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Inspirational Story Of Instagram - Amazing Adviser

Sharing pictures is today one of the common things that almost everyone does . No matter where a person is, we get to know everything about his or her whereabouts just by peeping at the pictures shared in social media.  Thus, social media has changed many lives these days. No matter, what disadvantages it has, for many times it has been proved beneficial in different aspects. Today, let's discuss about such an application of social media - Instagram. Also Read Success Story Of Jaguar   It is basically a photo sharing application that is not only made for the actors and actresses but also for the ordinary people. Just within seven years, Instagram gained popularity among the people around due to many of its features.  One such feature is the existence of filters while sharing a picture. And also tagging the location of a picture. Apart from the pictures, short videos can also be shared.  This is the general thing which almost all of us are well aware of. But do you know h

Inspirational Story Of Jaguar - The Tata's Acquisition

Hello friends, today we're going to talk about a Car. This car is not an ordinary one. It was the favorite one of the queen of England. In fact, this car is a dream for all the car lovers - Jaguar.  The story of Jaguar began 96 years ago. In 1922, two bike lovers - William Lyons and William Walsley established a company named Swallow Sidecar.  This company designed motor cycles at that time. Then, William Walsley decided to sell his shares to the public and thus, the company was temporarily closed.   Then, the company was re-established and was named S.S. Cars limited. And it started to design cars with coordination of Standard Cars Co. Limited.  These cars were. launched as Jaguar. In 1935, the first model of Jaguar came into the scene. By then, Jaguar was just the model name of cars.  Later, after a meeting with shareholders, the company was renamed 'Jaguar'. Till years, Jaguar worked hard with making luxury cars. It's tag line was - Grace, space and pace.

Insipirational Story of Hindustan Ambassador

Hello guys, from today we are going to start a new series of posts named as Inspirational Stories. I hope you will like this segment and give love and support. So today we're going to look upon a vehicle that dominated all other vehicles of India for almost 30 long years.  Y es, the vehicle is none other than the Hindustan Ambassador. It was a matter of pride for each person who had this particular car.  How to start a Start-Up Being one of the most popular brands in India, this car was called the King of Indian roads for its amazing look and excellent performance.  Apart from the mechanical and economical points of view, this car is bound in the emotions of many. Many siblings have fought to win the front seats of the car before they started a family trip while many businessmen reached their destinations only because of this Hindustan Ambassador.  It wasn't just a craze for the businessmen and politicians but also for the common people of the country because its pri