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6 Things You Should Know Before Starting a SIP

Welcome friends. There is a new fashion in the market, i.e start SIP. Many peoples are searching about SIP in the internet and most of them are ending up with investment in SIP. But whatever the mutual fund distributors are claiming about their mutual funds and about starting SIP are not fully correct. Here I'm going to discuss 5 points which you must ask your mutual fund adviser or distributor before starting a SIP. 1. Fund Expense Ratio - Expense ratio is the expense which you bear on behalf of your investment. In simple language it is the fees or commission which is given to your mutual fund adviser or distributor. Many investors don't even know that they are paying money to their adviser from their own pocket. So you must ask your adviser to state expense ratio and compare the ratio with other funds in the same category. 2. Average Return - Well, I think everyone is concern about it but still asking is different and analyzing is different. I want to say that compare there

What is SIP - 5 Advantages and 2 Disadvantages

Hello friends, in this post we are going to discuss about SIP, its advantages and most importantly which no one will say you, its disadvantages. In this article you will get to know about SIP investments and what are the advantages and disadvantages of SIP. You must know it. Check it here. So imagine what we used to do in 90's when we were kids. People had piggybanks but I personally had a small box where I used to put coins whenever I get money.  There was a lot of emotions behind that and specially I used to fight whenever anyone touched my box. Imagine how our grand parents were saving money.   I will highly advise you to read this book based on mutual fund and published by CNBC TV18. This will give you a through knowledge related to mutual fund investing. Check out the book here. The -most common sources were   Fixed Deposits(FD) Recurring Deposits(RD) If I will explain the true meaning of SIP then it will be similar to Recurring Deposits.  SIP is modern era

Multibagger - Indusind Bank, 81% Return in 20 months

"We will consistently add value to all our stakeholders and emerge as the ‘best-in-class’ in the chosen parameters amongst the comity of banks, by doubling our profits, clients and branches within the next three years." This is the mission statement of Indusind Bank and I'm glad to write that they really mean "doubling our profits, clients and branches. If we take one of the primary objective of business, i.e wealth maximization, then it has double its investor's wealth in a short span of time. (Annual Report FY 2017-18) It's the extract of its annual report for FY 2017-18. We can clearly see the growth which company is achieving. Not only this, it is also showing promise for future. There is no doubt that there is still a long road ahead for this bank. But in this segment we are here to calculate its return which it has rewarded its investors. Talking about its price, it was traded for ₹ 1100 in January 2017. From there it has never faced downtrend in its da

Stocks to buy now - TATA MOTORS

Welcome guys to amazing adviser. Today I am  going to share an investment idea for long term wealth creation. This is totally on my research. So today's stock is TATA MOTORS. The main reason for choosing this stock is its price. It is trading in its 52 week's low which is around ₹243.10 and its current price is around ₹260. You can clearly see it in it's weekly chart. Around ₹240 it has major support from last five years. So in my opinion it's the perfect time to buy this stock for long term wealth creation. This was the technical reason for buying this stock. Except this I can also tell few fundamental stories to buy this stock. First, the brand name of TATA. Personally I have always admired Shri Ratan Tata. He is a gem and a true example of how a leader should be. And I don't think TATA MOTORS will shut down in next decade or few decades. Secondly it's market capital is around ₹75000 Cr. and that's not a small amount. Thirdly company is showing promise in

Multibagger- HEG, 3000% Return in 1.5 Years

Hello guys, my name is Ashish Kumar Dash and I am currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy course. This is my own research and I hope you will find it helpful. Today we are going to see a chart which I think I'm not going to see with any other stock atleast in this decade in Indian Stock Market. Yes, I'm talking about the stock HEG or Hindustan Electro Graphites. The company is amongst the leading manufacturer of graphite electrodes. You can search about it's fundamental in its company profile. I am here to show you its charts. As you can see that the price in this weekly chart of HEG and in first week of 2017 its closing is around 170/- How much a normal person or an expert person can think of its price without looking at this chart. To be very honest I thought max to max 1200-1400 because I have seen moves like this. But the real price will blow your mind. Yeah, the price is like shooting star without falling. Today it's price is around 4243/-. It has already touched