Friday, 28 September 2018

Inspirational Story Of Instagram

Sharing pictures is today one of the common things that almost everyone does. No matter where a person is, we get to know everything about his or her whereabouts just by peeping at the pictures shared in social media. Thus, social media has changed many lives these days. No matter, what disadvantages it has, for many times it has been proved beneficial in different aspects. Today, let's discuss about such an application of social media - Instagram.

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It is basically a photo sharing application that is not only made for the actors and actresses but also for the ordinary people. Just within seven years, Instagram gained popularity among the people around due to many of its features. One such feature is the existence of filters while sharing a picture. And also tagging the location of a picture. Apart from the pictures, short videos can also be shared. This is the general thing which almost all of us are well aware of. But do you know how was the beginning of this application?  

The project was started by 2 people - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They were good friends. They worked upon an application named Bourbon which was meant to share photos and do many more things. But the complexity of the application led to its failure. But both the friends didn't give up. Gradually, Kevin and Mike worked on removing the complex features and focused just on picture sharing. And on 16 July, 2010; they launched the application as Instagram. The word Instagram was taken from the combination of 'Instant camera and telegram'. The first photo was posted by Kevin on 16 July 2010. The application had use of X-Pro 2 filter. 

So how did this filter feature come into Instagram? Well, there is an interesting story behind it.
The original idea of photo filtering was shared by Kevin's girlfriend. She asked Kevin, "Why should I share my photos in such a place where they don't look any better?"
This question made Kevin think much and he came up with the concept of filtering of photos. Later, this feature became the main reason for the success of Instagram. 

On 6th Oct 2010, Instagram was launched in IOS app store for better and easier use and accessibility. And after waiting for 2 long years, Instagram's android application was launched. And it had already become so popular among the people that right on the first day of android application launch, Instagram was downloaded by 1 million users. Gradually, Instagram was seen to be giving a tough competition to another social media application - Facebook. This thing was noticed by Mark Zuckerberg and so, in 2012, Instagram was sold out to Mark Zuckerberg at One billion Dollars.

Along the years, Instagram was seen developing as per the demands of the users. Three stand alone Instagram applications were also launched. Over the years, Instagram has faced many changes but the only one thing that hasn't changed is its popularity. In the journey of seven years, it now has over 250 million active users.

Hope you liked the story of Instagram.
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Monday, 24 September 2018

Inspirational Story Of Jaguar, The TATA's Car

Jaguar car
Hello friends, today we're going to talk about a Car. This car is not an ordinary one. It was the favorite one of the queen of England. In fact, this car is a dream for all the car lovers - Jaguar. 

The story of Jaguar began 96 years ago. In 1922, two bike lovers - William Lyons and William Walsley established a company named Swallow Sidecar. This company designed motor cycles at that time. Then, William Walsley decided to sell his shares to the public and thus, the company was temporarily closed.  

Then, the company was re-established and was named S.S. Cars limited. And it started to design cars with coordination of Standard Cars Co. Limited. These cars were. launched as Jaguar. In 1935, the first model of Jaguar came into the scene. By then, Jaguar was just the model name of cars. Later, after a meeting with shareholders, the company was renamed 'Jaguar'. Till years, Jaguar worked hard with making luxury cars. It's tag line was - Grace, space and pace. 
After XK 120 launch, the company didn't stop its hard work. It kept consistency in work which became the reason for its success. Then came the sports cars from Jaguar which won one of the Le men race.  

But in 1965, the company which made car equipment for Jaguar dealt with some other company. It no more worked with Jaguar. So in 1966, Lyons sold out the Jaguar company to the British Motor Corporation. When Jaguar company name was erased from the Stock Exchange register of London, Ford company showed interest to buy Jaguar company. So in 1999, Jaguar became a part of Ford. 
But unfortunately it brought no profits to the company. It's destiny was somewhere else. So, Jaguar along with Land Rover was sold out to Indian company TATA Motors. Today Jaguar and Land Rover is contributing a significant portion of revenue of TATA Motors. Today, Jaguar made itself ready to run through extraordinary features. And in the tech fest, it came into limelight and won many hearts.

So, no matter how many companies were changed by Jaguar, it's design and features are still called the best.

