Inspirational Story Of Lenevo Computers

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about another global leading company - Lenovo. Almost everyone of us have heard and probably has used the electronic gadgets of Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese Multinational Company. It is also known as Lenovo Ltd. or Lenovo PC International. This company basically designs, develops and manufactures electronic gadgets like Smart phones, smart TVs, PCs, Tablets, Laptops and many more. Since 2013, Lenovo is the biggest PC vendor of the world. Currently it works in almost 60 countries and sells its products in almost 160 countries. The founder of this company is Liu Chuanzhi. He became successful with the company only after the sheer hard work and struggle. So let's know the story from beginning.

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The story starts in 1944 when Liu Chuanzhi was born in China. After completing his education and graduation, he passed all the exams in order to become a military pilot. However, during admission, he was rejected by the authority being said that he was not capable of being in the military. After that, Liu thought of studying the subject related to Computers. So he took admission in Xidan University. But, his graduation subjects were much different. Thus he was assigned to study radar. 

Later during 1970, he worked in China Academy of Science. But he wasn't satisfied with the salary. In November 1984, along with 10 people Liu managed to have a start up. He named the company as Legend. They faced many problems regarding funding. There was no support to start ups from the China Govt. at that time. They tried to deal with television companies and digital watch companies but no one was ready to deal with the start up. But in all conditions, they kept learning and going. In 1985, Liu developed a circuit board used inside the Computer which was sold out to IBM successfully. 

In 1988, Liu opened a new office in Hong Kong and shifted there with five of his employees. There he began to distribute the computers of HP and Toshiba. To save money, he along with his employees went by walk or cycle to distribute the computers. And soon, Legend became the biggest Computer distribution network. Gradually, Legend company started to make and sell its own computers and continued becoming popular.

In 1994, the company name appeared in the list of Hong Kong stock exchange. Till then, the company had almost 30 million US dollars and had made a million PCs. Finally, Legend was declared the best selling company if China. Then, it left IBM behind and manufactured a computer in 2000 which became the best selling computer of China. In 2002, Legend started making mobile phones and by 2003, to compete with Dell, it changed its name to Lenovo. In 2006, Lenovo bought the MS operating system for one billion dollars. And it became popular in India when in 2012, Tamil Nadu had ordered one million laptops. Thus, Lenovo company emerged and established itself as a popular company in the whole world.

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