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Inspirational Story Of SONY, The Japanease Giant

Hello friends, today I'm going to discuss one of the most popular Japanese Multinational Corporations - Sony. It is such a famous company that people blindly believe its products by its name. And why not? There is hardly any product that would dissatisfy the customers. When it comes to the sound system, Sony stands out of the crowd. 

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According to 2016, Sony is the fifth largest television manufacturing company in the world. The whole world of Sony is divided into various groups like Sony pictures, Sony finance services, Sony Mobile etc. Now let's get to know the success story of Sony from the beginning.

The story started with the World War when Ibuka and Morita two men were following their dreams. Ibuka was running a radio repair shop in Tokyo when he met Morita, 13 yrs younger to Ibuka. Then, both of them decided to start a business. And then taking a loan of 500 dollars, they started Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The first product they made was Rice Cooker. There they got a profit of only 300 dollars and the product wasn't successful. Next, in 1950, they launched a tape recorder. Due to less knowledge of its usage, people didn't purchase it. So, Ibuka and Morita distributed the product freely among customers and explained its usage. 

Gradually, they started getting big orders from Corporate Companies. And from then, the company began to rise. But the Japanese name of the company was difficult for corporations to send to other countries. Thus, the company was renamed as Sony. The word Sony comes from two words - Sound and Sonny. In 1955, due to launch of Transistor Radio, the company sales increased much. After inventing many more types of equipment, it launched a walkman. It became extremely popular all over the world.
However, during 80s, Sony faced a loss in business due to many reasons. But it fought back. It launched CD player and first video camera in 1982. And if we talk of today, Sony is famous for TV, smart phone, video recorder, Playstation, Sound system and laptops.

In 1997 and 1999, Ibuka and Morita left the world. Now, Kaz Hirai is the CEO of Sony and Sony continues to work upon new inventions for the future.

Hope you're inspired.
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