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How To Do Travel Trading - Humbled Trader

Do you want to know about travel trading? Well, you are in a right place. So, here’s what I really think about travel trading, it absolutely sucks.   We’ve all seen those day trading marketing ads selling you the dream of travelling the world in luxury, chilling on the beach, and banking Lamborghini money with just a few clicks on a laptop or on cell phone. I have written a long post on New Year Resolutions Ideas. You can check them here. 60 New Year Resolution Ideas And especially during the pandemic right now where travelling out of the country and flying out on planes is very restricted and out of reach for most people, those sorts of travel trading ads is giving me some serious foo. So, in June I packed up my bags and flew half way across the world out of Vancouver Canada to Taiwan. Where I have most of my family there.  Guess what, life is pretty much normal here. Local spread of the virus has pretty much been contained at zero since early June.   I get to finally go outside

4 Premium Tools For Day Trading - Amazing Adviser

In this article I will tell you about 4 premium tools for day trading which will level up your game and increase your winning percentage in day trading. Day trading is a business, not a hobby. Image Credit - Google Images | The Economics Time   You have to look at day trading as a business.   If you’re running a business and trying to scale, you can’t be cheeping out and trying to cut corners.    And trading is the same way, once you’ve figured out a few set ups and strategies that work well.    It’s time to invest more money to make more profits. In this article I’ll be going over the top four premium day trading tools I use.   How much they cost per month. Specially For You - 60 New Year Resolution Ideas How I use them to scan for gappers to trade, analyze stock structure, research fundamentals, and execute those ideas the fastest way possible, and smashing the like button to double your trading account every single day. Tool Number 1 - Trade Ideas The first trading tool th

How much money do you need to start day trading?

How much money do you need to start day trading? This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions from beginner traders on my YouTube channel. And I’m just going to break it to you. Image Credit - Google Images | Marketingreview Day trading is not as easy as opening a $500 Robinhood account, going on wall street bets on reddit, or following some chat room alerts or signals and grow it to 500K in a month. Like, reality just doesn't work like that.  So in this article I'm going to be talking about realistically,  How much money you should start day trading?  What you should focus on with your small account?  When you first get started? A realistic time frame Goals you should set for you  As a brand new beginner trader entering the market. Best Day Trading Brokers in Canada Like I’ve mentioned many times before on this channel, day trading is a business, nota hobby, and definitely not gambling. Well,   I mean it would b e gambling if you just throw your money into