Monday, 29 October 2018

How "Maggie" Became Famous Across The Globe

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about such a Nestle product that is found in almost every kitchen today - Maggi. Today the entire world has grown crazy for Maggi's taste. The students and people who stay away from homes love this food only because it is cheap and easy to cook. Not only in the cities but also in pilgrimage centers where various types of food aren't available stalls of Maggi can be found. So let's know about the success story of Maggi.

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The story starts in 1846, when the founder of Maggi - Julius Maggi was born. After completing his education, Julius began to look after the wheat flour mill of his father. The work was in great profits but gradually the business came down. This was the initial period of Industrial revolution and many new factories were being opened. Julius thought of starting a new business. He marched his step towards the food production for the better nutrition of the factory workers. 

In 1886, he started making ready made soup. This soup was made up of legume meals which was rich in protein content. In 1897, Julius registered the company name as Maggi GMBH. Gradually, other products like Maggi noodles, sauce and cubes were launched. After changes in corporate structures, Maggi was merged with the Switzerland company Nestle. After this merging, Maggi got a lot of advertisement. And the advertisement stressed on a key concept that the product was specifically for those people who didn't have much time and could be prepared in 2 minutes. 

This concept won millions of hearts. And with time, Maggi became the chief product of Nestle. In India, Maggi was introduced in 1983. But later, India became the topmost country to love Maggi. However, in 2015, the amount of lead in Maggi was found out to me more. And that's why the Food safety and standard authority of India banned the product. But, the Bombay High Court agreed that the test was not accurate because in the other countries, Maggi was found to be safer. And once again a test was done to ensure the safety. 

The ban caused a huge loss to the company. Near about 320 crores of Maggi packs were burnt. After five months, Maggi returned to the market and the people welcomed it nicely through social media. And today, the loss has been recovered again as people still believe in the product quality.

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Friday, 26 October 2018

How The Brand "Nike" Shoes Started ?

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about a popular Shoe brand - Nike. It is basically an American Multinational Company and is the largest company in the world to sell sports shoes. Apart from shoes, it also manufactures many other sports essentials like t-shirt, hats, glasses, gloves etc. So let's know about the success story of Nike from the beginning.

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The story starts in 1962 when the MBA student of Stanford University - Phil Knight thought of a business. While. pursuing his MBA he was given an assignment to write on small business and marketing plan. As he was a lover of sports, he wrote on the business of sports shoes. On completion of the assignment, he got the idea to turn his strategies into reality and so he flew away to Japan in order to fulfill his wishes. He then met the owner of Tiger shoes and expressed his desire to take up the rights to sell the tiger shoes. On being asked what he was, Phil said that he was the owner of Blu Ribbons Company, which actually didn't exist in real at that time and only remained in his mind. 

Phil then brought the tiger shoe sample to Bill Bowerman, a coach and he liked the sample as well as his strategy. From there, Bill became his partner. In 1964, both established a company named Blue Ribbons Sports. Then, they ordered 300 pairs of Tiger shoes and started to sell those in front of a school. In the first year, they earned almost 8000 dollars by selling these. 

The next year their profit marched to 20,000 dollars. After 2 years, finally they managed to open their first store in California. Expanding their distribution business, they opened another store at Massachusetts and then their contract with Tiger ended. So, they decided to make their own footwear.

In May 1971, the name Blue Ribbons Sports was officially changed to Nike. Around 1980, Nike had included tracksuits, clothes etc to the business. Gradually Nike occupied 50% of the market of the U.S.A and in 1984, the basketball player Michael Jordan was chosen for the promotion of the brand. Later in 2005, Nike became the official kit sponsor of Indian teams. By 2015, the revenue of Nike increased to 30 billion dollars. And Nike, still continues to rule the fashion.

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Monday, 22 October 2018

Why Youtube Is So Successful ?

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about one of the popular search engines which is ranked 2nd by Alexa. This search engine is none other than YouTube. This is the biggest video sharing website in the world and as a search engine, comes next to Google.

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Being a guide to almost every problem of the people today, YouTube is a home to crores of videos that help people to solve any kind of issue be it professional or personal. YouTube has stored information in various fields starting from Education and Creativity till Social and Real life. But do you know the success story of this big shelter? Let's find out.


The beginning of YouTube was with Paypal. Yes, YouTube was founded by 3 employees of Paypal company - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. Hurley had studied in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania while the other two had studied in the University of Illinois. So how did the concept of YouTube arise? Well, this topic has two sources of information - from Media and other from Karim.

According to the media, YouTube concept rose in 2005 when Steve Chen was partying in his apartment. As Karim wasn't present, he wanted to see the videos. But Chen was facing problems in sharing the videos. And right from there, the idea of making a video sharing website arose.

