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Why Youtube Is So Successful - Amazing Adviser

Hello Friends, today I'm going to discuss about one of the popular search engines which is ranked 2nd by Alexa. This search engine is none other than YouTube. This is the biggest video sharing website in the world and as a search engine, comes next to Google.

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Being a guide to almost every problem of the people today, YouTube is a home to crores of videos that help people to solve any kind of issue be it professional or personal. 

YouTube has stored information in various fields starting from Education and Creativity till Social and Real life. But do you know the success story of this big shelter? Let's find out.


The beginning of YouTube was with Paypal. Yes, YouTube was founded by 3 employees of Paypal company - Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. 

Hurley had studied in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania while the other two had studied in the University of Illinois. So how did the concept of YouTube arise? 

Well, this topic has two sources of information - from Media and other from Karim.

According to the media, YouTube concept rose in 2005 when Steve Chen was partying in his apartment. As Karim wasn't present, he wanted to see the videos. 

But Chen was facing problems in sharing the videos. And right from there, the idea of making a video sharing website arose.

But if we see Karim's explanation, he has told that the idea stroke only in 2004 when Karim wanted to watch the video of a concert but he was not able to find it.

Then Hurley, Chen and Karim discussed about the website - YouTube bring inspired from another website named 'Hot or Not'. It was basically an online dating website. 

And the domain of YouTube was registered on 14 Feb 2005. And the first video was uploaded on 23 April 2005. Between November 2005 and April 2006, there were many investors for YouTube. 

The beta version was running but in December 2005, it was officially launched. And almost 3 million dollars were invested for the website. And in October 2006, YouTube became a part of Google.

In May 2007, the website launched partnership programme where its partner was Adsense. According to this partnership, the people get money in the ratio of 45:55 for the views they get for their videos. 

From 2010, YouTube started Online streaming of live videos. It uploaded some of the IPL matches. 

On March 2010, to make the website user friendly, its interface was changed and by then, 2 billion people viewed the website daily. And till 2017, it grew exponentially. And YouTube reached where it is today.

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