I hope you will enjoy this story. Share your experience or any wish about Jaguar.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Insipirational Story of Hindustan Ambassador

Hello guys, from today we are going to start a new series of posts named as Inspirational Stories. I hope you will like this segment and give love and support.

So today we're going to look upon a vehicle that dominated all other vehicles of India for almost 30 long years. Yes, the vehicle is none other than the Hindustan Ambassador. It was a matter of pride for each person who had this particular car. Being one of the most popular brands in India, this car was called the King of Indian roads for its amazing look and excellent performance. 

Apart from the mechanical and economical points of view, this car is bound in the emotions of many. Many siblings have fought to win the front seats of the car before they started a family trip while many businessmen reached their destinations only because of this Hindustan Ambassador. It wasn't just a craze for the businessmen and politicians but also for the common people of the country because its price was affordable by a middle class family too. So now, we have some idea that the Hindustan Ambassador was definitely a special vehicle for the whole nation. Now let us discuss about its story from the very beginning. 

About 62 years ago, it was 1956 when the popular company Hindustan Motors had successfully acquired the license from British Motors Corporation to design two vehicles - Morris Oxford series 1 and 2. Then, Hindustan Motors designed two vehicles named Hindustan 10 and Landmaster. And in 1958, Hindustan Ambassador was made as Morris Oxford series 3. This car was designed by Alec Issigonis and was believed to be of excellent design. It started to be sold out with the tag "Made in India". 

Hindustan Motors, a part of Aditya Birla Group was established in 1942 by B.M. Birla. The competitors of Hindustan Ambassador during that time were Premier Padmini and Standard 10. But compared to these two cars, Hindustan Ambassador was much more spacious, comfortable with better design. Thus, it was connected with the emotions of the people. 

For years, this car maintained its popularity in the whole country. However, it began to lose the popularity once Maruti Suzuki emerged with its car Maruti 800 in 1983. In the 90s, along with the emergence of multi national companies in India, Hindustan Ambassador gradually went on losing its superiority. In 1992, the Hindustan Ambassador was tried to be sold as Fullbore Mark 10 in U.K. making some changes in few internal equipments and raising it to the European safety standards. However, the people of U.K. didn't like the vehicle much which led to huge loss for the company. 

Gradually in 2014, the production was stopped due to financial issues. Finally in 1 Feb 2017, the vehicle was sold out to a foreign company by 80 crores. And its journey of popularity and superiority came to an end. Although many models of the Ambassador car came into the scene like Mark 1, 2, 3, 4, Nova and ICZ, Avigo and Encore, it couldn't help the company. One of the reasons may be because it never lost its traditional design while many more vehicles had already come into being. 

Be that as it may, Ambassador still continues to remain in the hearts of many as the king of Indian roads which perhaps, no other vehicle can win.

Monday, 17 September 2018

How Much Time Should I Give To My SIP ?

Sbi sip

Hello friends and welcome to Amazing Adviser. Today we will discuss about a most important and frequent question which comes to the mind of every investor before starting investing. We all know SIP is the best way to invest in stock market for retail investors. There are many advantages of investing through SIP. But normally every expert in this field will advise you to remain invested for long term. They don't really define this "long term" with sufficient reason. In this post I'll try to define this "Long term".

So first thing is how much time exactly is "Long Term". Frankly speaking this is different for different people. For some people 5 years may be long term and for some 15 years. We all are different from each other and we all have different risk taking capability. We all have different level of patience. That's why long term differs from people to people. I will express my opinion and as per me if you are investing thorough SIP then you must remain invested for 20-25 years. On lower side minimum 15 years is must.

Main reason behind so many years investing is the market volatility. We have to understand the mechanism of SIP. SIP means investing in mutual fund consisting a diversify range of stocks regularly for a certain amount on a certain date. This is also called Discipline Investing. By investing regularly you are minimizing the risk of downside by averaging your cost of investment. But we should not forget that the cycle of market normally last for 5-10 years. This means if you have invested in a bull market then it may be possible that the next bull market will come after 10-15 years. 

