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How Maggie Became Famous Across The Globe - Amazing Adviser

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about such a Nestle product that is found in almost every kitchen today - Maggi.  Today the entire world has grown crazy for Maggi's taste. The students and people who stay away from homes love this food only because it is cheap and easy to cook.  Not only in the cities but also in pilgrimage centers where various types of food aren't available stalls of Maggi can be found. So let's know about the success story of Maggi. Also Read Success Story Of Jaguar   The story starts in 1846, when the founder of Maggi - Julius Maggi was born. After completing his education, Julius began to look after the wheat flour mill of his father. The work was in great profits but gradually the business came down.  This was the initial period of Industrial revolution and many new factories were being opened. Julius thought of starting a new business.  He marched his step towards the food production for the better nutrition of the factory wo

Why Youtube Is So Successful - Amazing Adviser

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about one of the popular search engines which is ranked 2nd by Alexa. This search engine is none other than YouTube. This is the biggest video sharing website in the world and as a search engine, comes next to Google. Also Read Success Story Of Harley Davidson Success Story Of Lenevo Laptops Success Story Of Rolls Royace Car Being a guide to almost every problem of the people today, YouTube is a home to crores of videos that help people to solve any kind of issue be it professional or personal.  YouTube has stored information in various fields starting from Education and Creativity till Social and Real life. But do you know the success story of this big shelter? Let's find out.   The beginning of YouTube was with Paypal. Yes, YouTube was founded by 3 employees of Paypal company - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.  Hurley had studied in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania while the other two had studied in the University of Ill

Inspirational Story Of Harley Davidson - Amazing Adviser

  Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about such a vehicle that is regarded as the dream of today's generation - Harley Davidson.  This bike is known for its speed and engine and is also appreciated by the soldiers because this bike has a very old relation with world war.  Today, we see this company as one of the most popular companies of the world. So let's get to know the success story of this Company.  Almost 116 years ago, in 1901, William S. Harley wanted to get rid of the pedals of the bicycle.  And so, he started making engine to convert it to a bike. His friends Arthur Davidson and Walter Davidson helped him out with the work.  After working for two years they made an engine of 116CC which fitted into cycles perfectly. But there was a defect of the engine. It was unable to let the cycle move upwards in hilly areas. So the engine substantially became unsuccessful.        Then, they made a small workshop behind Davidson family's house and start

Inspirational Story Of Lenevo Computers - Amazing Adviser

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about another global leading company - Lenovo. Almost everyone of us have heard and probably has used the electronic gadgets of Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese Multinational Company. It is also known as Lenovo Ltd. or Lenovo PC International.  This company basically designs, develops and manufactures electronic gadgets like Smart phones, smart TVs, PCs, Tablets, Laptops and many more. Since 2013, Lenovo is the biggest PC vendor of the world.  Currently it works in almost 60 countries and sells its products in almost 160 countries. The founder of this company is Liu Chuanzhi. He became successful with the company only after the sheer hard work and struggle. So let's know the story from beginning. Also Read Success Story Of BMW Success Story Of Rolls Royace Car Success Story Of Uber The story starts in 1944 when Liu Chuanzhi was born in China. After completing his education and graduation, he passed all the exams in order to become a military

Success Story Of Rolls Royace - Amazing Adviser

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about another popular company famous for its luxurious cars - Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is popular not only for its luxurious cars but also it is the second highest manufacturer of Aircraft engines in the whole world. Also Read Success Story Of Ambassador   Success Story Of Jaguar   Success Story Of Instagram   Friedrick Henry Royce was born in Alwalton in England in 1863. His family used to run a wheat flour mill. But it didn't see good sales. That's why they shifted to London. Friedrick was just 9 when his father breathed his last.  Thus, to keep his household moving, Friedrick had to do part time jobs like selling newspapers and distributing telegrams. After growing up, with the help of his aunt, he went to a town in England and began working in the Northern Railway. After few years, he returned back to London and joined a Light and power company where his work was to work with the street lights. In this way he had saved some of h

Inspirational Story Of BMW - Amazing Adviser

  The wonder of science has shown many miracles in today's age in the form of spectacular vehicles.  Today I will discuss about a German company that specializes in designing cars, bikes and engines - BMW. It came into being before 101 years and is known for its expensive and luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Mini.  But do you know that BMW was in the list of those companies which were restricted to produce any kind of vehicles during the time of World War?  And in that period, this company started making bicycles and kitchen utensils.  Now let's go to the beginning of the story.  Also Read Success Story Of Ambassador Car   Success Story Of Jaguar   Success Story Of UBER     The founder of BMW was Karl Friedrich Rapp. He was born on 24 September 1882 in Germany.  He became a mechanical engineer and opened his start up named Karl Rapp Motorenwerke where mostly aircrafts and their engines were made.  When the first world war started, there was a huge demand of aero engines.  Thus,

Inspirational Story Of Motorola - Amazing Adviser

Life without mobile phones have become next to impossible, isn't it? Because almost each of our important work is related to the electronic gadgets today and that's the reason why we have grown dependent on those. So today, I'm going to discuss about a popular American Telecommunication company - Motorola. The first portable phone of the world was made by this company. Before years, this company was the largest in manufacturing mobile phones. But from 2007-2009 it got heavy loss and that's why the company was sold out. Now let's know it's story from the beginning. About 90 years ago, in 1928, two brothers started a small company named Galvin Manufacturing Company in a rented house. Those two brothers were Paul and Joseph Galvin. The company was started with 5 employees and 565 dollars as working capital.  The collaboration with Stewart Battery Company gave a boost to Galvin manufacturing corporation and the first product of this company was Battery E

Inspirational Story Of Uber - Amazing Adviser

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss about a global transportation company - Uber. Uber has made the transportation system easier than before.  Uber is now providing its service in more than 600 cities. And very few people know that Uber has got self driving as well as helicopter services too.  This company provides service related to food and drinks too. Let's get to the beginning of the story of Uber.  About 9 years ago, a man named Garett Camp had booked a cab before the New Year's Day by spending 800 dollars. That is when he thought about the idea of sharing a vehicle.  That would definitely cost less for each one who shared. This idea along with an incident led to the the start of Uber.  The incident was that one evening, in France, Garett Camp and his friend Travis Kalanick were waiting for a taxi outside while it was snowing.  But unfortunately, they didn't get any. Keeping this discomfort in mind, they opened up a company named Uber. Both of them t