Inspirational Story Of Instagram

Sharing pictures is today one of the common things that almost everyone does. No matter where a person is, we get to know everything about his or her whereabouts just by peeping at the pictures shared in social media. Thus, social media has changed many lives these days. No matter, what disadvantages it has, for many times it has been proved beneficial in different aspects. Today, let's discuss about such an application of social media - Instagram.

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It is basically a photo sharing application that is not only made for the actors and actresses but also for the ordinary people. Just within seven years, Instagram gained popularity among the people around due to many of its features. One such feature is the existence of filters while sharing a picture. And also tagging the location of a picture. Apart from the pictures, short videos can also be shared. This is the general thing which almost all of us are well aware of. But do you know how was the beginning of this application?  

The project was started by 2 people - Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They were good friends. They worked upon an application named Bourbon which was meant to share photos and do many more things. But the complexity of the application led to its failure. But both the friends didn't give up. Gradually, Kevin and Mike worked on removing the complex features and focused just on picture sharing. And on 16 July, 2010; they launched the application as Instagram. The word Instagram was taken from the combination of 'Instant camera and telegram'. The first photo was posted by Kevin on 16 July 2010. The application had use of X-Pro 2 filter. 

So how did this filter feature come into Instagram? Well, there is an interesting story behind it.
The original idea of photo filtering was shared by Kevin's girlfriend. She asked Kevin, "Why should I share my photos in such a place where they don't look any better?"
This question made Kevin think much and he came up with the concept of filtering of photos. Later, this feature became the main reason for the success of Instagram. 

On 6th Oct 2010, Instagram was launched in IOS app store for better and easier use and accessibility. And after waiting for 2 long years, Instagram's android application was launched. And it had already become so popular among the people that right on the first day of android application launch, Instagram was downloaded by 1 million users. Gradually, Instagram was seen to be giving a tough competition to another social media application - Facebook. This thing was noticed by Mark Zuckerberg and so, in 2012, Instagram was sold out to Mark Zuckerberg at One billion Dollars.

Along the years, Instagram was seen developing as per the demands of the users. Three stand alone Instagram applications were also launched. Over the years, Instagram has faced many changes but the only one thing that hasn't changed is its popularity. In the journey of seven years, it now has over 250 million active users.

Hope you liked the story of Instagram.
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