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Inspirational Story Of Instagram

Sharing pictures is today one of the common things that almost everyone does . No matter where a person is, we get to know everything about his or her whereabouts just by peeping at the pictures shared in social media. Thus, social media has changed many lives these days. No matter, what disadvantages it has, for many times it has been proved beneficial in different aspects. Today, let's discuss about such an application of social media - Instagram. Also Read Success Story Of Jaguar   It is basically a photo sharing application that is not only made for the actors and actresses but also for the ordinary people. Just within seven years, Instagram gained popularity among the people around due to many of its features. One such feature is the existence of filters while sharing a picture. And also tagging the location of a picture. Apart from the pictures, short videos can also be shared. This is the general thing which almost all of us are well aware of. But do you know how

Inspirational Story Of Jaguar, The TATA's Car

Hello friends, today we're going to talk about a Car. This car is not an ordinary one. It was the favorite one of the queen of England. In fact, this car is a dream for all the car lovers - Jaguar.  The story of Jaguar began 96 years ago. In 1922, two bike lovers - William Lyons and William Walsley established a company named Swallow Sidecar. This company designed motor cycles at that time. Then, William Walsley decided to sell his shares to the public and thus, the company was temporarily closed.   Then, the company was re-established and was named S.S. Cars limited. And it started to design cars with coordination of Standard Cars Co. Limited. These cars were. launched as Jaguar. In 1935, the first model of Jaguar came into the scene. By then, Jaguar was just the model name of cars. Later, after a meeting with shareholders, the company was renamed 'Jaguar'. Till years, Jaguar worked hard with making luxury cars. It's tag line was - Grace, space and pace.  A

Insipirational Story of Hindustan Ambassador

Hello guys, from today we are going to start a new series of posts named as Inspirational Stories. I hope you will like this segment and give love and support. So today we're going to look upon a vehicle that dominated all other vehicles of India for almost 30 long years. Yes, the vehicle is none other than the Hindustan Ambassador. It was a matter of pride for each person who had this particular car. Being one of the most popular brands in India, this car was called the King of Indian roads for its amazing look and excellent performance.  Apart from the mechanical and economical points of view, this car is bound in the emotions of many. Many siblings have fought to win the front seats of the car before they started a family trip while many businessmen reached their destinations only because of this Hindustan Ambassador. It wasn't just a craze for the businessmen and politicians but also for the common people of the country because its price was affordable by a middl

How Much Time Should I Give To My SIP ?

Hello friends and welcome to Amazing Adviser. Today we will discuss about a most important and frequent question which comes to the mind of every investor before starting investing. We all know SIP is the best way to invest in stock market for retail investors. There are many advantages of investing through SIP. But normally every expert in this field will advise you to remain invested for long term. They don't really define this "long term" with sufficient reason. In this post I'll try to define this "Long term". So first thing is how much time exactly is "Long Term". Frankly speaking this is different for different people. For some people 5 years may be long term and for some 15 years. We all are different from each other and we all have different risk taking capability. We all have different level of patience. That's why long term differs from people to people. I will express my opinion and as per me if you are investing thorough SIP then yo

Multibagger - Asian Paints, 476% Return In 6 Years

  Welcome friends. I hope you've experienced a volatile market this week because Nifty is trading in a range. I must say the dip in the market was buying opportunity in quality stocks. This week our Proven Multibagger Segment has a stock which colors people's life. Yes, today's stock is one of the finest multinational company of our country, lead by Ashwin Choksi and one of the finest CEO K.B.S Anand. It has presence in more than 60 countries. With 75+ years of innovation in the paint industry Asian Paint has become leader in this sector. It  is also awarded as Forbes Asia's Fab50 Company , four times in a row. There is no doubt that Asian Paint is a  top fundamental bet for investors in long term wealth creation.  Now let's talk about return it has given to it's share holders. You can clearly see this is a perfect example of uptrend and in 2012 this share was available in ₹260. At that time no person could have guessed about its potential except few smart ones

How To Start a SIP - Direct Plan or Regular Plan

Welcome to Amazing Adviser and in this article I'm going to tell you how to start a SIP or systematic installment Purchase. If you don't know what is SIP you can check this link here. What is SIP? It's Advantage and Disadvantage You must possess PAN Card to start SIP. There are two ways. (i) Direct Plan (ii) Regular Plan. Let's understand what are these. Direct Plan - In direct plan you buy SIP directly from a company. In simple language I explain it as love marriage because no one will guide you, no one will inform you, no one will ask you for Direct SIP. You choose on your own, you invest on your own and you exit on your own. No one will interfere between you and your money. You can visit any company website who are providing SIP and directly purchase from there. Example of Direct Plan providers are Zerodha, Paytm money, MyCAMS Regular Plan - Opposite to this, Regular plan means you will invest or purchase SIP through a middle man, normally known as broker or agents o

Multibagger - Maruti Suzuki, 380% Return in 5 Years

Hello friends, welcome to our Proven Multibagger segment where we bring stocks to your focus with exceptional return. Today's stock is a well known company, Maruti Suzuki. It's tag line is "The Way Of Life" and it seems it is really making way of life for it's investors. This company is operating in auto industry and a leader in passenger vehicle segment. But why I am writing this? Every one knows this and so I said that this is a well known household company. In India normally people invest in small cap stock, mid cap stocks. Reason is quite simple either they don't know the risk associated with these stocks or they prefer more the risk more the return theory. Maruti Suzuki has proven this statement wrong. Being a large cap company it has given return more than many small cap and mid cap company in last five years. I am not wrong if I say that Maruti contributes a mazor portion of the rally which we are witnessing in Nifty today. Now let's come to it'

Stocks To Buy Now : REC, A Dividend King Company

Hello Guys, welcome to Amazing Adviser. Today I've come with a stock which is in its bad phase and you can consider it to buy for creating wealth. I must mention that this post is totally based on my analysis. Please consult your adviser before investing. So today's share is REC or Rural Electrification Corporation Limited. My first reason to choose this company - It is a Navratna Company and it has a support or back up of government. I know most of the people bet on private sector company these days but sometimes it's good to think from other point of view. REC operates in Power Sector and we all know India is a Power Hungry Company. India has more than 130 crore population and there are still many villages in which power has not reached yet. Most Importantly power sector is a beaten down sector from last two decades. So the best of this sector is yet to come and I'm sure it will come in next decade. With advancement in technology we all need power, electricity and fue