Inspirational Story Of Jaguar, The TATA's Car

Jaguar car
Hello friends, today we're going to talk about a Car. This car is not an ordinary one. It was the favorite one of the queen of England. In fact, this car is a dream for all the car lovers - Jaguar. 

The story of Jaguar began 96 years ago. In 1922, two bike lovers - William Lyons and William Walsley established a company named Swallow Sidecar. This company designed motor cycles at that time. Then, William Walsley decided to sell his shares to the public and thus, the company was temporarily closed.  

Then, the company was re-established and was named S.S. Cars limited. And it started to design cars with coordination of Standard Cars Co. Limited. These cars were. launched as Jaguar. In 1935, the first model of Jaguar came into the scene. By then, Jaguar was just the model name of cars. Later, after a meeting with shareholders, the company was renamed 'Jaguar'. Till years, Jaguar worked hard with making luxury cars. It's tag line was - Grace, space and pace. 
After XK 120 launch, the company didn't stop its hard work. It kept consistency in work which became the reason for its success. Then came the sports cars from Jaguar which won one of the Le men race.  

But in 1965, the company which made car equipment for Jaguar dealt with some other company. It no more worked with Jaguar. So in 1966, Lyons sold out the Jaguar company to the British Motor Corporation. When Jaguar company name was erased from the Stock Exchange register of London, Ford company showed interest to buy Jaguar company. So in 1999, Jaguar became a part of Ford. 
But unfortunately it brought no profits to the company. It's destiny was somewhere else. So, Jaguar along with Land Rover was sold out to Indian company TATA Motors. Today Jaguar and Land Rover is contributing a significant portion of revenue of TATA Motors. Today, Jaguar made itself ready to run through extraordinary features. And in the tech fest, it came into limelight and won many hearts.

So, no matter how many companies were changed by Jaguar, it's design and features are still called the best.

I hope you will enjoy this story. Share your experience or any wish about Jaguar.

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