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8 Foods That help Your Body Heal

Hey there, viewers!  Do you have a wound that just won’t heal?  Did you recently cut or scrape yourself?   Believe it or not, there are foods that assist  the healing process.  Let’s talk today about 8 of the Best Foods  To Help You Heal.   Do you like leafy green vegetables?  How about eggs?  Does a good serving of salmon help you heal?  Wait a second, shellfish?   We’re talking about all that AND more…  Shellfish  That’s right, shellfish can help the healing  process.  This includes a wide variety of really good  foods.   I’m talking about oysters, clams and mussels.   Now they may not be your first choice on the  menu.  But if you’re at a restaurant where mussels  and oysters are on the menu in the first place,  you should probably give them a go.   I mean how often do we get the opportunity.   Let’s talk about zinc for a second…  Zinc is an essential mineral you can find  in certain foods.  It’s crucial for your immune system to function  properly.   With a healthy immune system, y

Why You Need To Drink More Water When You Start Getting Older

Hey there, viewers!  Have you been drinking the proper amount of  water lately?  Outside of oxygen, water is the most important  thing you need to survive.   It’s easy to lose track of your intake.  Health experts suggest drinking 8 glasses  of water a day.  Think that’s too much?  Well you need to drink even more as you get  older.  Why?   Do you get dehydrated more as you get older?  What other changes happen to your body to  make you so thirsty?  Wait, will I increase my chances of dying  early?  We’re talking all that AND more…  You Get Dehydrated Easier  The older you become, the more prone you are  to dehydration.   While this seems pretty clear, many people  aren’t aware of what dehydration really  is.   Dehydration is when our bodies use up or lose  more fluid than we can take in.  As a result, we don’t have enough water  to carry out normal functions.   Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth,  extreme thirst, fatigue, dizziness and dry  skin.   You may also notice yourself

9 Benefits Of Eating Pears Everyday

Hey there, viewers!  Pears are delicious.  These sweet bell-shaped fruits are delicious  whatever way you eat them.  Just like other fruits and veggies, they too  have several health benefits.   They are nutritious and loaded with fiber.  But would you eat them every day?  Can they promote your gut and digestive health?  What beneficial plant compounds do they offer?   What about anti-inflammatory properties?  Are the claims about pears’ anti-cancer  effects really true?  We’ll talk about all of these AND more...   1.  You will get lots of nutrition  Pears are highly nutritious, as they’re  rich in many minerals that benefit your body’s  healing mechanism.   A medium-sized pear, weighing about 178 grams,  will give you 101 calories, but also offers  6 grams of fiber and 1 gram of protein.   Eating pears also gives you important minerals  like copper and potassium.  Copper helps improve your immune system and  your body’s nerve function.   Potassium aids in dealing with muscle contracti