Second point is to really know the definition of "Investing". I always think how people can say we're investing for long term and long term for them is 1 year or two year. I find a big misunderstanding there. What is Investment? Investment is something where we don't expect profit or loss, we expect wealth creation. We invest in our studies, do we really expect that this will be a profit or loss. We invest in house, why? Because we expect to live and not to sell. The one who buy house for buy and sell are known as traders or dealers. So when you are investing then give sufficient time.

In the end there is one SIP Mantra, treat your SIP as your child and invest in it for 20-25 years which normal parents do for their children. I bet SIP will give you better return then your own child. I know this and I strongly believe this.

So this was my opinion and I want to know about your opinion. Coment about your perspective about the term "long term" in SIP Investing.

Thank you
Happy Investing

Friday, 14 September 2018

Multibagger - Asian Paints, 476% Return In 6 Years

Welcome friends. I hope you've experienced a volatile market this week because Nifty is trading in a range. I must say the dip in the market was buying opportunity in quality stocks. This week our Proven Multibagger Segment has a stock which colors people's life.

Yes, today's stock is one of the finest multinational company of our country, lead by Ashwin Choksi and one of the finest CEO K.B.S Anand. It has presence in more than 60 countries. With 75+ years of innovation in the paint industry Asian Paint has become leader in this sector. It  is also awarded as Forbes Asia's Fab50 Company, four times in a row. There is no doubt that Asian Paint is a  top fundamental bet for investors in long term wealth creation. 

Now let's talk about return it has given to it's share holders.

You can clearly see this is a perfect example of uptrend and in 2012 this share was available in ₹260.

At that time no person could have guessed about its potential except few smart ones. Investors should always look for value investing and this stock is a pure bet of value investing. It has already touched the level of ₹1500, that is 476% absolute return in six years. You also would have enjoyed dividend which it is giving continuously. 

Now this is trading near ₹1300. This is just because of temporary sentiment of market which is mainly for weak rupee and crude oil price. But I believe even at this price this stock is attractive for investing. In my opinion for a safe bet one can invest around ₹1250-1260 and could expect the price ₹2000-2500 very soon.

It is market leader in paint industry and if housing sector will boost then Asian Paints will become a clear beneficiary. This is because we all know paint is must for new houses😊

That's all for today. This is totally on my research. Before investing you should take advise of your financial adviser.

Thank you,
Happy Investing

Monday, 10 September 2018

How To Start a SIP - Direct Plan or Regular Plan

Welcome to Amazing Adviser and in this article I'm going to tell you how to start a SIP or systematic installment Purchase. If you don't know what is SIP you can check this link here.

What is SIP? It's Advantage and Disadvantage

You must possess PAN Card to start SIP. There are two ways. (i) Direct Plan (ii) Regular Plan. Let's understand what are these.

  1. Direct Plan - In direct plan you buy SIP directly from a company. In simple language I explain it as love marriage because no one will guide you, no one will inform you, no one will ask you for Direct SIP. You choose on your own, you invest on your own and you exit on your own. No one will interfere between you and your money. You can visit any company website who are providing SIP and directly purchase from there. Example of Direct Plan providers are Zerodha, Paytm money, MyCAMS
  2. Regular Plan - Opposite to this, Regular plan means you will invest or purchase SIP through a middle man, normally known as broker or agents or mutual fund distributor. Oh yes, this is arranged marriage where many peoples are interested in your investment. Basically they earn a commission from the company for your every rupee of investment. In addition to that they earn commission when your investment grows over time. If anyone has ever asked you to start a SIP then he is telling you about Regular Plan and not Direct Plan.
Frankly speaking always invest through Direct Plan.I don't think you want to give your money to other person for free. Company give commission from your profit to the mutual fund distributor and agents. I'm giving an example that how choosing between Direct and Regular can affect your investment.

There is a fund called ABSL Tax Relief 96 fund. Talking about it return in last year you would have got 18.2% in Direct plan whereas 16.8% in Regular plan. So if you had invested ₹100000 then the difference between both plan's return is ₹1400. That means this ₹1400 is the commission your agent earns from your investment. 

In the end it is always your decision that how you want to invest in SIP and mutual funds. There may be some other reason that people prefer regular plan. But in my opinion direct plan is the future of mutual fund industry. With awareness more and more people will invest through Direct Plan.

