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HOW DO YOU GET 4000 FOLLOWERS A MONTH, WITHOUT POSTING EVERYDAY? Here we are guys, meeting once again on this exciting topic that many people have been asking me for long.  And today’s blog is dedicated to all the coaches, content creators, and entrepreneurs out there struggling for a better reach on Instagram.  This blog is going to be very intriguing as well as informative for you guys if you want 4000 followers a month without being a slave to Instagram. If you have these questions in your mind and are looking for the answers, this blog is just the perfect piece for you. So keep reading it until the very end! Let’s begin by the first tip that I want to share. How I Got 50000 Subscribers In A Month - Annie Long 1) PAIR YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE WITH A MORE SEO FRIENDLY PLATFORM - An SEO friendly platform refers to one such platform that dominates in search and acts as a search engine.  Why this is important is because, although we are in love with Instagram, it is not necessarily the

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Follower

5 Tips To Increase Instagram Follower It is really easy to buy things today be it expensive products or even Instagram followers and likes.  But the organic lead production comes with organic search. And this organic result becomes important when you’re using Instagram especially for business.  Now this statement has multiple reasons.  Firstly, as long as you keep spending money for buying likes and followers, you see a tremendous growth in it.  And once you stop spending money in that sphere, you will notice an obvious decrease or drop down in everything which is actually depressing as well as painful.  Secondly, the organic research will help you engage and deal with real potential audience, clients and customers which is very important when you’re in business.  And if you only have the fake followers through money, it is just like you’re talking and dealing with yourself! Now, let’s get into knowing the top 5 hacks that I have used to gain some organic leads including likes and foll