Inspirational Story Of Motorola

Life without mobile phones have become next to impossible, isn't it? Because almost each of our important work is related to the electronic gadgets today and that's the reason why we have grown dependent on those.

So today, I'm going to discuss about a popular American Telecommunication company - Motorola.

The first portable phone of the world was made by this company. Before years, this company was the largest in manufacturing mobile phones. But from 2007-2009 it got heavy loss and that's why the company was sold out.
Now let's know it's story from the beginning.

About 90 years ago, in 1928, two brothers started a small company named Galvin Manufacturing Company in a rented house. Those two brothers were Paul and Joseph Galvin. The company was started with 5 employees and 565 dollars as working capital. The collaboration with Stewart Battery Company gave a boost to Galvin manufacturing corporation and the first product of this company was Battery Eliminator. This battery's work was to eliminate use of battery from radio and make it work with the natural energy found at homes. 

However, the product couldn't exist for a long time in the market. Then, Galvin remarked that people like to use radios in cars. So, he asked his engineers to make cheap yet lasting radios. And the radio designed by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation was presented in the Radio Manufacturing Association fair and many people liked it. It was then that this corporation started getting deals and orders. And later, this radio was named Motorola. The word Motorola was a combination of two words - Motor and Victrola.

On 27 June 1930, this company sold out the first brand of Motorola. And when, the radio became extensively popular, the company name was changed from Galvin Manufacturing corporation to Motorola. After this, the company kept producing new equipment. In the time of World war, it produced a radio named SCR 536. In 1947, Motorola made a television. In 1958, Motorola designed many types of radios for America's first satellite launch and Neil Armstrong, the famous astronaut after reaching onto the Moon, communicated to earth through the Motorola device.

On 3 April 1973, Motorola made the first portable phone of the world. This invention was done by senior engineer of Motorola - Martin Cooper. Later, Motorola sold out its television manufacturing to the parent company of Panasonic in Japan. In 1984, Motorola made the first cellular phone named Dyna TAC 8000x. 

In next years, Motorola made phones like Micro TAC, Ultra classic and Star TAC. Then, it became the biggest mobile manufacturing company of the world. But the introduction of Nokia Company made Motorola stand in second number. It struggled and launched better type of mobile phones in the next years. But after 2007, the company started to go through heavy decline and loss. On 4th January 2011, the company was divided into two - Motorola Mobility and Motorola solutions. The next year, Motorola Mobility was sold out to Google which again after 2 years sold it to Lenovo. And finally, under Lenovo, Motorola is still finding its way to get ahead.

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