Thank you
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Friday, 7 September 2018

Multibagger - Maruti Suzuki, 380% Return in 5 Years

multibagger maruti suzuki

Hello friends, welcome to our Proven Multibagger segment where we bring stocks to your focus with exceptional return. Today's stock is a well known company, Maruti Suzuki. It's tag line is "The Way Of Life" and it seems it is really making way of life for it's investors. This company is operating in auto industry and a leader in passenger vehicle segment. But why I am writing this? Every one knows this and so I said that this is a well known household company.

In India normally people invest in small cap stock, mid cap stocks. Reason is quite simple either they don't know the risk associated with these stocks or they prefer more the risk more the return theory. Maruti Suzuki has proven this statement wrong. Being a large cap company it has given return more than many small cap and mid cap company in last five years. I am not wrong if I say that Maruti contributes a mazor portion of the rally which we are witnessing in Nifty today.

Now let's come to it's investment and return on investment calculation.

Maruti weekly chart

This is the weekly chart of Maruti Suzuki. In 2014 this share's price was around ₹1800. Whenever I see chart like this I feel super excited. Just see the chart there is no downtrend at all and this stock is moving in an uptrend from last 5-6 years. Now it is consolidating around ₹8600-8800 but I have confidence that soon it's price will start to climb the ladder again.  If you had invested ₹90000 in Maruti in 2014 then now you have 50 number of  shares of Maruti Suzuki and your investment value will be ₹434000. This is just the capital appreciation. If we consider the dividend income then it comes around 2018- ₹80 , 2017- ₹75, 2016- ₹35, 2015-₹25, 2014-₹12, total ₹227 per share that comes around ₹11350. Interestingly Dividend income are exempt from tax, so that was an added benefit. So you got 380% absolute return in Maruti Suzuki and that's not a small return.

I always say that nothing can beat the return of stock market and stocks like Maruti are live example of it. So I'll advise new investors to invest in quality stocks and remain invested for a longer period for long term wealth creation. Stick like this never disappoint you. 

Thank you for your time. Comment your questions and suggestions.

Happy Investing.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Stocks To Buy Now : REC, A Dividend King Company

Hello Guys, welcome to Amazing Adviser. Today I've come with a stock which is in its bad phase and you can consider it to buy for creating wealth. I must mention that this post is totally based on my analysis. Please consult your adviser before investing.

So today's share is REC or Rural Electrification Corporation Limited.

My first reason to choose this company - It is a Navratna Company and it has a support or back up of government. I know most of the people bet on private sector company these days but sometimes it's good to think from other point of view. REC operates in Power Sector and we all know India is a Power Hungry Company. India has more than 130 crore population and there are still many villages in which power has not reached yet.

Most Importantly power sector is a beaten down sector from last two decades. So the best of this sector is yet to come and I'm sure it will come in next decade. With advancement in technology we all need power, electricity and fuel. REC is a dominating company in this field. It basically gives loan to company for setting up infrastructure for Power generation.

This is it's fundamental analysis. Now let's come to technical analysis. I want to show you it's weekly chart.

You can clearly see that this stock is trading in a range from ₹75-₹200 from last 10 years and now it is trading at ₹120. From the chart it is very clear that this stock has a strong support near ₹75. Recently it has touched ₹100 and from there it has rallied up to ₹120. I think this is the best time to include this stock in your portfolio for long term wealth creation. It's my experience that in each budget there is some announcement for power sector and power sector rally before budget. So we can expect price appreciation in short term also.

Further it's EPS is around ₹23.53. If we discount it with 10% for perpetuity then also its value comes around ₹235. So clearly it's an undervalued stock.

Apart from that the most convincing reason to buy this stock is its dividend yield. In FY 2017-18 it has distributed ₹9.15 per share dividend which comes around 7.6% in current price. Bank FD's rate are decreasing. SBI is giving 6.6% interest in FD. So you can invest in this stock and think it as FD. It will give you return like FD interest each year. Adding to that your dividend will be tax free whereas interest in FD are taxable. So why not invest in this stock or I can say multibagger.

That's all for today. Keep visiting this blog for learning and earning.

Thank You

Happy Investing

(Disclosure- I have this stock in my portfolio)