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Day Trading Indicators (For Beginners) | Amazing Adviser

Are you a beginner? Do you want to know about best day trading indicators? Are you confused which are the best? Check out this article.
One of the most common asked questions onmy channel, besides asking if I'm single ornot, is what indicators do I use in day trading,and which ones are the best, that's going to makeyou easy millions of dollars.And as someone who's been day trading for goodsix years now, I’ve certainly gone throughtons of indicators from MACD, RSI, paraoblicSAR, moving averages, VWAP, ichimoku clouds,bollinger bands, and smashing the like button,the list just goes on and on.
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I personally do not suggest relying on indicators,but I get it, if you are a beginner traderthis is usually where people like to do toget started with finding the perfect entriesand exits. I traded with many indicators myselfwhen i was first learning to day trade aswell.While I no longer use any indicators besidesVWAP which I will go over why in a li…
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What are the best day trading brokers for Canadians?  Whether you are trading a small account, larger account, long biased or short biased, trading stock or options, I have the answers for you in this video.  So there are tons of videos on YouTube on various trading brokers for Americans trading in the US market. 
But what about us Canadians who  are also working hard to make that US dollars  trading in the US stock market because lets  be real, making CAD right now is just. Let  just put it this way a little bit sad right  now.  Let me clarify first, I am indeed a Canadian, living in Canada, and day trading and investing in the US stock market.
I have many different brokerage accounts for day trading long and short, swing trading, and longer term investing with TFSA or RRSP, and yes I do have some free commission trading accounts as well.So we’ll dive into the details about how to choose a broker as a Canadian depending on your trading or investing style, and I’ll compare the differen…

Stock Spilt of Tesla & Apple | Amazing Adviser

So guys, Apple and Tesla are going for stock split and you should know the the news and latest updates regarding this. So let's start.
Shares of Tesla Inc. TSLA, -5.41% increased 3.0% in pre-market sales on Monday, as the 5-for-1 share of the car's electric car was supposed to start operating after the opening bell, but gained earlier profits. The stock closed on Friday at $ 2,213.40, which has now been converted to $ 442.68 to indicate a stock split. The last trade after hours of pre-split price was equivalent to $ 2,216.99 according to FactSet, representing a profit of 0.2%, while the first trade price split in early Monday was $ 468.10, representing a profit of 5.7%. Tesla's stock has traded more than 500 stocks (up to 429.1%) so far as of Friday, while the S&P 500 SPX, + 0.67% gained 8.6%.
Separation of shares from Apple and manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla may encourage further profitability for both companies by making their shares affordable - temporarily -…

Don't Do These Mistakes, If You Want To Grow Your YouTube Channel

Because of the type  of content that I make,  I'm in a fortunate position  to where I get to tap  into the core of the YouTuber community.  And with that comes all of the problems  that we have as content creators,  because I see all of the comments  and all of the requests people  are making in the comments.  I get DMs from other content creators,  talking about the problems they have.  
I have a form on my live streams  that I do every Saturday  at 9:00 a.m. Eastern,  where you put your  questions about the problems  that you are having so  that I can answer them live  during the live stream.  In addition to that, I  also have my podcasts  where people can email me the  questions about the problems  or questions that they have  about their YouTube channels. 
So it keeps me pretty  informed with what's going on  and all the problems that  content creators have.  And to be honest with you,  it's all the stuff that I've  also went through myself  and things that I current…