A Short Story Of SUBWAY Sandwiches

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about one of the biggest restaurant chains of the world - Subway, which was opened as a small sandwich shop 52 years ago. It is said that this restaurant chain came into existence with a lot of struggle initially. So let's know the success story from beginning.

The story starts when in 1965, the 17 yr old Fred Deluca opened a sandwich stall. Actually, Fred had never desired to become a businessman. He wanted to become a doctor. But he had no money for medical studies. He moved his own expenses clumsily. Seeing him in trouble, his family friend Peter helped him by giving 1000 dollars and advising him to open some shop so that he could pay his college fees. He had already graduated from University of Columbia with physics degree and Doctorate. With Peter's money, he wanted to invest it in opening a shop that'd sell healthy fast food in cheap prices. 

On 28 August 1965, he opened a shop named Peter Super Submarine which was changed to Pete's Subway after a few months. But after analyzing the business, he came to know that he was going on a loss. Thus they decided to open another restaurant that sold burgers. But that also didn't work very well. In 1968, they opened a pizza shop named Subway. It was only because of the determination they had that they successfully turned it into a profitable business. The Subway had profit of 7000 dollars in the first year. And then, gradually they opened franchises of the restaurant and it became a chain.

Today Subway is serving in 44000 locations around the world. With a desire to keep trying and learn new things, Peter and Fred successfully created the biggest restaurant chain and the company is guided by their passion for delighting customers by serving delicious, made-to-order sandwiches.

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