But if we see Karim's explanation, he has told that the idea stroke only in 2004 when Karim wanted to watch the video of a concert but he was not able to find it.

Then Hurley, Chen and Karim discussed about the website - YouTube bring inspired from another website named 'Hot or Not'. It was basically an online dating website. And the domain of YouTube was registered on 14 Feb 2005. And the first video was uploaded on 23 April 2005. Between November 2005 and April 2006, there were many investors for YouTube. The beta version was running but in December 2005, it was officially launched. And almost 3 million dollars were invested for the website. And in October 2006, YouTube became a part of Google.

In May 2007, the website launched partnership programme where its partner was Adsense. According to this partnership, the people get money in the ratio of 45:55 for the views they get for their videos. From 2010, YouTube started Online streaming of live videos. It uploaded some of the IPL matches. On March 2010, to make the website user friendly, its interface was changed and by then, 2 billion people viewed the website daily. And till 2017, it grew exponentially. And YouTube reached where it is today.

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Friday, 19 October 2018

Inspirational Story Of Harley Davidson

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about such a vehicle that is regarded as the dream of today's generation - Harley Davidson. 
This bike is known for its speed and engine and is also appreciated by the soldiers because this bike has a very old relation with world war. Today, we see this company as one of the most popular companies of the world. So let's get to know the success story of this Company. 

Almost 116 years ago, in 1901, William S. Harley wanted to get rid of the pedals of the bicycle. And so, he started making engine to convert it to a bike. His friends Arthur Davidson and Walter Davidson helped him out with the work. After working for two years they made an engine of 116CC which fitted into cycles perfectly. But there was a defect of the engine. It was unable to let the cycle move upwards in hilly areas. So the engine substantially became unsuccessful. 
Then, they made a small workshop behind Davidson family's house and started to work. Besides Arthur and Walter, their elder brother William Davidson helped them a lot. These four are regarded as the founders of Harley Davidson. Finally, they launched a new bike with an engine that was more powerful than the previous. The bike was then presented at a bike race from where it started to get its popularity. By 1905, the company had sold 12 bikes. In 1906, they established their first factory in Chestnut Street. By 1907, the company was successful to make 150 motorcycles and the company was officially registered. It had 450 motorcycles in 1908 and 1150  by 1909. 
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During the World War, many bikes were sold by Govt. of America. Using Harley Davidson bikes, American soldiers entered Germany. The company reached to 67 countries by 1920. In 1933, when the sales and brands went down the company worked and introduced a new model of bike in 1934. In 1941, the company sold 90,000 motorcycles only to the govt. during second world War. The company was rewarded with the Navy E Award for excellence in production. In 1969, this company was sold out to AMF. However, the couldn't handle the company up to the mark. 
Later, AMF sold out the company to Vaughn Beals. They improved the technology of the bikes and in 2003, they sold it to sports bike company Buells. In India, Harley Davidson bike came in 2009 and spread its popularity. 

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Monday, 15 October 2018

Inspirational Story Of Lenevo Computers

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about another global leading company - Lenovo. Almost everyone of us have heard and probably has used the electronic gadgets of Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese Multinational Company. It is also known as Lenovo Ltd. or Lenovo PC International. This company basically designs, develops and manufactures electronic gadgets like Smart phones, smart TVs, PCs, Tablets, Laptops and many more. Since 2013, Lenovo is the biggest PC vendor of the world. Currently it works in almost 60 countries and sells its products in almost 160 countries. The founder of this company is Liu Chuanzhi. He became successful with the company only after the sheer hard work and struggle. So let's know the story from beginning.

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The story starts in 1944 when Liu Chuanzhi was born in China. After completing his education and graduation, he passed all the exams in order to become a military pilot. However, during admission, he was rejected by the authority being said that he was not capable of being in the military. After that, Liu thought of studying the subject related to Computers. So he took admission in Xidan University. But, his graduation subjects were much different. Thus he was assigned to study radar. 

Later during 1970, he worked in China Academy of Science. But he wasn't satisfied with the salary. In November 1984, along with 10 people Liu managed to have a start up. He named the company as Legend. They faced many problems regarding funding. There was no support to start ups from the China Govt. at that time. They tried to deal with television companies and digital watch companies but no one was ready to deal with the start up. But in all conditions, they kept learning and going. In 1985, Liu developed a circuit board used inside the Computer which was sold out to IBM successfully. 

In 1988, Liu opened a new office in Hong Kong and shifted there with five of his employees. There he began to distribute the computers of HP and Toshiba. To save money, he along with his employees went by walk or cycle to distribute the computers. And soon, Legend became the biggest Computer distribution network. Gradually, Legend company started to make and sell its own computers and continued becoming popular.

