Inspirational Story Of Nokia, The Rise & Fall Of This Former Giant

Hello friends today I am going to discuss about a popular mobile phone brand and also the first brand used by many of the people - Nokia. Usually, after the establishment of Apple and Samsung in the market, we rarely see Nokia phones these days. Those days Nokia was so famous that it was the other name for mobile phones. The hardware of Nokia was termed to be very durable. And as it was the very first mobile phone for most of the people, it was somewhere attached with the emotions of the people. No matter for how many years it ruled the market, till now people have the same amount of trust on the brand. So let's know about the success story of Nokia from the beginning.

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The journey of Nokia began with Fredrick Idestam in 1865 not as a mobile company but a paper mill. In 1871, Fredrick opened a new company and named it Nokia AB. Actually, Nokia is the name of a river in Finland. In 1922, Nokia was divided into two categories - Finnish Rubber works and Finnish Cable works. In 1967, the company was registered as Nokia Corporation which had 4 categories then - Forestry, Cables, Rubber and Electronics. In 1970, Networking and Radio industry came into Nokia company. 

Gradually, Nokia reached till Russia. And then between 1880-90, Nokia had acquired 3 more companies named Salora, Luxor AB and Oceanic. After that Nokia became the third biggest manufacturer of television. The company made many televisions and mini computers.

However, it also tried to bring a revolution in the field of mobile phones. And in 1982, acquiring the mobile company Mobira, it. launched its first mobile phone which was named Mobira Senator. In 1987, Nokia launched its first portable mobile phone. In 1990, Nokia established the first GSM network ever which was first used by the Prime Minister of Finland. And here, it got most of its popularity. Then, it launched a commercial mobile phone 1011 and by 1998, Nokia overtook the market of Motorola and became a best seller. Later, Nokia launched its first mobile phone with camera. And then it kept launching many phones with cameras and other features. 

However, with the growth of Apple and Samsung, Nokia saw the start of its bad days. It is well said that ego never lasts. When Samsung was busy in inventing new technologies and investing huge amounts in R&D, Nokia did't even try to strategize against it. That cost them and Samsung took all most the crown from Nokia. It suffered huge loss even after launching Nokia 800 in a collaboration with Microsoft Windows. After that, Nokia is rarely seen in the hands of the people today. 

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