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9 Things You Must Do In 2020

9 Things You Must Do In 2020 Hello guys, welcome to a new article. I hope you all have plans for upcoming new year. But may be few of you have that realization that we are not only going to welcome new year but also we will welcome a new decade. So I thought to make a list which we keep in our priority.  This list is not exhaustive and it’s affordable for all of us. This list can be followed by all including kids to experienced old men and women. Rather I think we all should do these things as our responsibility and for our self-improvement. So I am presenting 9 things you must do in 2020. Read This " Success Story of YouTube " 1. Plant A Tree Yes, you heard it right. We have witnessed global warming and climate change in this decade. We have seen how climate changes are affecting the world with irregular rain, Tsunamis and all other natural disasters. Being a human we have responsibility to save our mother nature. Therefore, it is important to sa

5 Ways In Which Students Can Invest In 2020

5 Ways In Which Students Can Invest In 2020 2019 is coming to its end and I can say probably it’s time to say good bye to this decade. This decade saw an exponential uprising in technology. People became more aware with the help of internet. Student’s life styles are also changing. So before going to the next decade I want to share 5 ways in which students can invest their money in upcoming decade. 1.Invest in books The best investment a student can make is investing in books. In school students study but they never study the things which are essential in life. One great example will be “financial planning”. In India people don’t even know the importance of reading. Sadly, people don’t even read novels in that number which we see in other western countries. We have adapted western cultures but we haven’t these much needed values. Every student should invest their money in books every year so that they will learn the secrets.  If you want to be a successful person then you

4 Important Use of EPS While Choosing Stocks

4 Important Use of EPS While Choosing Stocks EPS is a famous indicator to check while investing in stocks. This shows basically the profitability of company. In this article I will discuss about 4 Important Use of EPS While Choosing Stocks so that next time whenever you decide to buy stocks, you will perform these checks. 8 Must read Quotes By Warren Buffet Why Is Earning Per Share Is Important? Earning per share is important because it tells you the insights of company. It gives you a fundamental understanding of company and the amount of profit it is generating for its share holders. Before choosing any stocks these are the 4 ways you can use EPS to check whether you should invest or not in  a particular company. How Equity Share's Incomes Are Taxed? Use No. 1 : How Much Company Is Earning? Well, in my point of view though EPS is not the only thing to watch for profitability of a company, but yes, it's definitely an important parameter to watch. It gives you

How To Create Infographics in Canva ( Step by Step )

How To Create Infographics in Canva ( Step by Step ) We all know info-graphics is an amazing way to engage audience.  Earlier people are more inclined towards blog posts, but today info-graphics influence them more. So today I will share a step by step process to create info-graphics in Canva. Also Read 8 Highest Dividend Paying Company What is Canva? Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that you use right in your browser.  It allows you to make professional-looking images and graphics and offers tons and tons of free and $1-only resources.  You can start with common templates for your social media profiles, common post types, print documents and even Kindle book covers. After creating your mini-masterpiece, you can download your work as image files or PDFs or immediately share them on your social media networks. Also Read 9 famous Quotes By Warren Buffet How Much Canva Costs? Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month (per user), with a 23% discount if

11.5% KLM Axima Finvest Limited NCD Issue September 2019

11.5% KLM Axima Finvest Limited NCD Issue September 2019 Hello's friends and welcome to a new post. Today we will discuss about KLM Axima Finvest NCD issue September 2019. We will discuss basics and in the end whether you should invest or not in this company. So let's start. Company Background This company was incorporated in 1997. We can say that this company is a NBFC which provide loans to lower and middle class individuals and businessman. It operates in 4 business verticals i.e Gold Loans, MSME loans, Microfinance loans for women customers and personal loans. Financial Performance of KLM Axima Finvest. ✓ As on 31.3.2019 company has revenue of ₹68 crores. ✓ As on 31.3.2019 company has profit after tax of ₹6 crores. ✓ As on 31.3.2019 company has AUM of ₹373 crores. Details of KLM Axima Finvest NCD issue September 2019 ✓ This issue will open on August 28, 2019 to September 26, 2019. ✓ These ncd are secured. ✓ Issue size of this NCD is 100 crore. It can raise upto 125 crore in

Shriram City Union Finance Limited NCD Issue September 2019

Shriram City Union Finance Limited NCD Issue September 2019 Hello friends, today I will discuss about Shriram City Union Finance limited's NCD issue of this month. I will cover all important details and give my opinion on this NCD issue. Let's start. What is the business of Shriram City Union Finance Limited? Basically Shriram City Union Finance Limited is engaged in retail financing, where it finances four wheeler,two wheeler, three wheeler and provides small business loans, personal loans, housing finance loans and gold loans. This company is listed in BSE and NSE. It has PAN India presence with 1057 branches across the country. As on 30th September 2018, it has earned 475 crore profit after tax and revenue of 2916 crore. What is the objective of the issue? The fund collected from this issue will used for the purpose of onward lending, payment or repayment of interest or principal repayment of existing borrowing of the company. When will Shriram City Union Finance

SREI Equipment Finance Limited NCD September 2019 Review

SREI Equipment Finance Limited NCD September 2019 Review Hello friends, today I have come with an interesting topic. From today I will start writing on NCD and I will give my reviews on it. So don't forget to check out these posts. Today I will tell about SREI Equipment Finance Limited NCD. So let's start.  SREI equipment finance limited is a leading financier in the construction, mining and allied equipment sector. It basically gives loan for above purposes. Till now company has 90 branches in 21 states. Talking about financials, this company has net worth of ₹2790 crore and PAT ₹267 crore as on June 2018. Important Details Of This NCD This issue will be open from 19th August 2019 to 18th September 2019. So if you want to invest in this NCD then you must apply on or before 18th September 2019. The issue size is 100 crore. 75% of this amount will be used for lending purpose and 25% of the amount will be used for general corporate use. Face va