A Short Story Of Samsung And Its Success

A Short Story Of Samsung And Its Success

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss such a brand that is known to all the people - Samsung. Before starting to tell you anything about this, I'd like to know what pictures strike your mind right when I spell the name of Samsung. Most probably, mobile phones. Am I right? And if you march a bit further, then it is Television, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Laptop, Camera and Air Conditioner. But if I say, that Samsung has made war tanks, ships, and buildings? What would be your reaction on this? You're surprised, aren't you?

Well, Samsung has a lot more to its credit. So let's get to know it more with its success story.

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Samsung was started by Lee Byung Chul many years ago with only forty people as workers. This company used to carry out the business with Groceries, Seafood and Noodles. With three years of growing business, Samsung carried out business in Insurance, Security, and Retail. In 1969, Samsung entered into Electronics business. In 1970, it launched a black and white TV. 

Gradually, Samsung launched Microwave Oven, VCR, Refrigerator etc. In 1983, Samsung entered into the business of Telecommunication. Samsung made the first built in Carphone though it failed to gain popularity. After research, it made a phone but it top couldn't be a successful one. In 1993, after a meeting, Samsung decided to expand the mobile business in a year. Next year, it launched another mobile phone which got much popularity. Gradually, Samsung acquired 57% of the CDMA market. In 2004, Samsung mobiles first entered in India. By 2008, Samsung launched the Galaxy S which ran the entire world crazy after it.

After that, Samsung became the second largest IT company in the world after Apple. It also established an International Corporation and built the tallest building Burj Khalifa and Petronas Tower. Soon it started making War tanks and it is also the 14th largest insurance company in the world.

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