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The wonder of science has shown many miracles in today's age in the form of spectacular vehicles. 

Today I will discuss about a German company that specializes in designing cars, bikes and engines - BMW.

It came into being before 101 years and is known for its expensive and luxury cars like Rolls Royce and Mini. 

But do you know that BMW was in the list of those companies which were restricted to produce any kind of vehicles during the time of World War? 

And in that period, this company started making bicycles and kitchen utensils. 

Now let's go to the beginning of the story.

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The founder of BMW was Karl Friedrich Rapp. He was born on 24 September 1882 in Germany. 

He became a mechanical engineer and opened his start up named Karl Rapp Motorenwerke where mostly aircrafts and their engines were made. 

When the first world war started, there was a huge demand of aero engines. 

Thus, on 17 March, 1916, the company conglomerated with two other companies and changed the name of the company to Bavarian Motor Works which we know as BMW. 

Their engine became popular in the military that time. 

However, after the world war, the. company had to stop producing aero engines. 

So, the company started making pumps used in fields and engines of buses and tractors. 

In 1923, BMW started making motor cycles. In 1928, BMW bought a company named Automobile Wreck and started producing Cars. It's first car was named BMW 3/15. 

And during the second world war, once again the company started making aero engines. 

However, unfortunately BMW factories were bombarded during that time and the Government also restricted to produce. 

Not just this, but also the Govt. banned the company for producing bikes and cars too. 

But, the company didn't stop. It found new ways and started producing kitchen utensils, bicycles and many more.

In 1947, BMW got back the permission to design motor cycles. 

And in 1951, the ban on cars production was also removed. Till 1955, BMW sold out as many as 10,000 cars. 

But, the company bore loss for a long time. And by 1960, BMW was likely to be sold. 

In 1961, it launched a car which was beneficial for the company. People liked it as a sports car. 

Gradually, the company launched many more models of cars. BMW then bought Rover company. 

But it became a sign of loss for BMW. Then, it sold out the company to Ford and bought name and symbol of Rolls Royce. 

And in 2003, Rolls Royce Phantom was released under ownership of BMW. 

In 2004, BMW launched a sports bike - K 1200. In 2011, BMW, for producing electric cars named the models BMW I. 

Till 2013, BMW had sold 50,000 cars of this model.

Thus, BMW got popular once again.

It doesn't stop here. The story continues.

BMW stepped into electronic vehicle manufacturing in 2013. It released BMW i3 City car in 2013. It was the first electric car manufactured by the company.

This car was made from carbon-fiber and first of its kind in mass production.  

BMW also started to produce hybrid sports cars. They released their first hybrid sports car in 2014. It is called the BMW i8. In this car BMW introduce their first inline three engine BMW B38.

In 2014 BMW also announced BMW X4. It was a compact SUV. 

Hope you are inspired.
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