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Shall I Buy Sterlite Technologies ( Analysis with Charts )

Shall I Buy Sterlite Technologies ( Analysis with Charts ) Congratulations to all of us who stayed patient during the consolidation phase of market from last few months and now its time for celebration as market is inching towards new highs. Though most probably market is going to be volatile till general elections MAY 2019, it is not new that after this election stock market will start its new bull run. In this scenario today we will discuss about a stock which is a big beneficiary of the outcomes of this general elections. Read till the end. Today we will discuss about Sterlite Technologies. About the company Sterlite technologies basically designs, builds and manages "smarter networks" . It develops optical communication products network and system integration services and software solutions for telecoms globally. It is India's only integrated Optical Fiber Producer and one of the largest suppliers of optical fibers to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East

Shall I Buy M&M Now?

Shall I Buy M&M Now? This week Nifty has succeeded to stay above a strong resistance zone which is definitely a great relief for Indian investors and traders. In between of this many brokerage houses has initiated investment call on M&M. So today we will find whether we should invest in M&M or not at this level. Recommended Articles       Eicher Motors, The Giant Multibagger       9 Must Read Quotes By Warren Buffett About The Company Mahindra and Mahindra was established in 1945. This is one of the largest manufacturers by production in India and the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world. Its major competitors in Indian markets are Maruti Suzuki and TATA Motors .  I observed a weird thing about this company that it has only 8-9% loan in its capital structure when we see it a standalone entity. But if we take  consolidated figure then almost 50% of capital structure is funded by loans. May be it has nothing to do with fundamentals but I always prefer debt-free compa

Eicher Motors, The Giant Multibagger Of Last Two Decades

Eicher Motors, The Giant Multibagger Of Last Two Decades “World is full of opportunity, only they can grab them who have the ability.”   This quote is a great example to make us realize that everything is possible in this world. If you have ever thought about being a successful trader and investor then believe me, this is possible. Today we will discuss about a company which has given more than thousands percent return to its investors in last 15-20 years. So let’s start. The company about which we are talking is “Eicher Motors”. About the company Eicher Motors is an Indian motor cycle and commercial vehicles manufacturing company. It's famous and most popular product in Indian market is “Royal Enfield”. In addition to  motorcycles, Eicher has a joint venture with Sweden’s AB Volvo - Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) - which is driving modernization in India's commercial vehicle space, and in other developing countries. At present Volvo group owns 45.6% of VECV.