In 1994, the company name appeared in the list of Hong Kong stock exchange. Till then, the company had almost 30 million US dollars and had made a million PCs. Finally, Legend was declared the best selling company if China. Then, it left IBM behind and manufactured a computer in 2000 which became the best selling computer of China. In 2002, Legend started making mobile phones and by 2003, to compete with Dell, it changed its name to Lenovo. In 2006, Lenovo bought the MS operating system for one billion dollars. And it became popular in India when in 2012, Tamil Nadu had ordered one million laptops. Thus, Lenovo company emerged and established itself as a popular company in the whole world.

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Success Story Of One Of The Most Expensive Car, Rolls Royace

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss about another popular company famous for its luxurious cars - Rolls Royce.
Rolls Royce is popular not only for its luxurious cars but also it is the second highest manufacturer of Aircraft engines in the whole world.

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Friedrick Henry Royce was born in Alwalton in England in 1863. His family used to run a wheat flour mill. But it didn't see good sales. That's why they shifted to London. Friedrick was just 9 when his father breathed his last. Thus, to keep his household moving, Friedrick had to do part time jobs like selling newspapers and distributing telegrams.

After growing up, with the help of his aunt, he went to a town in England and began working in the Northern Railway. After few years, he returned back to London and joined a Light and power company where his work was to work with the street lights. In this way he had saved some of his income.

In 1884, with one of his friends, he opened a start up named FH Royce and company. This company made small electric parts. After ten years, the company had started making Dynamo generators and other good equipments. Then, the company name was registered. However, the emerging trends of generators from the U.S.A led this company bear much loss. So, Friedrick decided to manufacture cars. He worked hard to know more about the cars and then, in 1904, he made his first car.

From here starts the journey of Charles Royce. He had a big showroom in London and he was impressed with the car of Friedrick Henry Royce. Further, they decided to be partners. The business deal worked out perfectly with the technical knowledge of Royce and business know of Rolls. Thus, the company was named Rolls Royce. In 1907, the company manufactured such a car that later it was called the best car of the world.

Unfortunately, Rolls died in an aeroplane accident and after that, Royce didn't lose hope. He kept marching forward with his designs and manufacturing. In 1921, due to increasing demand, a new factory was opened at Massachusetts and introduced Eagle engine. Few years later after making the Springfield car, Royce acquired Bentley company.

But unfortunately, in 1933, Royce breathed his last. In 1951, the company made its first luxury car. Gradually, it provided jobs to almost 80,000 people and became the 14th largest company of Britain in terms of man power. Towards 1989, Rolls Royce was sold out to BMW and Volkswagen.

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Monday, 8 October 2018

Inspirational Story Of BMW

The wonder of science has shown many miracles in today's age in the form of spectacular vehicles. Today I will discuss about a German company that specializes in designing cars, bikes and engines - BMW.

It came into being before 101 years and is known for its expensive and luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Mini. But do you know that BMW was in the list of those companies which were restricted to produce any kind of vehicles during the time of World War? And in that period, this company started making bicycles and kitchen utensils. Now let's go to the beginning of the story.

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The founder of BMW was Karl Friedrich Rapp. He was born on 24 September 1882 in Germany. He became a mechanical engineer and opened his start up named Karl Rapp Motorenwerke where mostly aircrafts and their engines were made. When the first world war started, there was a huge demand of aero engines. Thus, on 17 March, 1916, the company conglomerated with two other companies and changed the name of the company to Bavarian Motor Works which we know as BMW. 

Their engine became popular in the military that time. However, after the world war, the. company had to stop producing aero engines. So, the company started making pumps used in fields and engines of buses and tractors. In 1923, BMW started making motor cycles. In 1928, BMW bought a company named Automobile Wreck and started producing Cars. It's first car was named BMW 3/15. And during the second world war, once again the company started making aero engines. However, unfortunately BMW factories were bombarded during that time and the Government also restricted to produce. Not just this, but also the Govt. banned the company for producing bikes and cars too. But, the company didn't stop. It found new ways and started producing kitchen utensils, bicycles and many more.

In 1947, BMW got back the permission to design motor cycles. And in 1951, the ban on cars production was also removed. Till 1955, BMW sold out as many as 10,000 cars. But, the company bore loss for a long time. And by 1960, BMW was likely to be sold. In 1961, it launched a car which was beneficial for the company. People liked it as a sports car. 

Gradually, the company launched many more models of cars. BMW then bought Rover company. But it became a sign of loss for BMW. Then, it sold out the company to Ford and bought name and symbol of Rolls Royce. And in 2003, Rolls Royce Phantom was released under ownership of BMW. In 2004, BMW launched a sports bike - K 1200. In 2011, BMW, for producing electric cars named the models BMW I. Till 2013, BMW had sold 50,000 cars of this model.

