W

9 Great Castor Oil Benefits For Your Skin And Hair

Who doesn’t want flawless, glowing skin  and bouncy hair, two of the most common beauty  wishes.  The anxiety that builds with trying to be  perfect can often have you resorting to chemical  laden products and expensive unnecessary treatments.   What if we told you there is a much simpler  way to achieve this?  Here’s where Castor oil can help.  Hi viewers and welcome back to another bestie  video!  Castor oil is an ancient, natural remedy known  for its incredible benefits and unpleasant  taste.   It is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus  plant and commonly used as an active ingredient  in many medications, skincare products, and  shampoos.   This natural beauty ingredient can solve most  of your skin and hair problems.  And in today’s video, we will tell you how.  From delaying signs of aging, maintaining  complexion, getting rid of dandruff, clearing  stretch marks to promoting hair growth and  more, watch till the end to learn about all  of them.   Helps Treat Acne: This commo

7 Easy Ways To Get A Slimmer Face In 30 Days

Hey friends! Welcome back to bestie. Weight   loss is a challenge. Slimmer waist, chiseled abs    and rock hard legs are always your focus,   but what about your face fat?  In most cases,    gaining fat around the face is a direct result of   gaining excess fat around the rest of the body.    However, there are some effective   tips to reduce facial fat.  Face fat is the accumulation of excess   fatty tissues on the face giving it a    rounder and fuller appearance.  Chubby cheeks   look cute, but for those longing for sharp    features like a chiselled jawline,   sharp nose and sculpted cheekbones,    facial fat and double chin are quite annoying and   tedious to get rid of.  Making certain lifestyle    changes can help you lose weight and achieve a   slimmer looking face. It’s time to bid farewell    to your double chin and say hello to those   beautiful cheekbones and that stellar jaw line.  Is face yoga helpful?  What about   limiting alcohol consumption?    Is staying hydrated the