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How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers | Amazing Adviser

  In this article we are going to discuss how new youtubers can get more views and subscribers in YouTube. If you want to know then read this article. I know you've been   watching tons of videos,   trying to figure out how to get more views   and more subscribers to   your YouTube channel.   And some of it you might've applied   and it might have worked out for you.   Some of it you might've applied   and it hasn't worked out for you yet.       How NEW YouTubers Can Get More Views and Subscribers So this article is part of   my subscriber question   and answer series where I'm   answering your questions   about YouTube.   Today's question is from Jay's Family.   Jay's Family says, "I   always make my settings   every time I post a video and I still feel   that YouTube does not display   in my videos to the viewers.   What can I do to attain more   viewers and subscribers?"   Jay's Family that's a great question.    Add caption A

Day Trading Indicators (For Beginners) | Amazing Adviser

  Are you a beginner? Do you want to know about best day trading indicators? Are you confused which are the best? Check out this article.   One of the most common asked questions on   my channel, besides asking if I'm single or   not, is what indicators do I use in day trading,   and which ones are the best, that's going to make   you easy millions of dollars.    And as someone who's been day trading for good   six years now, I’ve certainly gone through   tons of indicators from MACD, RSI, paraoblic   SAR, moving averages, VWAP, ichimoku clouds,   bollinger bands, and smashing the like button,   the list just goes on and on.   Also Read Which Broker You Should Choose I personally do not suggest relying on indicators,   but I get it, if you are a beginner trader   this is usually where people like to do to   get started with finding the perfect entries   and exits.  I traded with many indicators myself   when i was first learning to day trade as   well.   While I