Thus, BMW got popular once again.

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Friday, 5 October 2018

Inspirational Story Of Motorola

Life without mobile phones have become next to impossible, isn't it? Because almost each of our important work is related to the electronic gadgets today and that's the reason why we have grown dependent on those.

So today, I'm going to discuss about a popular American Telecommunication company - Motorola.

The first portable phone of the world was made by this company. Before years, this company was the largest in manufacturing mobile phones. But from 2007-2009 it got heavy loss and that's why the company was sold out.
Now let's know it's story from the beginning.

About 90 years ago, in 1928, two brothers started a small company named Galvin Manufacturing Company in a rented house. Those two brothers were Paul and Joseph Galvin. The company was started with 5 employees and 565 dollars as working capital. The collaboration with Stewart Battery Company gave a boost to Galvin manufacturing corporation and the first product of this company was Battery Eliminator. This battery's work was to eliminate use of battery from radio and make it work with the natural energy found at homes. 

However, the product couldn't exist for a long time in the market. Then, Galvin remarked that people like to use radios in cars. So, he asked his engineers to make cheap yet lasting radios. And the radio designed by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was presented in the Radio Manufacturing Association fair and many people liked it. It was then that this corporation started getting deals and orders. And later, this radio was named Motorola. The word Motorola was a combination of two words - Motor and Victrola.

On 27 June 1930, this company sold out the first brand of Motorola. And when, the radio became extensively popular, the company name was changed from Galvin Manufacturing corporation to Motorola. After this, the company kept producing new equipment. In the time of World war, it produced a radio named SCR 536. In 1947, Motorola made a television. In 1958, Motorola designed many types of radios for America's first satellite launch and Neil Armstrong, the famous astronaut after reaching onto the Moon, communicated to earth through the Motorola device.

On 3 April 1973, Motorola made the first portable phone of the world. This invention was done by senior engineer of Motorola - Martin Cooper. Later, Motorola sold out its television manufacturing to the parent company of Panasonic in Japan. In 1984, Motorola made the first cellular phone named Dyna TAC 8000x. 

In next years, Motorola made phones like Micro TAC, Ultra classic and Star TAC. Then, it became the biggest mobile manufacturing company of the world. But the introduction of Nokia Company made Motorola stand in second number. It struggled and launched better type of mobile phones in the next years. But after 2007, the company started to go through heavy decline and loss. On 4th January 2011, the company was divided into two - Motorola Mobility and Motorola solutions. The next year, Motorola Mobility was sold out to Google which again after 2 years sold it to Lenovo. And finally, under Lenovo, Motorola is still finding its way to get ahead.

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Inspirational Story Of Uber

Hello friends, today I am going to discuss about a global transportation company - Uber. Uber has made the transportation system easier than before. Uber is now providing its service in more than 600 cities. And very few people know that Uber has got self driving as well as helicopter services too. This company provides service related to food and drinks too. Let's get to the beginning of the story of Uber. 

About 9 years ago, a man named Garett Camp had booked a cab before the New Year's Day by spending 800 dollars. That is when he thought about the idea of sharing a vehicle. That would definitely cost less for each one who shared. This idea along with an incident led to the the start of Uber. 

The incident was that one evening, in France, Garett Camp and his friend Travis Kalanick were waiting for a taxi outside while it was snowing. But unfortunately, they didn't get any. Keeping this discomfort in mind, they opened up a company named Uber. Both of them talked to their friends and decided upon to have a start up. Garett Camp was then the co-founder of Stumbleupon company which he resigned. Travis Kalanick also sold his startup named Red Swoosh at 19 million dollars.

Both set to work upon the new company and launched the beta version of Uber in 2010. The first employee of Uber company was Ryan Graves who joined as general manager and later became the CEO of the company. In 2011, the company launched its official application in San Francisco. However the service didn't become popular because the price of black cabs were fifteen times more than the normal ones. The name 'Uber cab' existed till 2011. But then, it changed to 'Uber'. 
After working hard for a year Uber made changes in its strategies.

In July 2012, a strategy named Uber X was launched where any willing person could work for Uber with his or her personal cab. Gradually with this, the business expanded to 35 cities. In July 2014, Uber started the helicopter service from New York city to Hampton for 3000 dollars. This service was named Uber Chopper. The next month in August 2014, the company launched Uber pool service.  
Soon, it started another service named Uber eats. It was an online food ordering service. These strategies made the expansion of business easier. 

In March 2015, with the help of a collaboration, Uber started its luxury car service in Singapore. This included Cara like Lamborghini. Later, Uber established a robotics department and launched self driving car service. And today Uber is spread in almost 83 countries and 633 cities.
However, Uber faced many challenges along the way. 

The strong partnership of the two friends and their hard work is what led it to become successful today. 

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