Inspirational Story Of Harley Davidson

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about such a vehicle that is regarded as the dream of today's generation - Harley Davidson. 
This bike is known for its speed and engine and is also appreciated by the soldiers because this bike has a very old relation with world war. Today, we see this company as one of the most popular companies of the world. So let's get to know the success story of this Company. 

Almost 116 years ago, in 1901, William S. Harley wanted to get rid of the pedals of the bicycle. And so, he started making engine to convert it to a bike. His friends Arthur Davidson and Walter Davidson helped him out with the work. After working for two years they made an engine of 116CC which fitted into cycles perfectly. But there was a defect of the engine. It was unable to let the cycle move upwards in hilly areas. So the engine substantially became unsuccessful. 
Then, they made a small workshop behind Davidson family's house and started to work. Besides Arthur and Walter, their elder brother William Davidson helped them a lot. These four are regarded as the founders of Harley Davidson. Finally, they launched a new bike with an engine that was more powerful than the previous. The bike was then presented at a bike race from where it started to get its popularity. By 1905, the company had sold 12 bikes. In 1906, they established their first factory in Chestnut Street. By 1907, the company was successful to make 150 motorcycles and the company was officially registered. It had 450 motorcycles in 1908 and 1150  by 1909. 
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During the World War, many bikes were sold by Govt. of America. Using Harley Davidson bikes, American soldiers entered Germany. The company reached to 67 countries by 1920. In 1933, when the sales and brands went down the company worked and introduced a new model of bike in 1934. In 1941, the company sold 90,000 motorcycles only to the govt. during second world War. The company was rewarded with the Navy E Award for excellence in production. In 1969, this company was sold out to AMF. However, the couldn't handle the company up to the mark. 
Later, AMF sold out the company to Vaughn Beals. They improved the technology of the bikes and in 2003, they sold it to sports bike company Buells. In India, Harley Davidson bike came in 2009 and spread its popularity. 

Hope you're inspired. 
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