How to start a Start-up in India - Amazing Adviser

How to start a Start-up in India - Amazing Adviser

So you want to start your dream start-up? Well guess what you are in right place. In this article I am going to tell you how you can start your own start-up. Apart from this I will also tell you what all things you should keep in your mind. So let's start.

Before beginning your start-up, you should decide why you want to start it? Are you going to solve a problem? Are you going to invent something new? Are you going to sacrifice whatever it takes? You have to decide what exactly it is, which drives you to start your own start-up.

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Please understand starting a business and starting a start-up is two different thing. Generally Start-up companies solves problems of society. Look around you. You will see many problems in day-to-day life. 

For an example, to reach office I go through a lot of traffic which takes time. For a person like me my 15 minutes may cost 1500/- , but for Mr Mukesh Ambani his 15 minutes may be worth of 15 crores. 

So there it is, you find the problem and the value of problem. Now think how you can solve this problem and add value to it. This is the process of thinking. You should clearly know what is the problem and how you are going to solve it.

Now once you find the problem and solution, make the blue print of the plan. This plan should include everything. 

Everything means everything. The plan, the team, revenue, expenses, marketing, sales, everything should be included in your blueprint. Try to add as much as you can.

After you completed your blue print now you have to find a co-founder. I know many people will not agree to this, but I am working in a start-up ecosystem and I know the value of co-founder in a start-up. 

You need a co-founder who will guide you throughout the journey. This co-founder should add to your strength. Support you are the guy who will run the operation, then the co-founder be the person who had connects and who can help you to get customers. 

Many start-up failed because they don't get the proper guidance. In 21st Century, the rule has changed to "Unite & Rule" from "Divide & Rule". You are watching each day, how mergers are happening, how acquisitions are happening. Have you ever thought why? Because in modern business dynamics, one plus one is not equal to two, it's eleven.

Once your business model is clear and you have built your team you are set to go. Now you can look for clients and for that you need to be presentable. If you are good enough then you can pitch your business ideas. 

If you feel this is not your cup of tea, then you can hire good marketing personnel who will do the job for you. Simultaneously you have to check all the compliance and laws for company. Please make sure you follow all the rule, regulations and laws and follow all the compliance. 

So in this way you can start your dream start-up. Always remember client, employee and vision will make your start-up a big company. If you lack any of one then you will not be able to survive.

I will write some more article on these topic to help all of you.

If you have any question then you can ask in comment sections.
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